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*Newer to collecting, so I'm sorry if this is an over-talked about/bland topic

What is your preference when it comes to collecting? Are you more for variety or do you usually stick to a specific item type? Is there something you'd like to collect more of but budgeting makes it too difficult for you? (scroll down for TLDR)

I've found myself torn. I've always really loved Nendoroids and have wanted to collect them so it's been my main focus lately. But I find myself wanting some really nice scale figures. I just got into figure collecting a few months ago because for the past several years I was hardcore into cosplaying. So my budget didn't really allow for figure collecting while attending a lot of conventions and doing a few cosplays a year. Recently I've slowed down with cosplay and since I have my own house and my own hobby room I've finally gotten into collecting, something I've always wanted to do.

My problem is a few Nendoroids though can equal the price of a really nice scale figure. So I've liked having more Nendoroids over one scale figure because it leaves me more to admire, play with, and get excited for. Plus buying more Nendoroids gives me a chance to collect more figures from my fandoms than buying one scale figure.

Personally, scale figures (depending on the maker) are extremely beautiful and there are tons out there I desperately want. They are the most appealing to me of all figure types which is why I'm so torn.

Nendoroids are adorable though. I love the customization options you get with them and interchangeable parts. If I try for more scale figures I could probably only get one or two really nice ones every month or two if my budget allows it. While lately I've been able to get a few Nendoroids a month (if that) and a nice mix of goods. With Nendoroids and Figmas you can kind of play with them and change out their expressions once in a while if you want to give them a new look. That and there's lots of playsets out there that make them even more fun.

While scale figures are nice to look at for their size, paint job, unique bases, and pose; a lot of the time that's about all you can do with them unless they come with an additional expression or parts. So you get one really nice pose (that could be really nostalgic or appealing to you) but no customization options or ability to really play with them. So lately I've opted for prize figures so I could also get Nendoroids, goods, and have more things.

I feel like I need some nice scale figures in my life but their prices can make me nervous especially for older and more rare scale figures. Though I'm sure there are some cheaper ones out there and looking at MFC ads I've noticed users selling scale figures for really good prices often.

My problem is I love variety. I love goods, plushes, Nendoroids, and once in a while a great Figma. So my budget ends up too thin for scale figures. I can't even imagine how some of you budget for Dollfies.

I feel like I can buy more with my money if I split it between item types but also desperately want more scale figures.

And with my job recently cutting my hours due to my company getting bought out collecting has become a bit more difficult. Making me want to get more things for my money.

---------------- TLDR:

So my question is, do you have a certain preference when it comes to collecting? Are you majorly into Nendoroids, Figma's, scale figures, Real Action Heroes (RAH), model kits, prize figures, goods, Dollfies & BJD, or something else? Or do you try to manage getting all different types? Is there an item type you'd love to have more of but just can't seem to budget it in?

(I want to go after scale figures but have to work with a limited budget so I've been buying a few Nendos + goods vs. purchasing one really nice scale figure. Especially since it's tough to stay loyal to one purchase over multiple ones. I'm wondering if I should focus on getting some nice scale figures though)

And personally figure-wise do you find yourself happier with scale figures or with more customizable types of figures & dolls like Nendoroids, Figma's, Models, Dollfies & BJD, etc?
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I like larger figures with a lot of detail. I like 1/4 scale but can think about 1/5 to 1/7 but usually try not to go smaller than 1/8 or lower.
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Scale size or whether it's prize or not doesn't matter for me. Start perusing my collection and you quickly start to see my basic criteria though...keep doing so and you can start to break it down into my particular themes.

It's pretty simple actually.
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I buy only female scale figure's no smaller then 1/8th scale and the bigger the better heck I would buy a 1/1 scale if it where possible. I buy mostly figure's of female characters I know from series I like but I am not restricted to that rule if she cute/sexy I will buy her.
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I have a thing for a certain character and that made me prefer figure prizes rather than scale figures, in order to get a good number of her instead of one or two... but for certain characters I just buy ONE and that one ends up being a scale figure (Shiro from No Game No Life, Sento from Amaburi, MM! from Kemeko Deluxe and one of this certain character bought at a cheap price)
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I'm primarily interested in figures of characters I love, and since most of those characters aren't from franchises that get a huge variety of figures, I can't be picky about type. For example, I like Figmas more than Nendoroids, but I own more Nendoroids because I often prefer characters from franchises popular with women, and they are more likely to get a Nendoroid than a Figma (the Haikyuu Nendoroids are super cute, and I have no regrets about buying them, but as sports show characters I think they would make better Figmas).
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I never collected for "type", but mostly for characters and series :)
I don't care to mix nendos, figmas, statics or rah in my collection, as long as they are from series I likes and characters I love.

Some time I bought nendos even if I don't know the series they are from, just to split some parts I can need for custom or photos proposals, though XD

I'm not into collecting gadget very much, instead (aka. posters, keychains etc)
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I got into this hobby starting with figmas and along the road I knew I would eventually get into nendoroid too although I told myself that scale figures were out of the question due to the atrocious price...the only problem is, as soon as I had gotten my first nendoroid, I wanted to collect them all lol. So I split my spending up this way: 60% figma/40% Nendoroid. That seemed to work up until the point I had ordered my first scale figure, ruining my entire system. Now I went back and made it 50% figma/30% Nendoroid/ 10% Scale but even with this new system, I end up wanting a scale more than let's say, two nendoroids. Now I just feel like there's no balance to my system anymore haha ~_~;
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For figures I won't buy anything bigger than nendoroid. (Though I have two exceptions which are these Haikyuu!! prize figures ITEM #310515 ITEM #310516 because they were too cheap to pass up on and they are pretty much flawless.) It's not that I don't like scales/figmas, I just can't afford them and don't have room for them.
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When I got into collecting figures I primarily collected Nendoroids, occasionally picking up an odd scale or figma. Around a year ago I decided figma weren't really for me, I really like the ones I've got but I didn't feel Amy need to continue buying from that line.

Earlier this year my collecting habits had a bit of a shift. Basically Touken Ranbu happened. I fell in love with many of the different character designs and wanted to put a focus of my collection there, so still getting Nendoroids of the sword boys but also getting the scales of the designs I really like.

Unfortunately for my wallet Megahouse have decided to release a whole load of Digimon figures and we'll nostalgia calls.

On top of these two franchises there's my desire to own as much Haikyu merchandise as I can possibly justify to myself.

So my collecting habits have become more focused on particular franchises rather than a figure type. But within those franchises it's generally either Nendoroids or scales I buy.

I still buy figures from other series but at this moment in time they are where my focus lies. As for budgeting I'm probably more flexible than I used to be as I realised that due to delays my strict spending budget flew out of the window. That being said I still spend within my means. I as a rule only preorder figures and stay far away from the preowned market, this also gives me chance to consider whether or not I really want a figure.

So yeah that's kind of it. Sorry about the wall of text.
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SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
I specialize in obsessing over a character/series and collect everything I can related to them.
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