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Gamer Girl 1/7 (Native)Gamer Girl 1/7 (Native)

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Warning!!!!!! This review contains NSFW images, proceed at your own risk.


Today we'll be taking a look at another lovely lady from native, Gamer Girl, from their Creator's Collection. The Creator's Collection appears to be composed of figures inspired by the illustrations of various popular artists usually in the doujinshi scene. I believe a few of the artists have been featured more than once in regards to this collection. What I do find somewhat confusing is they also have a Characters Selection Collection but a few of those figures are based off of illustrations by artists, heck at least one of them also has figures in the Creator's Collection as well. I guess a majority are not based on illustrations but it's still quite confusing because most if not all of them are in enough illustrations that those figures could have easily been based off those as well. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as they keep releasing their lovely girls.

She's based off of an illustration by Kizuki Aruchu which you can see on the left. Kizuki belongs to the Udon-Ya Circle and is a very prolific doujinshi illustrator which has seen many of his illustrations be turned into figures that we've seen on this site. Some of his work includes the Monster Hunter girls in Mohan no Erohon series and the lovely maids in the Maid Yome series which both have seen several figures created. His various other projects have also birthed more lovely figures for our enjoyment as well. Looking at his body of work what stands out in his various girls is their eyes and hair. He does a great job on their physiques but it's definitely the eyes of his creations that speaks to you, some of them are quite hypnotic.

Speaking of Monster Hunterit seems like Gamer Girl may in fact be one of his girls from that doujinshi. If you will consider my evidence.

If you take a closer look, you can see they have the same hair style and color. Their eyes are the same color and shape and of course their bodies are identical down to the nipples and belly button. Curve for curve they seem to match up perfectly? So I'm guessing the game she's playing is Monster Hunter... 8Þ

In any case, like the other native girls before her the figure an exclusive from the native online store. The order period has already passed so if you want to get your hands on her you'll have to look to the secondary market or stores that carry exclusive figures. She retailed for around 10,000 Yen and if you bought her from a proxy she probably ended up costing around 12,000 Yen not including shipping.

The goal today is to see how faithful native was in bringing Kizuki's artwork to life and what the figure has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

And again, Warning!!!!!! This review contains Graphic NSFW images, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
native went with this usual route regarding the figure box. Depending on where you acquire the figure you may not get the figure with their typical shipping box. It's actually a double wall corrugated cardboard that offers excellent protection. Note that even though it's a shipping box they actually put everything into another box with additional padding. All of the girls I've received directly from native was packaged this way meaning very excellent protection. Also to aid you in removing the the actual figure box safely they provide a sleeve that the figure box is nestled in which actually further adds to the overall strength and protection.

As usual you cannot see the figure while the figure box is unopened. The design and color scheme of the figure box makes me think of a Sony game console. Which definitely supports the theme of the figure quite nicely. The figure box itself made of a lightweight corrugated cardboard. The multiple layers folded over each other further enhance the strength and protection of the figure box. Just unboxing the figure you can see the level of thought they put into protecting their figures. Where the trend for other manufacturers is to go as cheap as possible native is the reverse which I can't help but notice and appreciate.

Even upon opening the figure box you can't see the figure. They added an additional cover because upon opening you get quite an eyeful so they added that cover to protect you from prying eyes which is appreciated.

The figure box is simple but the design just supports the theme of the figure perfectly. Sometimes simple is good and in this case it works. As mentioned already the protection is amazing like the other native packaging. You really have to make an effort to damage the figure within. The size is also pretty compact but all that protection does come at the price of weight. The weight listed doesn't include the external shipping box and padding so the actually shipping weight could easily be 2 Kilograms but as mentioned fortunately the actual figure box is pretty compact so that should help balance out on the shipping cost. She will definitely gate to you safely but it may cost you a pretty penny.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 1.34 Kilogram
H: 192 mm
W: 220 mm
D: 300 mm

A typical two piece blister is used for the figure with an additional one nestled within the primary for her base. The pieces are further secured together by tape but no wire is used which isn't really needed. Without even taking her out you're given a decent view of what the figure has to offer.

Note how the loose items are secured in their respective compartments and further secured by an additional sleeve cover. Some instructions for the basic care of the figure is provided. It's minimal but still appreciated as this is not done enough.

The mirror is actually made of real glass so they tried to protect it as best they could without getting carried away. And as usual the illustration card that the figure was based off of is provided. Again this is another thing not done enough. You have various manufacturers producing figures based off an illustration and it's not even on the figure box and you usually have to get an exclusive or limited edition of a figure to get the actual source illustration. So this is definitely appreciated.

