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I need some help regarding Hobby Search, EMS, and the like.

My middleman is about to pre-order the Kotobukiya Ciel and Sebastian for me. I have no experience with Hobby Search or preordering (up until this time I've been using Mandarake), so I need some help.

My questions are:

1.) For these types of packages, how much would they usually charge as tax at customs, if it is delivered via EMS?
2.) When they are released, can I choose a different type of shipping method, or can I only use EMS? Because my middleman says that as she orders, she can only select EMS for shipping. I was wondering if we can change it when it is ready to be delivered.
3.) Do they usually split shipments for items with different release dates?
4.) In the event that they ship them together, approximately what is the weight and size of the box, from your experience?

Any help would be appreciated ASAP. Thank you so much!

EDIT: By 'middleman', I mean someone who is right here in my country who orders things for me and picks it up at the post office, as I do not have a credit card or PayPal to order things online myself.
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2) There is a checkbox option to choose SAL Small Packet, but it says "SAL Small Packet Available if Possible" View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://www.1999.co.jp/images/FAQ_SalPossible.png. I don't personally use SAL, so I have no idea what the limitations are. They recently had a survey, and one of the questions asked about shipping options, so they may add more in the future depending on the results.

3) They do, if the release dates are in separate months.

4) All my packages from them have been light (but sturdy), and they're pretty good at packing things in a way that you don't wind up with an over-sized box. For weight, you can probably refer to www.1999.co.jp/... . I think they usually have the weight of the products up on their website once they know.

I hope that helped in some way!
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I've been playing proxy for my friend as well, been ordering from Hobby Search for years now and i'm usually safe on customs if i dont go over 2 figures, i get screwed by 35-50$ if i combine more than 2 (Im in Canada though, not sure where you're from).
If they're released in the same month, you can combine in a monthly order. Its easy to go and change delivery method, as long as you do it before they're released, if at the end of the month one is marked in stock they should just split it and ship EMS if it was what you picked originally.
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chapters05 anno/i fa#2463506if ur planning on ordering from hobby sreach u can just make an account and order no need for a middle man unless u save on the item

No no, I meant, middleman that is located right here in my country. xD; As I do not have a paypal or credit card, she orders the stuff for me and picks it up for me at the post office. Sorry that wasn't clear.
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if ur planning on ordering from hobby sreach u can just make an account and order no need for a middle man unless u save on the item
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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