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Hello people! Hope you're doing great or just struggling with decisions after this past WonFest, I was waiting for more characters as nendoroids but oh well, there's the Touken Ranbu and LoveLive fever going on so yeah of course almost all figures are about these series/game. ONCE AGAIN no news about a nendoroid Syaoran (or figma), will pray again (and spam GSC) so we can get this important character so our Sakura is not alone, he is A MUST for all CCS fans out there T_T

It's time again for a loot post. I know July is over, but I was so busy that I didn't have proper time to write about the items I got this month, yeah life's like that.

Anyways, here's the list of the items I got:
From AmiAmi:
- Twinkle Dolly Sailor Moon Set 2>>View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #282603 | ITEM #282605 | ITEM #282601 | ITEM #282607 | ITEM #282606 | ITEM #282602
- Card Captor Sakura 3-Way Charm Charapin: Sealing Wand>> ITEM #290640
- Figma Sakura Kinomoto (CSS)>> ITEM #235879
- Nendoroid Tomoyo Daidouji (CCS)>> ITEM #218618
- Nendoroid Akagi (Kancolle)>> ITEM #177442
- Nendoroid Kaga (Kancolle)>> ITEM #198400
From GSC Online Store:
- WRONG SHIPPING> Figma Snow Miku Snow Bell Version>> ITEM #216857
- Nendoroid Re-class (Kancolle)>> ITEM #281356

WARNING! Picture heavy, you've been warned!!
Some spoilers contain more pictures, enjoy!

From AmiAmi
Here's the box with my little "Moncho" who was excited cos a new box arrived, therefore, NEW TOY FOR HIM!!XD

The pretty loot from AmiAmi: stuff from Magical girls and Ship girls


Twinkle Dolly Sailor Moon Set 2

The candyHideTerrible flavour just like the previous set. I didn't like it cos I don't like candies so much -_-

I got the first set so of course I HAD to get the second with the outer senshi. They are so cute and well-made!! :3 I got 2 extra Sailor Moon, 1 extra Chibi Moon and 1 extra Sailor Neptune.
Now my collection is complete...well, almost cos I already pre-ordered the third set >_< can't miss these pretty Sailor Moon charms at all!!


Card Captor Sakura 3-Way Charm Charapin: Sealing Wand

I really wanted this charm, so as soon as I saw it again on AmiAmi I had to get it. I couldn't get the star wand, but that's ok as this one is my favourite from the series.

The size of the charmHideI wasn't expecting it to be so big, you can see here how it looks compared to the size of my hand

This charm has a great quality and it's great that you can use it in different ways: hanging up, as a smartphone charm using the earphone plug or you can use it as charm in a necklace!

Here's with my iphone 6, I think it's too big and it worries me that I may break it or something, so I'll probably use it with a necklace :3


Figma Sakura Kinomoto (CSS)

I was just sticking to nendoroids but when GSC announced a figma of Sakura I just had to order her as well XP I was shocked at first when she arrived! I never expected figmas to be so small! I saw pictures of them but never occurred to me to check the size comparison with other figures, like nendoroids, I was scared cos I found her too fragile.


However, after playing with Sakura for a whole day, I fell in love with her and figmas!! I love how you can pose them easily and the quality is amazing! :D After playing with this figma I thought about if I should keep buying figmas (of CCS) in the future...but Good Smile Company decided for me XD (you'll see why later on this post).

More pics of SakuraHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/07/31/1342405.jpeg

She's such a cutie!!! >_<


Nendoroid Tomoyo Daidouji (CCS)

My nendoroid Sakura needs of her best friend as well so that's why Tomoyo is here! So she can design and make new outfits for Sakura-chan!! :3


Once again GSC lets me down with the quality. My Tomoyo came with some awful paint stains which I fix with an eraser and I had to contact them for a replacement of the top which has a terrible paintjob in the back. Of course, they sent me the replacements but I think Tomoyo was "rushed" and her front hair piece has some awful seams. I was unlucky with my nendoroid but with the eraser and the replacement she looks better.