All in all they kept the figure box design inline with the theme of the figure. Protection is superb and I can't see the figure getting damaged unless a tank runs over the box. Shipping cost might be an issue since the shipping weight is heavy but the compactness should offset the cost somewhat. All I can say is they did a nice job again and my expectations were met.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Brown Mansai who appears to be new on the scene in regards to figures under his belt. This appears to be his first credited figure so there is no previous girls to compare with to get an idea of growth in skill. Not to get ahead of myself but I do have sculpting issues with this figure in regards to the execution in one area which I'll touch on more further down. But maybe you can see what I'm talking about if you look at the picture below with the two girls by different sculptors. It was enough that I considered lowering the score but the other areas were enough I decided it was forgivable especially since this was his first solo figure.

Below you can see the accessories included with her. The detailing is adequate especially considering the size of the items.

For the most part I like what they did with her headphones but I do have some issues with the "wire". They actually used a rubber hose so it's very flexible but at the same time you could not disconnect the "wire" to run it in such a way to match up with the illustration so you had to compromise. If they had used a regular wire that wouldn't have been the case but then it would have been a pain to bend the wire just right. Even then the wire wasn't really the issue except the weight unbalanced the headphone so it was difficult to place in the figure's hand as it constantly fell out of her grasp. Results may vary but I doubt it and it's not really that much of an issue since you're not exactly moving the figure around constantly.

I actually thought they did a very nice job with her panties. They look good on her, are detailed and actually fit securely when on. They're also fairly easy to remove and there's little chance of damaging the figure when removing or installing the panties.

In any case let's not delay any further and take a closer look at her.




She looks good, right? For the most part that's the case but I do have one issue which I'll bring up very shortly. Below you can see the illustration the figure was based on compared to the figure. This is part of my issue in that the figure doesn't really match up with the illustration in regards to the execution. You can see it more clearly when look at her face.

Taking a closer look at her face I believe the issue I have is her face is too small when compared to size of her head and hair. If you look at the illustration her face is bigger. Everything is scrunched up and it just looks like a different person. I just find it very distracting which takes away from the rest of the figure. Or maybe it's the hair that's the issue and the face is fine but the bangs are just too big? In any case I was really tempted to lower the score for this "issue".

Aside from the possibly too big bangs that covered too much of her face, the rest of her hair looks good. They're nicely detailed but fragile as they could easily catch on something and snap off. The hairstyle is very dynamic and looks great from multiple angles and matches up fairly well with the illustration. They did a decent job integrating the standard seam at the top of her head and it isn't distracting.

If you take a closer look you can see the very nice job they did with the transition from her flesh to clothes. It seems natural and no seam lines present. The body lines and curves definitely look very nice with as mentioned no ugly seam lines. I just can't imagine results varying between figures based on nice of a job they did. I love the details in her shirt that she's in the middle of removing. The way it wrinkles and stretches makes it look quite realistic and natural.

Looking closer, you can see the nice job they did on her breasts. They're you typical teardrop shape on the large side of course. Look at the transition from her breasts to her nipples, I love that! Even though her breasts are fairly large they don't look like balloons just cause of that transition to her nipples. Also look at how they rest on her chest which seems pretty natural for their size. I do have a slight issue when I looked at the illustration in that the breasts drawn were not as round because they were squeezed more together and resting heavier on her chest. Basically they should have let gravity have more influence on her breasts and they would have matched up better as well as looking "better" in my opinion. In any case they do look great and are nicely detailed. The execution on her cleavage could have used some refinement though to match up better with the illustration, basically it came down to her pendulous breasts defying gravity.

As usual they did a decent job with her underboobs. No ugly seams or scars that you see with some figures when the manufacturers/sculptors get lazy. Also you get a better view of the transition from her pendulous breasts to her pert nipples. I just look the lines and curves in that transition, I can't explain why except that I find it aesthetically pleasing.

Stepping back to look at her body you can't help admiring her midsection. She's a curvy girl but if you look at the illustration you can clearly see her hips and thighs are more curvy. Even then her body lines are still quite nice and she has curves to die for. The details are definitely adequate and mesmerizing. Along with her not being as curvy, her scrunched up shirt is thicker than the illustration meaning more of her flesh is covered which I do find disappointing because I want to see more!

