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So recently I have decided that whenever someone buys a figure from me, I'll draw them a little picture of the character. You know, as a little extra gift. I believe my artwork is enough to be considered as a gift since.. well it's one of a kind!

I got this idea of an extra gift in the shipping box because some shops online have a thing where you always get an extra something.

I haven't encountered that with figure websites though. Well free-of-charge- gifts I mean.

Have you ever gotten this idea? Do you think it's a good idea to add an extra gift in a box? Do you wish shops did this(with other items, not just little artworks)?
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I love receiving little extras! Just makes me feel the seller really cares if they are thoughtful enough to send a note or a little trinket.

The only time I've ever received anything extra was ordering from eBay or buying from users here on MFC. I received a nice little note in the parcel from a MFC member and a few eBay Re-ment sellers sometimes have included an extra Re-ment set free.
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Take Virile Insatiable Beast
I always add a little something in the package when I sell something on this community. I actually have a box dedicated to small gifts I plan to include in future sales so whenever someone buy something from me, I go to their profile in order to get some info about their tastes and then I dig up in my box to find something relevant. I actually enjoy a lot doing this, trying to find something the buyers will like, so I hope they like it as well and don't consider it as useless junk or as a nuisance :/

As for how I fill my special box, it's because I'm a big fan of prize claws so whenever I find one I just play it no matter what's the prizes are. I did that a lot when I used to live in Japan therefore I have quite the amount of random merchandise x)

When shops are concerned, well I don't see that quite often. Otacute used to do it, as BlueMonday said before, and I really loved that. Man, I seriously missed Otacute, it was such a great shop overall. I know two french online shops that include gifts too, but the first one closed a long time ago because of bad operations management and the second one isn't very serious and sometimes even a scammer so I won't buy to them anymore, no matter the gifts they include.
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BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Otacute used to include small extra gifts in their packages, and I always thought that was nice. I tend to dig through AmiAmi's paper with slim hopes that they'll one day do something similar, but it hasn't happened yet. >_>

I also once dealt with an ebay seller (I believe he or she has an account here, too) who drew the character I'd bought on the outside of the shipping box, which was pretty cool. I kept the box as a result, so little gestures are appreciated..
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
I always think of doing so but then at the last moment I forget to do it!
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I don't usually ship things but when I do, I either give them a a post-it note flip animation or Funko Pop figure.
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I sometimes get nice little extras from eBay sellers, but my first one came from a figure shop! I used to buy things there before AmiAmi emerged. I got a Christmas present from them, including things of a range similar to Lucky Grab bags: a Gundam gashapon, an Inspector Layton keychain and things like that. It was the loot I still like most of all, especially that my actual order in that box was Gift Saber. Unfortunately, the shop was closed soon and now it's history.
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I always include a little doodle and a thank you note. Occasionally if I have something lying around that's relevant but not exactly sellable I send that as well. I got the idea from little gifts from people as well - it can really brighten your day just seeing the kindness of others with a little extra. : )
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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
I usually include notes when I sell things! I'll typically include extras when someone buys multiple things or have bought from me before because I'll usually know them well enough to be able to include something that's interesting to them and they'll enjoy :D
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I always include small gifts whenever someone buys something from me :)

But that's just because it seems like the customary thing to do to me lol;;;; I don't really care one way or another if people/businesses do it since obviously it's not obligatory lol; my priority is getting the things I want for a decent price from somewhere that won't run off with my money lol. I know that personally though I'm usually a repeat customer to those who include them (lol).
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