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Hey there MFC! :D

It's been a while since I did a blog but that was a review of my husband Saitou Hajime's 1/8 scale.
So now, I'm gonna share you the loots I got during the month of March. I actually received quite few items which I ordered this month. Just a friendly warning, this may contain a lot of pictures so please bear with me. >_<"
As for the others, I dropped by the usual Japan Surplus Store I know at my mother's hometown last week.
Snag a lot of items there with my friend and it was worth seeing they only billed everything for me at a really cheap price. ^^
I already posted a summarize photo(PICTURE #959904) of my hauls for this March so this will be the ones with close up views and photos of everything I got. XD

I'll be starting with these big ones I got. I wasn't expecting to find these 2 tapestries. Katekyo Hitman Reborn's Rokudou Mukuro and Little Buster's Rin Natsume. And to add up, I found this poster of Kanbaru Sugura from Bakemonogatari. There were 3 posters similar to this one actually but I'm not quite a fan of Bakemonogatari so my friend, who was with me, took the other 2 big posters of Araragi Karen and Hanekawa Tsubasa. And Kanbaru will be given to my other friend as he wants this one. I sold this to him actually so he'll be getting this poster of Kanbaru soon. XD

Here's the few figures and goodies I got. Most will be the goodies so I save that for the later part. I ordered the Nendoroid Hibiki from a local shop here in PH. He's quite a cutie~ I didn't regret getting him really even though he got delayed. I might make a review of him if I get the inspiration to make one. Eventually.. XDD

The prize figure of Lidya from Quiz Magic Academy is actually a gift from my Mom after she visited the city. As soon as she got home, she told I have a gift from her trip and she showed me that figure. I'm quite surprised and really happy at the same time about it. She told me she checked out a little shop there that is similar to the shop I usually go to and she saw this and decided to buy it as it's cheap and still in tack. XD

The Snow Miku Clock, Almighty x 10 shelf holder, Vocaloid Clear Files, Kubinashi Lucky Voice Charm, Kuroko no Basket Air Freshener, Sonico Illustrations, Code Geass R2 Drama CD and Riku Mini Figure are from the local store I usually go to. The Vocaloid Clear Files are actually a set of 3 but then my friend took the one where Miku's in so I only kept Kaito and the twins. The Kagamine twins are my sister's now. I have to admit the air freshener smells so good but I don't know where to put it in my room. XDD

La Corda d'oro Blanket: Azuma, Kaji, Kiriya and Shoma's. I'm gonna say this is quite rare to find nowadays. I was gonna go to the cashier by the time I saw this and include it to the items I snag before I regret not getting it when I leave the store. I never thought I'll get something from La Corda d'oro since the series was actually the 1st reverse harem anime I watched and I still love it. These are of 2 types which I wanted the one were Len is the most and to tell the truth, when I took this it was still sealed up actually which was really lucky for me. XDD

Here's some Gintama items I managed to snag. A rubber keychain, gachapons straps and a clear folder with a clear file inside. Apparently it's a prize from an Ichiban Kuji event based from the MFC database. Now this is for my friend as I promised her I'll look for some items I find that is within her interest. ^^

Diabolik Lovers items I got and found there. The B's-Log April 2014 Issue featuring Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate was an order I made in cdjapan and my friend requested to get one for her so I decided that I may as well get one for myself. It came with the UtaPri Joker Trap and another booklet as well as with a clear sticker of Diabolik Lovers More Blood characters with scarves inside the magazine. I wasn't expecting to find the prize item keychains and straps as well as the Ayato badge. And the one swing I was really happy to find was the Saitou Hajime swing. It was the only one I found their for the first time and I had always hoped that anything related with Saitou gets in that store and it did. It made my day really worth it. XDD

These are a close up look of the Diabolik Lovers Fastener Charm Set. My friend SPIFFY ordered these through LUNARSIGN and was shipped to me as she has items still with me. She invited me on splitting these along with 2 other friends of ours. They are actually quite cute in person~ The strap I really love the most is the yellow rose which is Shuu's. My mom and sister actually asked me many times to give it to them since its really beautiful to have as an accessory on their phone but I'm hesitating on giving it to them as I want to keep it with me along with my Diabolik Lovers collection here. So I decided not to give it as I don't want to lose this. ^^,

Next is here's the UtaPri items I got from the local store visit. This is a desk calendar complete of the UtaPri characters illustration by Kogado Studio. I don't know if this one is actually bundled with a magazine or another item perhaps. What I really love with this calendar is it's scene. The paper board used with these has a really nice scent which I can't get enough with. At first when I saw this I thought it was incomplete but then when my friend told me it's back to back I got fooled by it. XDD

Here's a close up look of them especially to those who love and are fans of UtaPri~ >u<




I haven't watched UtaPri yet actually but I'm already planning to watch and play its games pretty soon. Cecil, Tokiya, Ranmaru and Masato caught my interest from these most to be honest. XD All of them are really irresistable actually.