Despite her not being as curvy you have to admit the back view is still quite nice. I just love the body lines from the back view from her narrow waist to those full hips and her rear end. It's definitely appreciated that they opted not to make her butt flat to sit more securely on the cabinet. However, they could have put a indentation into the cabinet instead which would have helped with the stability of the figure. Or provided a custom fit pillow/pad which they've done before. Basically there were lots of options to help keep her stable they could have employed without altering the figure nor base but still looking at this view I'm OK with the compromise.

As mentioned before the panties look great on her especially from behind. They look so hot and sexy on her.

And of course if you remove them you can see she's anatomically correct. Very detailed and if you note you can see her clitoral hood peeking out from the front view between her lips. She's that detailed!

Another view of her rear end you can see no ugly seams but one smooth piece. I just love the curves and details and her butt crack looks quite natural and realistic. The transition to the various parts of her and the lines are to die for and they did a great job with the transition from her thighs to her panty hose.

Speaking of her panty hose I think they did a nice job. it looks fairly realistic and is sufficiently detailed concerning the material. They could have gone with a real panty hose but I just don't think it would look as good in regards to the shape of her legs as well as the effect they were trying to go for in the hose.

For his first solo figure Brown Mansai did a decent job but I really wish more attention was paid to her face as well as matching with the details of the illustration which would have made this figure even better. The figure was put together well so I just can't see the results varying between figures unless you're just unlucky. Even though she doesn't match up as closely as I would like she's still a great figure which is nicely detailed. Expectations were somewhat met but left me wanting.

Painting: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡
This was another area I had an issue with and I was forced to drop the score. I've been noticing a lot of companies and not just native having an issue with the flesh tone of some of their girls. If you look at the illustration you can see they are off in basically ever way possible. They still did a decent job coloring her but she just doesn't match up.

Her eyes just seem off compared to the illustration. It just doesn't look like the same figure, maybe again it's because her hair is too big and is obscuring her face too much and if I could see more of her eyes she would look better? I really don't like how they colored her mouth which just seems weird to me and distracting. Her flesh if you ignore the illustration does look nice especially the details put into her body such as her breasts and those pert nipples of hers. And of course her detailed naughty bits look great contrasting against her curvy rump. They employed various shades and accents to breath life into her flesh.



However as mentioned I have an issue with how her flesh matches up with the illustration because I know it's possible to recreate that flesh tone and can actually give you an example. Look at the Hustler figure from OrchidSeed which was made years ago. If they were capable of that flesh tone then native should have been able to do the same which would have matched up nicely with illustration. I'm pretty sure you can see the difference when you look at the two girls and their flesh tone. It was enough of a difference that I just had to drop the score. Also if you didn't notice her hair color is just too way off considering they've made other figures with the correct hair color.

I'm just getting mixed messages from them where you see them doing certain things perfectly but being lazy on other things. Maybe I'm nit picking but I expect a certain level from them which they just didn't meet this time unfortunately. Now don't get me wrong, they did a decent job coloring her using the various tools available but they definitely could have done better and I hope I showed proof. Expectations were somewhat met but again left me wanting.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
And again... another issue, I had to go out of my way to try to match up with the illustration and even then I was not successful. The mirror in the illustration, you can't actually place it on the left. I had to put the figure in a unsafe position to even try to get the mirror in the right position. As mentioned since you can't remove the wires on the head phones, you can't run them like the illustration since there is no clearance otherwise. The head phones just don't rest correctly in her hand and of course she's not as curvy as the illustration. However if you not as picky as me she matches up otherwise decently in regards to the pose.

The saving grace is definitely the multiple display options. Now you can mix match and get more but these seem to be the basic choices you can employ. The pose is quite dynamic and she looks great from various angles but display wise you'll want her at around eye level.

For the most part I think they did a decent job recreating the illustration minus the issues I raised. I liked the various display options available to you and even without the illustration that's one sexy pose!

Base: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
I am of the belief that a good figure can be made better with a good base. This is especially true if the base supports the theme of the figure and is integrated in such a way that isn't just background noise. Some manufactures are the master of making bases that rival their figures. I wouldn't say native is up to that level but I feel they've mastered the concept of supporting their figures and integrating it with the figure where each are dependent on each other. I'd have to say this is one of those cases.

I liked the details they put into the base. You can feel the seams in the "wooden floor boards" when you run your fingers over it meaning you see with both sight and touch. I love what they did with the furniture. They could have easily just made a single piece furniture but they actually went the extra step and made it functional. That wasn't required but they actually put the time to do it. What's nice is you can fit all her loose items into the various drawers if desired.

