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Hello and welcome to a review of the 1/8 scale Gwendolyn by Alter! She is a pair with Mercedes, the little green fairy I have reviewed previously, also made by Alter.This figure originally came out in 2008, with a rerelease in 2010. There is another rerelease planned for some time this year (though knowing Alter, maybe next year is a better guess).

Gwendoyln is from a PS2 game called Odin Sphere by Vanillaware. I believe the type of game is called a 2D side scrolling RPG? Not sure since I dont play that many video games. The art, as like all games made by Vanillaware, is gorgeous. The colors are very vibrant.

As of now, the third girl in this trio, Velvet, has been announce for the making by Alter.

Gwendolyn is a Valkyrie warrior, the second daughter to King Odin himself, making her a princess.


Onward with the show!



Let's start with the box as usual. The box has the same theme as Mercedes, except with cerulean blue accents around the box. There are windows one the front, sides, and top of the box to get a better look at the figure. I really wonder if Velvet's box will have a similar design.

One thing to note is that her box is very big because of her stance and her spread wings. I believe she was EMS only. I bought her secondhand locally, so I wouldn't know.

There are various pictures of the figure on the sides and back of the box, but no pictures of the original character design. Seeing as this figure design was not directly influenced by any illustration, it is understandable. Though I really wish they had some art of the game Gwendolyn for comparison

Out of the box, and into the blister packing! Here are all the parts she comes with separately:



She comes with very simple instructions on how to install her spear into her grasp and onto her base.

Base and Accessories:


Her base is painted and sculpted very well. The colors are a lot brighter than shown in the original prototype picture, but I think that's more of a good thing than a bad. Of course, the original prototype pictures are years and years old by now.


The tree stump, plants, and fungi are all very well scplted and painted. I would have personally preferred a bit more contrast in colors on the stump and big leaves instead of the ashy green they used, but that's would be my preference. You can see an unclean mold line alone the tree trunk that runs down the "ground part".


Here are the two small pegs that attaches Gwendolyn to her base. There are no metal in the pegs, and from my experience, it is a rather precarious way of attaching such a tall and wide figure. More on how she attaches later.


The "broken" stump part of the tree trunk is very well sculpted to look like actual wood. Sorry about the blurriness, but hopefully you can still see the texture of the "wood"


The bottom of the base has the copyright information on it, but is nondescript otherwise.


Her spear, known as her "psypher", comes in two parts both for easier packaging and easy installation into her hand, I imagine.


The tip of the psypher is made of translucent blue plastic. It is the source of some magical powers that can come in handy in the game. There are no visible blemishes on the whole spear itself. They fit together snugly, so no trouble there.

The Figure:


Gwendolyn can not stand alone without her base obviously. There are the two holes that attaches to the base.

Let's take a look at the figure without the spear first since it will get in the way of seeing some details.


I really love her pose because it looks like she is alighting down from gliding while her wings of outstretched to soften her landing.


Speaking of her wings, Her wingspan is really impressive. It is about the as long as she is tall, including the base! Although it may take up a lot of room to the left and right of her, she is rather compact around the front and back of her.


The good thing about her pose is that she is fairly tall, so even with the widespread wings, you can fit smaller figures underneath them to save some room.

Gwendolyn as an adorable, yet maturing face. I don't think we actually know her exact age, but Id say she looks around late teens. Her eyes are very attentive, and her lips are ever so slightly painted with a pinkish sheen. The transition of the chin, to neck, to her choker are all smooth, and the way her arms and shoulders bulge and stretch from her posture is very natural and realistic. They even painted the indented areas of the flesh for more depth.


Her hair sculpt is something I haven't seen before in any of my other figures. There is a lot of details as each strand seems to be sculpted out. The crown and her....ear feathers?... hide the usual seam line between the bangs and hair very well. There is a slight paint spill that you can see from the brown of the headband to the front of the hair if you squint a bit.


The back of the hair is just as intricate. Gwendolyn seems to be sporting the "Saber bun" as I like to call it. I'm not quite sure how one would even put their hair like that, but I would imagine their hair is quite long to have it long enough to braid and wrap around a bun that size. It is confimed that Gwendolyn does have hip length hair in the game because we see her with her hair down at times.

