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Today we'll be taking a look at MegaHouse's latest figure(s) in conjunction with HobbyJAPAN from their Excellent Model Limited Line. The figure in question is Siggy/Shigy/Sigui from the Queen's Blade spin-off, Queen's Blade Rebellion. There seems to be so many different ways to call her but for the purposes of this review she will be referred to as Siggy.

Siggy is an inquisitor tasked with ridding the land of heretics, especially those tainted with demon's blood. She carries into battle the Mace of Holy Fire and God’s Chained Blade which also serves as a sort of shield. She is arguably one of the most power individuals in the land just taking into account her combat prowess. However, she also possesses Divine Powers that only manifest if she assumes the various "Holy Poses" from the sacred scriptures.

This is actually the second version of the character by MegaHouse and they also offered a 2P alternate color variant as well. Both figures are exclusives and limited runs. The 1P was only available from the MegaHouse online shop and the 2P was only available from HobbyJAPAN's online shop. Both retailed for around 7,000 Yen and had to be ordered before the end of May 2011. Both were released in September of 2011 and at this time both figures are only available on the secondary market. For the purposes of this review, both variants will be covered. The objective today is just to take a closer look at the figures.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!! This review contains NSFW pictures, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡








As expected, MegaHouse went with their typical design and layout for their Queen's Blade figures. Both packages are mirror images of each other with the only difference being their color schemes.

The usual four window panels can be found with the front panel garnering all of the attention. The peripheral portals provide limited view of the contents due to blister design and really only serve to allow light in.

The pictorials utilized for the layout meshes with with the artwork of the box. As attractive as the packaging looks, you do not have a option to leave her in the box due to the opaque plastic covering her torso.

Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 261 mm
W: 192 mm
D: 151 mm

A light weight corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging. Combined with the blister inside its fairly sturdy yet light. The packaging is pretty compact. MegaHouse as usual achieved the perfect balance of protection, weight and size. Shipping shouldn't be much of a factor and she should get to you safely.

A typical two piece blister was utilized for the figure and her accessories. The only difference between the two variants is that 2P's glasses are packed behind the pedestal for the figure. Minimal plastic was used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer, in fact it was used to censor the figure. The tolerances of the pockets were pretty tight so the limited plastic liners was a non-issue.


MegaHouse did a great job as usual. The packaging looks good and is consistent in layout like the others in the series. It has decent protection and is fairly compact but not at the cost of weight so shipping cost isn't much of a factor. Expectations were met again.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to Mohio who has been working on figures for a few short years now. His body of work may be small but each of his ladies up to this point have been top notch and keep getting better. All of his ladies have been with MegaHouse which seem to be a good pairing. Below you can see an example of his work.





She is 1/8th and measures a little over 200 mm from the top of her pedestal to the top of her head. She comes with a few accessories first of which is a stand with her clothes draped on it. Its detailed but the articles of clothing just does't seem to be the appropriate size when compared against her ample figure.


The other accessories are basically the same between the two color variant with the only difference with the 2P being her glasses which they give you 3 pairs. I'm guessing 3 pairs was provided as it's a pain in the butt to install and more than likely wire frame cannot take the abuse needed if you are constantly installing and removing the glasses.


The pasties are in shape of the holy symbol of her religion which sort of seems like a sacrilege? In any case, they serve their purpose and barely covers her nipples and areolas. However, if you notice they are held on via a sticky surface that isn't attached consistently between the various pasties. This makes it somewhat difficult to attach the pasties. Plus, every once in a while some of the material is left on her breasts forcing you to clean them up.

The same can be said for the stocking she's holding in her mouth. The placement of the sticky material is crucial because if it's off slightly it makes it very difficult to install. And the amount of pressure required to force the piece to stay causes a lot of the sticky material to transfer to her breasts as well. This transfer is more noticeable since it's in the lighter area around her cleavage. One of the two figures I had had this issue and it was a pain to clean up. Another thing is that loose stocking just seems to small.

I'm not sure how else they could have attached the pasties and stockings but I'm definitely glad they are removable.







Pretty good, right? Well, your eyes are not deceiving you as both figures are near perfect in regards to sculpting. Heck, the only "complaints" I had was the sticky pads they used for the pasties and stocking and even then that was better than being glued in place so they were not that big of a deal. Mohio has outdone himself again with these two beauties. I didn't think it was possible but he made her even more lovely.

Starting with her lovely face, you can't go wrong with either one. Both are identical in regards to their facial features. The shape and contour was lovingly crafted and there are no unsightly seams where her jaw meets her neck. The transition is seamless. I love the job he did on her lips but more importantly I'm OK with their decision to not alter the 2P to accommodate the glasses. Plenty of times I've see those compromises go horribly wrong and even though it was a pain to install them, it was worth it to not mar her beauty.


