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#figurefridaychallenge: Letter Challenge : [A] New Beginning

+Francis Huang and I were having a discussion a while ago on his post: goo.gl/b04Hrr about a possible suggestion for the top of the month challenges for this year.

Last year was numbers, this year will be letters. But the caveat will be that instead of simply incrementing to the next letter, you get to choose what letter and topic you want to as the next letter challenge[+]. The letter and topic of the #figurefridayfavorite post will be issued as the challenge at the top of the next month.

So the letter for this week is A, and the topic is [A] New Beginning.

See what you can come up with for this topic. Then as part of your submission, be sure to pick a letter and a topic for that letter. The topic can be something abstract or concrete, but try to think in terms of something that everyone can do. And remember to take into account all the other letters in the past (in this case just [A]) and try not to repeat!

Let's see what happens.

[+] I may still use my own judgement to clean up the topic or to change it all together if it's not something right for the community. Let's just see how it goes first :).

*Photo note*: Christmas and New Years has the best mood setting in the dark, but for some reason, it always signifies that nice precursor to the start of a new year and a new beginning.

Have fun and be sure let us know if you participate by dropping off the photo to the community.



Photo Credit: Mako and Ryuko shot by FRASBOB.

If you want to see some of the previous challenges, you can check out the Figure Photography Challenge Archive.

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