These are the Cecil goodies I found and snag out. Actually my friend found it for me instead and he gave it to me. It was actually bundled up with almost everything you see in the photo. Meaning it was strapped and connected in a single strap which I wasn't expecting really. LOL. When I separated each one I was surprised to find out that its many already. I presume the others are exclusive or other merchandises of UtaPri which I don't know. And what's lucky about it is Cecil's the one that caught my attention in UtaPri and the character goodies I manage to get there. XDD

Lastly will be these Badge Pin from UtaPri Music2 and an iPhone4 case of Hatsune Miku. I wasn't expecting that at the back of the UtaPri badge pin package is filled with the signatures of the characters in UtaPri. Oh, and I searched for where this was bundled with and apparently it was bundled with the limited edition of the UtaPri Music2 PSP game. I tried looking for the game but didn't find it. Also found the small Ryoma and Kaidoh badge pins. And most of all the iPhone4 case of Hatsune Miku, it's illustrated by S@e which is really beautiful that I admit. Good thing I was the one who found it before my friend did or else it'll be his since he likes Miku. XD

So here's the end of my sharing. Finally. March is quite a surprising month for me seeing I wasn't expecting these sudden items I manage to snag at the local store here. Random boxes of items arrives at that store so each box may contain different items. The store actually sells a variety of items like cabinets, bags, stuff toys, toys, kitchen wares, plates and others that are directly from Japan. That's why I said it's completely random when it comes to their new arrival boxes.
If anybody wonders how much these items costed me, except the Diabolik Lovers Fastener Charm Set, Nendoroid Hibiki and B's-Log Magazine April 2014 Issue, it's about... Show PriceHide PriceAll straps, tapestry, posters, clear files and other items cost me Php500 and that's about 1156 yen only. Really save me a lot of munny. @__@

Thank you so much for reading! >u<
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Naoto-chan 一リッカ
riniloves7 anno/i fa#2081709how you manage 500php??? thats just wow O.O
That's what the clerk there charged me for everything. XD
Seeing they don't know the real value for these stuff that I got them for such a cheap price. ^^,
7 anno/i fa
how you manage 500php??? thats just wow O.O
7 anno/i fa
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
OroHaku7 anno/i fa#2071061Oh wow! What a loot!
I love the UtaPri calendar so much - especially Otoya and Camus <3333

Thank you! The calendar is really beautiful~ I can always be at my desk cause of them. >u<
7 anno/i fa
Oh wow! What a loot!
I love the UtaPri calendar so much - especially Otoya and Camus <3333
7 anno/i fa
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
Kaito5707 anno/i fa#2070642I am loving ur loot very nice so many bishies
Thank you! I can't get enough of them. XD

6927187 anno/i fa#2070692So many goodies! Those Dialovers fasteners look so adorable. I'm really amazed that you got the other things for that price! As for shops here, for that price you'd probably only get one or two straps lol
Thats why I love that local store in my mother's hometown. >u<
I've been visiting there once a month if I have free time and check them for new or old arrivals. Since the cashier there usually prices the other items like sofas, cabinets, plates, and others for a higher price than these goodies. LOL.

LunarSign7 anno/i fa#20707601156yen is really cheap!! I'm not sure about other items but a quick glance at the Utapri items I can estimate it's about 2.5k-3k in value XD
Woah. Is that its value?! I can't believe it. XDD
I'm always thankful the store always charge me cheap seeing they consider these items as toys. ^^,

angelbott7 anno/i fa#2070823*nods* Yeah.. -w- *sigh* Good cheap deal prices..I love cheap and good deal prices.. xD
Cheap and good deal prices are quite nice. That's why I enjoy impulse buy in that store. XD
7 anno/i fa
Naoto-chan7 anno/i fa#2070339So true. ;u;
*nods* Yeah.. -w- *sigh* Good cheap deal prices..I love cheap and good deal prices.. xD
7 anno/i fa
1156yen is really cheap!! I'm not sure about other items but a quick glance at the Utapri items I can estimate it's about 2.5k-3k in value XD
7 anno/i fa
So many goodies! Those Dialovers fasteners look so adorable. I'm really amazed that you got the other things for that price! As for shops here, for that price you'd probably only get one or two straps lol
7 anno/i fa
I am loving ur loot very nice so many bishies
7 anno/i fa
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
angelbott7 anno/i fa#2069690*nods* I feel you. xD another money to bye on them. -w-
So true. ;u;

apricotsushi7 anno/i fa#2070282Wow, what an amazing haul! And only 1156 yen for all of those items?! I'm especially jealous about the UtaPri calendar, Diabolik Lovers charm set (I've bought from LunarSign before, she's great!), and the La Corda D'oro blanket. Wow!
I was asked by my friend Spiff actually if I want to join her in splitting the Diabolik Lovers Charm Set so in the end I joined. XD
I happen to find the calendar and blanket with pure luck. I can't believe I was lucky on that day. It was really worth the time to visit there. I was about to pay up to the cashier until I saw the La Corda Blanket. Good thin I still saw it. And yes, only for that price. I saved up a lot of munny. ;u;
There were other items there actually but my friend who was with me took them as the series aren't within my interest. ^^,
7 anno/i fa
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