Moving on to her lovely hair, both variants are of course the same aside from the tint/color. As mentioned, I'm glad they didn't alter the 2P's hair to allow for an easier installation of the glasses. The alternations needed would have just been too distracting to me. Her hair is fairly stiff and brittle so care should be taken as various parts of her hair could snag onto something and break off. Her hair style is consistent with the first version only deviating in regards to the translucency which will be touched on in the painting section.

Her hair is very detailed including the parts obscured by her veil. They could have taken a shortcut and left those areas bland but they actually put in the effort and it shows.

I wasn't really a fan of how they implemented the loose stocking and pasties. It just wasn't consistent between the two figures let alone between the pasties! The double sided sticky pad they used was just not placed precisely or consistently and even though both figures seem identical, I had to work at it by moving the pads around. They also do not adhere that well, especially the stocking. However, as mentioned I'm glad they are removable/optional. If it wasn't for the issue of pieces of the sticky pad being left on the figures I might consider displaying one with the accessories installed. However, at this point I rather just leave everything off so I can enjoy her beauty.




Moving on to her swan like neck which ends with some well defined collarbones. I love her guimpe and the way it lets the details show through as it hugs her flesh. The guimpe is the material that is covering her neck and shoulder in case you were wondering. The transition from the it to her flesh was seamless on both figures.

The cleavage from her pendulous breasts pressed together was well executed. They are reasonable detailed considering the scale of the figure and the typical teardrop shape looks great from all sides. The only thing is I think I prefer version one's breasts. They are more defined especially at the nipples but the overall shape just seem more appealing. I really love how her corset just emphasizes her bust line even further. A lot of care and attention was paid to them and it really shows.



Her corset is detailed for the most part and even though the laces in the back are carved out of her torso they actually did a nice job on it. The transition from the corset to her flesh was seamless and really emphasizes her lovely figure. Examining both figures I just couldn't find any unsightly gaps making me feel more than likely the other figures will probably be the same.

Moving on down you can't but help to admire her lovely, well-defined abs. They look great from all angles especially that bellybutton of hers. I'm a big fan of garter belts and I thought they did a nice job with it. I can't tell if it's a separate piece or if it's carved out of her. That's how good of a job they did with it. The tactile details as you run your finger over the floral pattern reinforces that as well.


And I'm glad to say a pet peeve of mine isn't present here. Her hands seem to be proportional to each other and are nicely detailed. I love how they captured her in the middle of undoing the strap to her stocking. Note the detailing in the way the stocking was wrinkled and stretched. The transition from her thigh to the stocking was seamless and natural looking for both figures.


Moving on to her lovely rear end, it's evident that there is a big difference between the first version and this one. This version has wider, full hips translating to a wider posterior while the 1st version has slimmer hips and a more compact and firm buttocks. The sway in her hips is definitely more pronounce in this version emphasizing her curves. Depending on your tastes, either one looks great. I don't think you can deny that she has a butt that won't quit, no matter the version.

Both versions are great in their own way and I just don't see any negatives. Between the two variants, they are identical and I thought they did a nice job with how her panties dig into her cheeks. The transition was very natural and emphasized those cheeks of her even more. The care and attention to detail cannot be denied.



We arrive at her curvy and long legs. They are nicely detailed and the transition from her waist to her hips down to her thighs moves at breakneck speed. Those full hips of hers really emphasize her lovely figure and those legs just look great from all angles. Note the details in her stocking, the white one being easier to see of course but both variants possess the same level of detail.

The details do not end with her stocking but also her bare leg. Look at the back of her knee, they did a lovely job emphasizing the muscles. Her muscle tones and curves was nicely balanced showing both her athletic side as well as her sex appeal. Her calves are shaped very nicely and a great job was done with her ankles. Even her toes look nice.


MegaHouse and Mohio did an excellent job again with another Queen's Blade beauty. The fit and finish for both Siggy figures makes me confident that the consistency with the other figures are probably of similar tolerance. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

MegaHouse, at least in regards to the Queen's Blade line has consistently colored their ladies competently and beautifully. These two are not any different. They are faithful to the color scheme of their designated variant of 1P/2P and all available tools were used to accomplish this.

Starting with their lovely faces, you can see the decals for their eyes were placed precisely and look fantastic. The beauty mark was placed precisely as well. And more importantly, they both are blushing! So many times manufacturers show their prototypes blushing but they fail to implement it in their production figure. Those lips of hers look great, the gloss finish makes them lip smacking delicious and just begging to be kissed. They both look great and it's difficult to choose between the two.