What I'm concerned about is how they mounted the figure. She's attached to the base by one foot and that leg is not very sturdy. If for some reason she should slip off the furniture her leg or base could get damaged. I appreciate that they didn't flatten her butt to stabilize her but they could have provided some sort of prop/pillow that they have done in their previous figures to further secure her. This isn't their first figure in such a precarious pose so they should have been able to figure out something safer. All I can say is when I have to move her, I'm constantly afraid I'm going to snap her leg in half when she slips off the furniture she's sitting on.

Excluding how stable/safe she is I think they did a nice job. My expectations were definitely met and possibly exceeded. The base looks great and definitely supports the theme of the figure as well as being part of the figure.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
So now that we have taken a look at the figure let's sum up the good and the bad? She is nicely detailed, possessing an amazing body. Those body lines and curves are to die for and again those details... The base supports the theme of the figure/illustration and the furniture is functional! You have various display options if desired. The packaging will ensure she gets to you safely. However cost might be an issue. Also the execution leaves much to be desired as her face just seems off and the liberties they took with matching up with the illustration made what could have been a great figure instead a good figure. If you've looked at my other native reviews, you'll see this is probably my most negative to date for them. This is because I know they are capable of more and I expected it and was let down. I might be picky but when you need to decide where to spend your money you have to be picky. Basically she was not as faithful to the artwork as I would have preferred. Maybe I let the fantastic artwork prejudice and she's actually better than I can let myself see?

The enjoyment of a figure is subjective but for the purposes of this review it is if I believe the figure was worth the cost of acquiring. Even with my issues I'll have to say it was worth it as I still like the figure but I know I would have loved it if they focused on more of the details I mentioned. I don't regret getting her and hope this figure will leader the sculptor onto better things that I can review later. I do have to apologize if this review is off since I haven't worked on one for a while so I am rusty. Hopefully I'll get back into the groove of things.

See you later.
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Great review and pictures!

Just got her myself today.
2 anno/i fa
Kanoko from Q-six, has the same problem (oversized hair) and the anti-gravity boobs are preventing me from enjoying the view.Chichi9521 (4 anno/i fa) #2255023Nice review, this was one figure i actually would consider getting on the ecchi side of figures, but i do have a little iffy problems with her, 1. her bangs are too heavy i think, it loses the softness of the illustration, you can't really see her eyes.
2. I really hate her boobs... being a girl with a large chest myself they really just look like balloons to me >.< I mean i don't know how hard it is to copy an illustration to figure but it just looks wrong to me XD (escpecially her left one)
It is a very beautiful figure though and thank you for a very detailed review :)
4 anno/i fa
Elixir (4 anno/i fa) #2255996I'm not 100% on this, but I have a feeling the girl in Monhan no Ero 9 is not the same character as this character (despite the similarities).

Just means twins!!!! X0
4 anno/i fa
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Chichi9521 (4 anno/i fa) #2255023Nice review, this was one figure i actually would consider getting on the ecchi side of figures, but i do have a little iffy problems with her, 1. her bangs are too heavy i think, it loses the softness of the illustration, you can't really see her eyes.
2. I really hate her boobs... being a girl with a large chest myself they really just look like balloons to me >.< I mean i don't know how hard it is to copy an illustration to figure but it just looks wrong to me XD (escpecially her left one)
It is a very beautiful figure though and thank you for a very detailed review :)

same here, especially the big breasts that look like balloons part.
it made me drop her/ pass on her
4 anno/i fa
It always amazes me how well Native sculpts ladyparts, won't lie.
4 anno/i fa
Yeah, as someone else said, all I think when I see her boobs are silicone/balloons/basketballs. Nothing natural about them :P but that's okay, because she's super hot and made of plastic anyway, so why not take a bit of artistic liberty in giving her gravity-defying knockers? I wish mine had that capability :P
4 anno/i fa
That enjoyment is wrong x)
Nice review ! very detailed.
4 anno/i fa
I'm not 100% on this, but I have a feeling the girl in Monhan no Ero 9 is not the same character as this character (despite the similarities).
4 anno/i fa
Is it okay if my favorite part of this figure is the perfectly scaled 3DS?
4 anno/i fa
Nice review, this was one figure i actually would consider getting on the ecchi side of figures, but i do have a little iffy problems with her, 1. her bangs are too heavy i think, it loses the softness of the illustration, you can't really see her eyes.
2. I really hate her boobs... being a girl with a large chest myself they really just look like balloons to me >.< I mean i don't know how hard it is to copy an illustration to figure but it just looks wrong to me XD (escpecially her left one)

It is a very beautiful figure though and thank you for a very detailed review :)
4 anno/i fa
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