More pics of TomoyoHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/07/31/1342426.jpeg
Sakura looks adorable with her uniform! I hope GSC makes a Nendo Sakura with her school uniform! I don't want to buy another Tomoyo ;_;


Tomoyo fangirling over Sakura, priceless!!


Nendoroid Akagi (Kancolle)

Now it's time for my shipgirl crush!


Last year, before getting into this hobby. I found Akagi, I didn't know about Kantai Collection at all, didn't know it was a game and all that stuff, I just knew that Akagi and Shimakaze were ships and were from the same "series". I couldn't like Shimakaze at all but Akagi was different, I adored her design and her personality completely. Then, I found out about nendoroids and saw that there was a nendoroid of her, but it was too late, she was sold already and I didn't know yet about the after-market and Mandarake...I was just a noob!! So I was pretty happy and thankful when GoodSmile Co. decided to re-release Akagi and Kaga :'D I was extremely content cos I got her FINALLY!!!

Adorable!!!! But wait, she needs her sister!!!


Nendoroid Kaga (Kancolle)

I can't let Akagi alone! So I had to get Kaga for her ^_^


I love Kaga as well, especially her serious face and how she turns so gentle for her sister. I can't wait to display them together!

Too cute to handle!!! (*o*)


From GoodSmile Co. Online Store
One day after I got my package from AmiAmi, a box from GSC Online Store arrived with my exclusives from Winter WonFest!!
Notice the crappy packaging from a company that charges so much for shipping (-_-)

But wait, what the heck is that? Is that...is that a figma????...


Looks like GSC sent me the wrong item!! XD So instead of a Nendo I got a Figma!!


Figma Snow Miku Snow Bell Version

So, after sending mails here and there to GSC support with some pictures, they let me keep the Figma and of course, they're sending the Nendoroid Snow Miku Snow Bell Version.


I wasn't so excited over this figma, I think her nendoroid version look cuter with that base. But once again, after playing with her for a lot of time, she won my heart!! ^_^

More pics of MikuHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/08/01/1342455.jpeg
She's utterly cute!! >_<

Should I sell this Miku??

F*** THAT! She's a keeper!!


Nendoroid Re-class (Kancolle)

My first Abyssal girl!!


I din't get Wo-class cos I didn't like her design so much, but Re-class is such a cutie for me, with that cheeky smile and the amazing and creepy monster-gun (whatever you call it, sorry I don't know the name of those things I know little about Kantai Collection) :P

More pics of ReclassHidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/08/01/1342472.jpeg

Look at that smile!! She rocks! >:D


Woohoo!! Very happy with this loot, especially knowing that I got a free item. I love all that I got here, just a little bit sad with Tomoyo quality but it's bearable.
I can now say that I love Figmas as well!! I already pre-ordered Sakura school uniform version and I'm really excited but this doesn't mean that I'll collect them crazily, just important characters like the ones from CCS and maybe the girls from Magic Knight Rayearth.
I have to say that my favourite item from this loot is the Figma Sakura Kinomoto, really posable and super beautiful!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed of this post and all the pretty items ^_^