As you can also see here, although Gwendolyn has human ears, they are usually covered by her feathers. They seem to be attached to her head as they dont come off when the crown does. The feathers are meticulously sculpted from a blue translucent plastic and the grooves painted with black for accent.

(for reference: Gwendolyn out of armor with her hair down)


Here's her left hand, outstretched above her. There are no fingernail details, but the grooves of her flesh as her fingers bend is both natural and elegant.


The right hand that curves around the spear also lacks fingernail details. I always felt that the fingers here were a bit long in comparison to the left hand. If might have just been to compensate for the face that they must wrap around the spear shaft.


Moving down to her bodice, it is a shoulderless top that somehow does not squeeze her chest area. How does it stay up?? Video game magic. Gwendolyn does not have huge boobs, but they are very nicely shaped and proportional. The slight gradient to her cleavage gives some dimension to them.

Her wins protude from under the cloths of her bodice, at her hips. A rather unique place to have wings, I'd say.


The ruffles on the front of her bodice is also very well sculpted. There are no paint flaws to speak of. Her outfit consists of the white top part with the flowing white cloth that covers the wing joining area and billows backwards, a black draping cloth that goes beneath that, and the wide pleated (?) skirt. It's harder to tell from this picture, but the black draping cloth is a separate piece from the skirt.


From this angle, you can see the place where the wings sprout a little better. You can also see the separate pleats of her skirt that move separately depending on how her legs and hips are moving. I imagine that this is for ease of mobility in battle. She IS a warrior after all. From this angle, you can also see a bit of a flaw on the black draping cloth. It is rather hard to see in any other angles, but there is some glue spill that dripped down along one of the folds of that piece. Since the glue is clear, but shiny, you will only be able to see it at certain angles and only up close.


A closer look at the pleated skirt, and you can see that each pleat is painted with a grey to black gradient starting from the center outwards. Each has two silver studs that have no paint flaws. Please excuse the bits of dust. I bought it second hand and haven't cleaned her thoroughly.


From the back, you can see Gwendolyn's thin back, and a hint of her shoulder blades protruding from her back. The indent of the spine is also shaded to give dimension.

The white cloth (skirt?) flows out naturally. It has a slightly shiny finish. I think it gives an illusion of a bird's tail that fans out to catch the wind.


Let's take a look at the wings themselves. They are honestly so gorgeous. A gradient of teal to black I believe, or you can argue teal to a dark navy blue (it really doesn't matter lol).


Here's a closer look at the feather details. Again apologies for the dust T_T. Each feather is individually carved out along with the umm feathery texture (not sure how to describe it exactly) All grooves have been stained with black paint for added depth. It really adds a more artistic dimension to the wings.


Another impressive feature of the wings that makes them so much more amazing in person than in photos is that the whole wing is sculpted using transulcent PVC. Not that they dont look impressive as it is in photos. Here, I have tried to capture the way the light can shine through the wings. It really shows how many different shades of blue have been applied and how the black staining contrasts with it all!


Moving downards, you can see that Gwendolyn is sporting stripe textured, high waisted panties. I say stripe texured instead of just stripe patterned because the blue stripes are actually carved into the plastic and stained in a similar fashion to the grooves in the wings. It's hard to see in almost every angle, but they are also lacey on the sides of her hips! This is also in the character sheet I've included in the intro. Even though, they didn't have to add this much details to her underwear, it is nice to see Alter going above and beyond expectations!


Her legwear is also no exception in detail and beauty. Although Gwendolyn's upper body gear is light, her leg gear is very bulky and very protective. Besides the metalic paint, and the black outlines you see on the thigh guard, there is also a subtle gradient on the blue knee guard that is lighter in the middle and darken outwards on each plate.


In the back, the creases at the back of the knee leads me to believe that this is supposed to be some kind of thick cloth or leather. However, it is painted with a slight metalic sheen. I'm no expert on armors, so I couldn't tell you what that material should be. The protruding design at the top of the dark leg guard is in the pattern of crown spikes. The lines are very crisp. The transitions between legs and the different pieces are armor are smooth, with no paint or glue flaws.