As mentioned before, her hair is different compared to the 1st version. Not in regards to hairstyle but composition which relates greatly to the coloring of her hair. The first version's hair wasn't translucent. I'm still on the fence about their decision to go this route with these two figures. Their hair definitely looks different compared to the first version in regards to color but at the same time they look pretty good. I can't fault them for making effective use of tinting as both variants hair looks nice. I think the reason it bothers me a little is I've see this used on other figures in the past with not such a great result, but on these two it works especially I feel the 1P variant.


Just like the other Queen's Blade ladies, MegaHouse did a fantastic job with the figure's bare flesh. The accents and shading used just bring life to her flesh. It also enhances her lovely curves and details such as those pendulous breasts and nipples to her well-defined abs. The results easily rivals native's execution.

Another difference between the first version and these two would be the finish on her outfit. The first version's outfit was flat in color while the 1P was pretty shiny. I'm not sure if I agree if it being so shiny for every article of clothing. Some parts I could see it needing to be shiny due to the materials used for the clothing but for some others it just makes it look unrealistic. It's also distracting to me when I just want to look at her beautiful skin. The 2P seemed fine as her outfit was not as shiny.

Another point concerning her outfit, as you can see they were tinted and painted either hand painted or air brushed. For the most part the painting was precise but some areas could have been done better such as the straps for her underwear and the laces for her bodice. Now they did a lot better than some other manufacturers but there is definitely room for improvement. Speaking of her outfit, accents and shading was used to assist with the transition from her flesh to the material.

Now maybe it's me but the flesh compared between the two does seem slightly different. However it could just be the variances you find between figures due to the human factor. Or maybe it's an optical illusion due to the color of their outfits and hair? In any case, they both look great.


MegaHouse hit another home run with their coloring of these two figures. The flesh looks lovely and actually quite realistic. In some of the shots I took, you could have easily mistaken them for pictures of a real person. They looked just like the prototypes. Expectations were met once again.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

What can I say? Both figures looks great. Capturing her in the mid undress is the stuff of legends as its erotic and perverted since you're peeking in on her. The fact that she is a nun, even if strong willed and stern (sexy), makes it taboo. I don't know about you, but if nuns really looked like her, I'd make the Canterbury Tales look like a nursery rhyme with the all debauchery that would follow.

Her body lines look great with all of her lovely curves flowing smoothly from head to toe. The suggestiveness of the tilt of her head and those beckoning eyes as she bites down on that stocking while she slowly and seductively undo the strap to her stocking. Look at the bend in her knee and the arch of her calf as her right leg is pointed inward emphasizing her full hips and curves from behind. The biggest thing I believe is this version shows a more demure side versus the more stern and strong side in the first version.

Display wise, she can be displayed without issue at eye level or above it. If you display her below eye level, her face is mostly obscured and the only features of her emphasized is her breasts and her lines.


Not much to say here, she looks like the prototype and she looks great. You have the option of displaying her with the pasties and stocking in her mouth or not all or even a mix. As mentioned the only issue with installing the accessories would be that her lovely flesh could be marred by the adhesive pads.

Base: 7/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

As expected of MegaHouse... Not much to say here. The nice thing is the base is optional. The pedestal that's usually part of the base was separate meaning you don't need the base to display her at all. The bases are color coordinated with either the 1P/2P being either blue or red. The biggest concern I have is the mounting peg for her right foot. It's very thin and is very susceptible to breaking. MegaHouse really needs to work on their bases as that's one area their figures are usually lacking. However, if it would mean it would take away from the figure then I rather they did not change at all as the figure is the main attraction after all.


The base of either figure is what you typically expect from MegaHouse. It get's the job done and that's about it. The option to not use the entire base is appreciated but I wish they did stick with the prototype and made both the pedestal and base clear so it wouldn't stand out as much.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

And now we find ourselves at the end of this journey, do I regret acquiring her? Absolutely not, I'm glad I obtained both variants. Both figures was worth every penny and if I had to do it again I wouldn't change anything. I doubt I could choose between the two if I was forced to only get one, but if I had to I guess the 2P would have to be it since the first version didn't offer that variant.

Bottom line is both variants are high quality, detailed figures with consistent fit and finish. The "issues" if you would call it those were minor. And more importantly, its a sexy nun undressing! 8Þ


See you later.

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Siggy is beautiful with her normal colors but I just love the look of her 2P one so I voted 2P. Plus she looks really pretty with glasses.
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The blond Siggy looks really sexy, dont like the other one.
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shenzuo Blackthorn
Well i really like both models but if i had a gun pointed to my head i'll say 1P; by the way very nice and interesting review ;)
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i dont like the hair color of P2 tho its a nice pose hehe
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Great figure, but...(this may seem like a weird complaint, but as an artist it really sticks out to me haha)... the bellybutton is so weird! It's tiny. :I It just makes the belly seem really unnatural to me, I suppose....
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Maybe later. It's a pain in the butt to install.
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Can we PLEASE get a picture of the 1p version with the 2p versions glasses? :)
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