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Figma Stop Motion "Secret Base"  ~Coming soon~Figma Stop Motion "Secret Base" ~Coming soon~

redshootredshoot3 anno/i faNews
Heey ! \(^O^)/

Like the title said this is a preview of my new upcoming Stop Motion "Secret Base" on my Youtube Channel ^3^ www.youtube.com... (nothing to do with Anohana)

Story :
Nothing is better than meeting with your friends to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in your cozy "Secret Base", an abandoned building.
But when something is "Secret", there is always a good reason...




I can't post too much pictures, don't want to break the suspense :3

See you very soon !! :D
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PickyCollector (3 anno/i fa) #5990064I am just assuming that the secret base music from Pokemon ORAS will be in the background. :P
Haha sorry but no xD
It could have been but no >u<
Gomene u.u
WaifuCollector (3 anno/i fa) #5990319and then comes woody...............
Hahaha !!! XD
3 anno/i fa
and then comes woody...............
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