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Hello! Maakie here again with another grab box! Because of my backlog and now recently only having the time to write this, it looks like I got a ton of grab boxes in a short time, but these are from the last half year!

Anyway, let's move on to this grab box! I bought a pre-owned for Boys, S size. After the slight disappointment with my last one BLOG #22305 , will this one be better? *drum roll*

The box


When I picked up the box from the post office I was a bit shocked actually as the box was a lot smaller and a lot lighter than the previous grab boxes I got! On the left you see the shipping box used for BLOG #21590 and BLOG #22305 , on the right this grab box. *gulp*

So, what's inside this one?


It was interesting to open this one up as it completely folded out. And the AmiAmi card and the first 2 items were already visible!



Really cute card this time! but probably everyone already saw this one before from other loot blogs


The first items was what I thought a generic cute cat handkerchief, but thanks to some searching from CHOBITTSU he found out that it was actually a bonus with the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica PSP game, being Homura's handkerchief! ITEM #102594


And then this special clear card was lying underneath it. Turns out to be a part of that same PSP game. ITEM #102594


Then the first big item was this keychain from Tiger and Bunny. ITEM #101432 I hear a lot of mixed opinions about this anime. So far I haven't tried watching anything from it but I maybe will in the future.


Yessssss! A Kan Colle item! A strap from super cute Kuma ITEM #174204 ! I was actually at a con a few weeks ago where a stand had multiple straps from this set and I was doubting for a really long time if I should buy them or not (they had good prices, but badly damaged boxes). I ended up not buying any of them. Now afterwards that was a good decision, because I could have gotten a double!



I was quite surprised to see another big item with the same character from Tiger and Bunny! ITEM #146670 It also comes with some stickers. I'll try to see if I can make a Tiger and Bunny fan happy with it, otherwise I think I will use the notebook myself, because it has an useful size and a lot of pages!


*gasp* This looks like a PS3 game???


No way! Console games are so incredibly expensive in Japan! It's ITEM #116947 !


New and sealed! I can't believe this! This game is already worth what I paid for the box including shipping! I'm really stoked about getting this item in my box! I recently bought a PS3, so I'm now looking into it if I can get the game with English text as I don't understand Japanese. From what I can find online this is pretty hard to do? If someone can help me here, please let me know as I really hope I can get this game working!


Next up was a figure from Tesudou Musume, this girl being a station attendant ITEM #9260 I actually used to own multiple of this set in the past, but always got them without a box. I didn't know they were supposed to come with an art card telling you about the company they are wearing the uniform from!



Ah, another cute Ika! I got ITEM #90043 in a previous box and now I got ITEM #90061 ! I was actually hoping on getting ITEM #90062 ...


And then this huge Haruhi Suzumiya hand puppet ITEM #32205 was underneath a layer of paper! I recognized this one right away because for some reason unknown to me too, I have seen this items' page a lot of times while browsing here. What a weird item this is...


Then there was this Nendoroid Petit from To Aru Majutsu no Index ITEM #63230 in a repackaged bag.


After that I was pretty much shocked to find a Queen's Blade figure from the Chouzou Queen's Blade Collection Figure Vol.2 set ENCYCLOPEDIA #86321 ! The figures from this set are really big and go for quite some money nowadays! Anyway I got a variation color from Tomoe ITEM #4700 which I already own. Mine is without a box though, so I'm currently thinking if I should keep the box of this one for my own copy of her. :P


Yessssssssssssssssss~ Another Kantai Collection item! This grab box is really great when it comes to items from my personal interest! I was hoping for Fubuki, but ended up getting Akatsuki ITEM #212351 I'm still not complaining, though!


Then there was another re-bagged Nendoroid Petit, this one is from Misaka Mikoto ITEM #63235 Not related, but what a horrible stock photo for this figure!


