Any mom figs in your collection? who?Any mom figs in your collection? who?Ask MFC

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There's not much of mother figs being made... majority of female figs are single... I guess it's natural...

Out of curiosity I've come-up with these questions:

1. Do you have any mom figs in your collection? who?
2. Mom characters your planning to buy?
3. Mom characters you wish were made? why?

1. Any mom figs in your collection? who?

Mine are just 4:

Jun Kazama from Tekken ITEM #149954

Cattleya from Queen's Blade ITEM #20886

Masane Amaha power-up ver. from Withchblade ITEM #444 & ITEM #366

2. Mom figs your planning to buy?

Iori Rinko from Gundam Build Fighters ITEM #236443

Mamiya Marie from Starless ITEM #144479

3. Mom figs you wish were made?

Tsurara Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire myanimelist.net...... I like Ice Queen hot mama... hehehe!!!
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I have multiple figures of characters that become moms or dads later in the series. xD A few examples:

View spoilerHide spoilerI recommend to only look at the figure if you're familiar with the series. :P
Dragon Ball: ITEM #129518
Fullmetal Alchemist: ITEM #72238

This topic made me think about this in general...a lot of anime characters are single and what also happens with a lot of them is that they get together with someone near the end of the series, so the series ends too "quick" before you see the follow-up from that with them starting a family etc...There are a few series that do continue the story, but then the figures made from that series are from before they were parents! :P
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I think you can say I have 2:
1. Hime is like a mother figure to her servant Fuuga and her sister.
ITEM #1010

2. Ran is like a mother to Chen...I think.
ITEM #58098
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Hardcore Higurashi spoilers ahead!View spoilerHide spoilerDoes ITEM #8942 count? Because she is Oyashiro and the omnipresent spirit of Hainiryuun, mother of Furude Ouka...
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Does ENCYCLOPEDIA #3502 count ? :3
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I have ITEM #144479, ITEM #23836 and ITEM #110263. I didn't think about the fact they're mums! lol I would like to get a Masane Amaha at some point though. I did have this one ITEM #437 to be honest the paint was terrible, I know it was official as I got her from AmiAmi but I was really disappointed so now I want the Orchid Seed one as she looks way better! ITEM #310
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I have a father figure :) ITEM #33747
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I just have a mom figure ITEM #118180, but I love her dearly, she's from one of my favorite movies. :)

Edit: Tharja is a mom too, now that I think about it. XD
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This figure is a pretty popular figure of a mom...ITEM #94892
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I don't have any :c I'd LOVE a Kiryuin Ragyo (while she's a horrible mother, she's so beautiful) and I'd LOVE a Queen Serenity or even Neo-Queen Serenity :>
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SweetIvy . . . NANI!?!
The only one I have is ITEM #444

I'd like a new scale of ENCYCLOPEDIA #2260

Then decent scales of ENCYCLOPEDIA #6127 & ENCYCLOPEDIA #4723
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