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Akemi Homura Nendoriod


I received this lovely item in the post today. She was $35.50 (Pre-order price) From Otacute.com
Homura with her usual expressionless face.

Here is a side view and back view:
I love the details on her legs and the bow on her back.

The detaling on her soul gem and Sheild are very nice too. However the shield can easily fall off if knocked so be careful.

Angry Homura with the rocket launcher.
This is a great item however I am slightly disappointed that it is hard to pose her with her rocket launcher when she has her other hair style. This is because her hair gets in the way of the end of the rocket launcher. Meaning you can't do any accurate poses of her firing it.

'Moe' Homura with a hand gun! She looks like she doesn't want to shoot her target, so cute >w<
It's too bad her glasses don't fit with her Original hairstyle, or any other Nendoriod I have for that matter.

'Moe' Homura with the pipe grenade, she looks unsure what to do with it...

Good Points
  • Lots of Weapons
  • Choice of both Hair styles
  • Nice small details

Bad Points
  • Glasses can't be used on 'Normal' Homura
  • Can't hold Rocket launcher in firing position when 'Moe' Homura
  • Not very secure shield

Extras I would have liked
  • The red bow she wears in the last episode

Overall This model is very worth the money I paid for it and is super cute! I defiantly recommend it if your a fan of Homura~! :D
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Reading this makes me want to go buy her now. ; 3;
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Miiisha Rock-'n-Roll✿Princess
Can't wait for mine, she is so cute.. <3
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