And at the bottom, the now "standard" item that comes in grab boxes, a play mat from Weiss Schwarz! This one is from Nisekoi ITEM #325812

Final Thoughts

Compared to my previous grab box BLOG #22305 this one was a lot more relevant to my interests and I'm pretty happy with it! It did have less items in it than my previous grab boxes, but the items alltogether seem to be worth more in total!

As for my next blog I will post another Candysan Loot with some mini-food reviews! I hope you guys are looking forward to it! :)
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RyuuSasakura5 anno/i fa#3322948Just wondering HM is the shipping fee?

It's different for every box as the contents of every box is different!

I always go for unreg sal and it's inbetween 2500 and 3500 for me every time. I always pay at least as much, but most of the times even more for shipping than the price of the box.

If you want a tracking number or quick shipping it gets even more expensive!
5 anno/i fa
Just wondering HM is the shipping fee?
5 anno/i fa
AlfieSama5 anno/i fa#3322089I keep going on amiami everyday but I can't seem to get a hold of a Grab Box ; A ;.. Btw, Nice haul ^^. :D!

You know, I ordered this one 2-3 months ago and haven't seen them on since... So I have no clue if they're planning on making more or when.
5 anno/i fa
I keep going on amiami everyday but I can't seem to get a hold of a Grab Box ; A ;.. Btw, Nice haul ^^. :D!
5 anno/i fa
jen_tsukase5 anno/i fa#3322013Yeah, but wasn't my favourite character unfortunaly ._.

If I don't own the strap you have yet and if you see anything you like on my trade/sales list, feel free to PM me as I'm always up for more mecha musume stuff! :)

*edit* And of course if you're up for a trade, haha!
5 anno/i fa
Maakie5 anno/i fa#3321961That's nice! ^^ You're a Kan Colle fan too? :)
Yeah, but wasn't my favourite character unfortunaly ._.
5 anno/i fa
jen_tsukase5 anno/i fa#3321930I got a kancolle strap and the nisekoi play mat in my grab box too ^_^

That's nice! ^^ You're a Kan Colle fan too? :)
5 anno/i fa
I got a kancolle strap and the nisekoi play mat in my grab box too ^_^
5 anno/i fa
lightningmaid5 anno/i fa#3310327Your grab box is sooo sooo good! The KanColle straps, that PS3 game and a Nendoroid Petite from the Railgun series. Definitely lucky!

Yes, I got way too much luck, haha! But items from the Railgun series I actually see quite a lot in these boxes!

victorviper5 anno/i fa#3310360Wow, the Ar Tonelico PS3 game. There might be an English patch of the game out there, but I would be far too paranoid to patch anything on my PS3 with code written by god-knows-who.
IMO, Ar Tonelico 3 is the least interesting installment in that franchise, though. The "power-up by stripping" idea was a little gimmicky, I thought...

Yeah I looked some more around and it looks almost impossible. And on top of that the English release is quite cheap nowadays, so I'm better off selling this one and buying the English one from the money I get from it. xD

Hrmm, I hear a lot of mixed opinions about the game. As I just recently got a PS3 I'm still exploring which are the good games on there. :)

Kirenisa5 anno/i fa#3310447very cute stuff ^_^

Especially the KanColle stuff. <3

MashedApples5 anno/i fa#3310752Ar Tonelico 3 BOMBED hard in Japan iirc.

But the price for the game is still pretty high at places like AmiAmi (or that is maybe because of media in general being more expensive there...)

SeiyokuJounetsu5 anno/i fa#3310753Looks interesting, I've been curious about these grab boxes for a while now...

Even including the high shipping these get, you really get items that are worth it inside! Only downsides are that you either have to be interested in a lot of different anime series and/or you have to be up to sell/trade/gift a lot of the unwanted items. ;)

BeefySama5 anno/i fa#3310757what are these boxes called!?!?! Would really be interested in getting one.

Grab boxes... ;)
5 anno/i fa
what are these boxes called!?!?! Would really be interested in getting one.
5 anno/i fa
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