Thank you for reading

Till next time ^^

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Natos5 anno/i fa#3346142snip
Hola Natos! Muchas gracias por pasarte por éste post y por tu gran comentario! Si, lamentablemente el empaque de la Figma de Sakura es aburrido, pero sinceramente lo compensa la calidad de la figura y no me arrepiento de haberla comprado, es por ésto que ya ordené la Figma de Sakura en su uniforme! :D
Te apoyo totalmente, la Snow Miku 2014 es espectacular y no entiendo por qué nunca tuvo su versión Figma, hubiera sido un éxito!! <3
OH POR DIOS!!! FELICIDADES POR TU FIGURA A ESCALA!!! Aunque no he visto el anime ni leído el manga, sé de que trata la historia y es grato ver figuras de Kaori, hubiera preferido que tocara el violín pero igual su rostro da una serenidad maravillosa. Es una figura que, para coleccionistas y fans, no se debe dejar de pasar. De verdad me alegro mucho por vos y sí, que ya llegue pronto Enero ajajajaja!! ^_^
Cuídate mucho!!
5 anno/i fa
Sorata5 anno/i fa#3321910xD im a bit late but awesome loot! Im glad your now a figma fan too :3
Hey Sorata! Thanks a lot and YES! I now love Figmas! Can't wait to see Izaya and Shizuo's prototypes YAY!! XD
5 anno/i fa
Que gran review de todas y cada una de las figuras que han arrivado XD, lastima que la caja de la figma de Sakura al final fuese como siempre XD, pero eso es lo de menos, porque la figma en si es preciosa :3 también me encanto la figma de Snow Miku 2015, una preciosidad, como me hubiese gustado que la nendo 2014 tuviese su equivalente en esta misma linea u_u, respecto a la nendo de Tomoyo, es un amor *_*, y las de Kantai, a pesar de que no soy fan, son geniales, felicidades por tu grandiosa colección n_n, en lo que a mi respecta, por fin pedí mi primera figura a escala, es la de Kaori Miyazono de Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso por GSC, ya quiero que sea enero para tenerla conmigo, pero primero debo terminar de pagarla XD, cuídate mucho y felicitaciones por este excelente post ;)
5 anno/i fa
xD im a bit late but awesome loot! Im glad your now a figma fan too :3
5 anno/i fa
Kirenisa5 anno/i fa#3259110very nice haul and oh my gosh! those sailor moon straps are so adorable!snowfei5 anno/i fa#3259037Ahh, everything is so cute! how do you display your charms? :Q
Yeah!! The SM charms are super pretty!! ^_^
For displaying the charms I used my corkboard (I painted it turquoise some time ago) and I used normal push pins. I used 2 and placed 1 on each side of the corkboard, then I tied a strong thread (industrial) with a strong knot from each push pin.
In that way I can hang the charms side by side and display them as a collection ^_^
5 anno/i fa
rgpedro5 anno/i fa#3259064The figmas are so awesome!!!
Thanks! They indeed are! I'm pretty impressed with their quality and size! Totally in love with Figmas now XD
5 anno/i fa
Necroid_Neko5 anno/i fa#3258027You should do a collection blog showing us how you have everything layed out - your dioramas look AMAZING!
And I will!! So far I made a tutorial for the japanese diorama>> blog/21101&amp;... and I'll make another tutorial for the "park" you see there ^_^ as well as working on another diorama.
Thanks a bunch for your awesome words!!
5 anno/i fa
yobibear5 anno/i fa#3257817Free miku :o lucky...
I love the abyssals from kancolle. They look so lovely >.<
azzly865 anno/i fa#3257871a free snow bell Miku figma?
lucky you, I hope I will have the same luck as yours for my ITEM #272968 XD
Rychi5 anno/i fa#3258605Great loot! Love the kantai nendoroids :DNendoroidoodads5 anno/i fa#3257951Nice loot and pics :D
Nice job getting free stuff lol!

Hahaha Thanks a lot! Yeah I was lucky this time! Maybe the mistake was due to shipping a lot of items at the same time to several parts of the world, so maybe things got out of control there? ^_^
5 anno/i fa
ciro5 anno/i fa#3257667Those Sailor Moon straps are adorable as hell, and I am envious of your CCS charm! You've also got three figures I've been eyeing for a while (Sakura, Tomoyo, and Miku). Great loot!
Thanks a lot! When I found out about the CCS charm it was already sold out on AmiAmi so I was lucky when it was up again >_< I think you may find it on Mandarake?
Yeah, Sakura, Tomoyo and Miku are great additions to my collection due to their cuteness ;D
5 anno/i fa
FinalCataclsym5 anno/i fa#3257503Starry eyed Miku kinda reminds me of the Hypno Toad. On a completely unrelated note, I have the sudden inclination to buy Snow Miku 2015...chapters05 anno/i fa#3257597sorry i just had to...

OMG LOL XD Agree completely!!
5 anno/i fa