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Twitter user Franpaccio is currently organizing an online event called Gunpla Weekend. As the Google Doc describes it:

Tired of the usual weekend routine? Tired of spending your afternoons looking for something to do and suddenly *poof!* it’s night? Tired of wasting time arguing with strangers on Twitter?

Let’s do something nice next weekend! Let’s build some anime robots!

From Friday the 20th to Sunday the 22th of March, build your Gunpla, post some pictures on twitter to show what you’re building using the hashtag #gunplaweekend , ask for advice and look what other people are building!
The purpose of Gunpla weekend is to do something relaxing and maybe new, to create something and enjoy sharing it with others. It’s super nice and stress relieving, I promise!

The doc goes into more information about Gunpla and recommendations for kits to start with if you're a newcomer.

I've been meaning to get into plamo for some time now, so I think I'll participate. I have a stack of SD Gunpla that I got cheap during a Hobby Search sale, so I'll probably assemble one of those for Gunpla Weekend. Hopefully I'll enjoy the experience enough to stick with it and assemble the other kits I've been buying lately >_>;

Does this sound interesting to anyone else? If so, do you think you'll join in?
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Plastic model kits?

63%Yes, I love building them!
22%I like the idea and would like to try building them.
9%I like the idea but have no interest in building them.
6%I have no interest at all in such things.
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katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
I host a monthly gunpla meetup for some people in the area- it consists of a bunch of new builders who have taken an interest in the hobby and a handful of veteran builders. Did not know this was going on but going to see if I can get a group together for this- thanks for the heads up!
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I've got a kit I've been working on! Maybe I should post some pictures, the build is about 50% done o:
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