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Hello hello! :D

Well, I guess I won't buy another figure this month, so it's time for a little loot!

Beware, crappy photos ahead. °^°


After I got Rei and Asuka in summer, I thought it was enough. Kaworu was quite expensive at that time, up to 80€ or so. Too expensive for me. Just a month ago I spotted him on ebay for round about 31€, shipping inclusive - I had to buy him! >_<

ITEM #108468

He had a little spot on his hair, which I rubbed away with an eraser and has a spot of abration (do you name that so in english? o_o) on his crotch, it seems brighter than it should and has tiny, tiiiny scars.

He was mint, never opened, so I guess it's from the production process and not from a former owner rubbing his crotch. x'''D Like a reaction from the paint or something. Well, it's not that bad and otherwise he looks very good. So I'm very happy to have him, exspecially 'cause I thought I would never get him. Now there's Mari left in this set, but I'm not sure if I should get her...

Than I got finally my Serenity Atsumete Figure! Waited so long to get her - saw her at Connichi in September for 25, but that was too much.

Now I only paid 17 and was able to fetch Sailor Moon, too. They look very very good and if this set is the last one, I have my favorite characters complete. But I guess, at least the outers will come in this Crystal form, too. Then I would buy Pluto and Saturn again, I think. Somehow I keep my fingers crossed for enemies like Mistress 9 and Nehelenia.

ITEM #258315
ITEM #258310

For the last one I need your help! I got a little charm in form of the Evangelion Mass Production Type. Guessed it was this one, but it isn't. -> ITEM #84748

Since I can't read japanese, here's my question: Does anyone know the Series this is from? Like Evangelion@School Chara Fortune or so? I can't even find a product picture of this set. There are other angels available, like Zeruel. They aren't in the database here, though.


Here you can see the others, but there's no name either. 2.bp.blogspot.c...

Found a name: 標題: [4月下旬] CHARA FORTUNE 使徒來襲Ver (Evangelion) by Megahouse

Can someone translate that? :'D

Well, that's it. For christmas I got two another figures, but will post them for my christmas loot. :3

Hope you enjoyed a little bit!
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