There are a pair of small wings sprouting from the sides of her knees. They use the same translucent plastic and style of paint as her bigger wings and her head feathers, which leads me to believe that these are actually attached to her body as well, and not just part of the armor. not quite sure why they are there though. Aesthetics?? I'm also not sure how she would manage to get them through the dark part of the leg guard since I see no slit.


Ok now here is the only joining place between Gwendolyn and her base. The larger peg fits in snuggly, and not too tightly so there's no danger of forcing it too hard to the point of breakage. The smaller peg on the other hand, seems to not be as snug. If I was careful to wobble her back and forth, I can still see the smaller peg sliding in and out. Not very promising. This makes Gwendolyn wobble precariously every time I shift her on my shelf. I've also read instances of one or both of the pegs snapping, so please keep that in mind when handling this figure. I always lift her by her butt and hip area while supporting the base with my other hand.

Finally, let's appreciate Gwendolyn with her spear Psypher in hand:


The spear adds a bit more height to this figure (not that she isn't tall enough overall). You can, of course, adjust the spear up and down her grip if you ever needed to fit her into a slightly shorter shelf. Or even display her without the spear.


The shaft slides in easily but securely. There is enough friction to keep it in place so gravity does not slide the spear down over time.


Oops, blurry photo again. The Psypher jewel is clear and lacks any blemishes. The spear design right under the jewel is also well painted in a bluish metalic color. (From the pic, it looks like there's a bit of dirt on the jewel, but upon inspecting it now in my hand, there's nothing, so it must have been just dust)


Gwendolyn is absolutely gorgeous and would be a jewel in anyone's collection in my opinion. She has some little flaws (that may or may not be true on other copies of her), but with her beautifully vibrant colors and dynamic pose, I found her to be worth every yen. The down sides to having this figure would be mainly the space issue of how much she takes up, but as I've mentioned, you can always tuck shorter figures under her wings. The brittle pegs on her base, and the wobbling is very worrying of course so that may also be something to consider when buying this figure. Whether it is because you are a fan of Odin Sphere or just for the art, I would definitely recommend buying her. And hey, since she's getting a rerelease, no one will have to pay an arm and a leg for her anymore, so why not?? :D

P.S. Odin sphere is a great game, I recommend it!

Bonus, kinda spoilery:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4nkj0S8Ea1r4ym0no1_500.gif

I ship them so hard omg. Alter, where is my Oswald???
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Retro8bit Old School Gamer
Love this figure! I still pop in Odin Sphere and play it to this day. :)
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God I always loved and appreciated her designs, oneday I shall play the games.

What a beautiful figure, though I'm worried how much space she will take up because of her wing spans
5 anno/i fa
Beautiful review! I'm so excited for her re-release and the opportunity to finally add her to my collection.
5 anno/i fa
An outstanding review for an outstanding figure! Gwendolyn is so beautiful isn't she? Personally I think photos just can't do justice to her beauty, but you captured her pretty well in yours *-*

Thanks for the review :3
5 anno/i fa
Such a lovely figure. When Alter announced their Velvet figure, it took me by surprise, given the age of Odin Sphere. Come to think of it, that's a game that could probably use a updating for a modern system! Odin Sphere in HD with no slowdown, there's an idea.
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Very detailed and nice review! Really got into reading it. Thank you!
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I love Gwendolyn, omg...

But I still am not sure if I love the face or not. Oh and the bangs as well. There's something about them that puts me off. But I can't deny that Alter put a lot of detail, top to bottom, with this figure. Hopefully Alter releases more information on her re-release.
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Great review! The colors in your photos are so vibrant! She is one of my all time favorites. only downsides are her foot pegs and wings on her boots are quite fragile. Thanks for using a white background in your pics. I always like seeing the figure on its own without photoshopped backgrounds for reviews.
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NOICE. Thanks for the review, she looks even better than I expected. I'll definitely be buying her soon.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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