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Happy Non-denominational Wintertime Festival Holiday of Giving, Lights, Family Togetherness... and Eggnog. Or whatever you celebrate. I was originally only getting two figures this month, but I decided I wanted to get something for Christmas, so I wound up getting four, and I am very happy about one of the extras! Hope you enjoy!

Noire ITEM #285016

So, in Hyperdimension Neptunia, my favorite non-CPU character is little miss Noire. I don't really care much for her Black Heart transformation (though I do have her figure, and it is quite nice), Noire herself is amazing. This is my first Broccoli figure. Unfortunately, in my figure's case at least, her skin tone is VERY dependent on the ambient lighting. Sometimes she looks fine, sometimes she looks suntanned, and sometimes she looks yellow. Other than that, she looks great! The paint is very crisp. I had to really look to see any paint flaws.

I also opted to go for the AmiAmi bonus lighted crystal paperweight. It is really cool, but unfortunately, it basically doubled the shipping cost. Oh well, live and learn. I still like it!

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Yamato Medicchu ITEM #236282

Yamato took a while to come home, due to me choosing USAL shipping during the holidays. Still not like the horror stories I've read about, but still longer than normal. One gripe I have about her is that I just cannot get her umbrella into her hand. It is almost like the hand was put on at the wrong angle. It seems that any Yamato figure is absolutely huge. But the size definitely does not stop the cuteness from overflowing!

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Now we come to the Christmas portion of the month. I decided I really wanted something to open for Christmas, so I started searching every figure site for in-stock items that I would like. Let me tell you, this can be more difficult than it sounds. I finally found these two, and one of them was an INSTANT order click. Unfortunately, due to the holiday rush, and the post office closing on Christmas day, I did not receive the package until the 26th, but it's still fine.

Taneshima Popura ITEM #78586

Popura is in a heated battle with Yachio in my mind for best Working!! girl. I've seen her around, but never really wanted to pay full price for her. Well, I found her on AmiAmi pre-owned, A/B quality, for less than the Yamato medicchu. It was finally time to pick her up. Once again, Alter did an impeccable job on her. There are no flaws that I can find, and all the items on her tray are surprisingly detailed. She can serve me floats any day!

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Black Hanekawa ITEM #61345

Black Hanekawa is probably the closest thing to a "grail" (I can't tell you how overused that term is on MFC, and how much I hate it) that I have. I've basically wanted her ever since I've started collecting, but very rarely found her from a place that I trusted. She did pop up a few months ago, but I was going to be traveling, and wouldn't be home in time to pick her up before the post office returned her to sender. So I waited. Finally, as I was searching for my Christmas present, she popped up on AmiAmi again, A/B quality. What was odd was she wasn't in the pre-owned section when I looked. Needless to say, she was the one I clicked the order button on as soon as the page loaded.

I have noticed a couple paint flaws in her hair, and it's a little rough looking up close, possibly due to the age of the figure. Also, as I was pushing her on her pegs, they seriously sounded like they were shattering. Oh, and of course, there is the leg seam that is very obvious, though it does look better in person than in the pictures. Other than that, she is absolutely amazing and gorgeous. I am so glad I finally got her!

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So there's the figures I got to close out 2015. It's been a very expensive year, and it looks like it's gonna continue into 2016 as well.

BTW, here is a playlists with all my unboxing videos. Check them out if you are interested! www.youtube.com...
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Nice loot! Love the Noires D:
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