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*** WARNING ***

This is mostly a nendoroid loot, so please if you're not interested do not bother reading. Thank you

Hello everyone, this is my January loot as described in the title. This is my biggest order yet! and i'm very excited to share this with you guys. I have also read many loot articles here on MFC and they're very interesting to read :3 Many amazing items ordered.

This is my first loot post, I'll be making more every month i receive a loot. So hope you guys enjoy ♥

*Heavy images ahead* ...


The first photo here is the huge amiami box! Along with my pup Louise. Shipping was killer, the most i have payed for shipping in the time i have been collecting. But it was shipped EMS so it got here safe and sound. Took about 4 days to get to me, it usually 2 or 3 but that's okay. ^-^


In photo (1) Amiami leaving their nice card for every order, as soon as i opened the box there it was. Photo (2) There it is! My 7 nendoroid's, and a peaking Pikachu all the way down in the wrap.


The rest of my items revealed, under the paper wrap. Amiami and their excellent packaging as always. Keeping all my items well and protected.


Here's a full photo of my entire January order out of the box! :3


First from all the nendoroid boxes to open i started off with Koujaku. Ahhh he's so cute, and that faceplate. He has nice accesseciors, along with his long stand (room for Aoba♥) Worth the purchase.


But he's my friend...

So was i.

Next up, is Tony Stark/Iron Man 45. Marvel's rich boy. He's a substitute for Link ITEM #287755 was delayed till April T_T

But i really like him, worth the purchase. Got him for a good price as well on amiami. He's going to go well with Captain America who will be released hopefully this year. ITEM #331530


Hatsune Miku! Halloween ver. She was a separate order i got from a fellow MFC user. (thank you!) I got her in January so she counts in the haul. I got her for a decent price, and she's in good condition. I've been wanting to get my hands on her for a while, and i finally have her now! Everything about her is cute! I love love Halloween so that makes her even more perfect. ♥


Shirona also known as Cynthia! I also got her from another MFC user. And for a good price (thank you!) brand new. She's cute and her partner in crime Garchomp making it even more prefect. ♥


Anna! from Disney's Frozen. When she was shown for the first time, i wanted her so bad! Since i had Elsa already, having her sister would complete it. And now she's here so Elsa is happy ^.^


Mega Man! He was a last minute buy before amiami raised his price, i knew i would regret not buying him so i did. No regrets :)


Hinata from Haikyuu! I've been wanting him ever since i first got Tobio. But he was sold out everywhere! T_T when his re-release was announced i was so happy, because i would finally have my hands on him. Now i have him, so i'm happy.


I don't have much to say about Oikawa but he's cute, i mostly got him because he's in haikyuu and i want to get them all. But nonetheless, still cute.


So i saved my most anticipated for last.. Kirby!!

Ahhhhh, so adorable. Everything about Kirby is perfect from those magnets that are used to pose him and his accessories. All his faceplates are adorable as well. Good Smile Company did an excellent job on him! My favorite from the haul for sure ♥


A Pikachu face cleaner. I got it because.. it's Pikachu :3 and it's really soft and cute.


Pinched Sasuke and Naruto keychains! Love them


Haikyuu Omanjuu Niginigi Mascot 8 Pack BOX! This is surprisingly heavy, i had no idea since these are my very first omanjuu niginigs. But i really like them :D going to open all of the boxes soon.


These nendoroid co-de fundoshi are awesome, pre-ordered them as soon as they went up on amiami. I was going to sell them but i like them so yeah :3 only dislike is that the skin color on them don't match the nendoroid's to well :/


Here's everything unpacked,out of their boxes and in the detolf. Going to organize them all when i have the chance ^-^ !

Kageyama and Noiz are there because i'm going to be displaying them in the detolf now. Underneath is the Amiami box :) !


Here's a cute photo of Koujaku ;3 ♥

Thanks for reading!
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nendo for the win! <3
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Nendos are everywhere!! Awesome loot!!
4 anno/i fa
Thank you! I'm glad you do. Figmas too are awesome and fun to collect. The only one i have is Lucina. But great nonetheless :) !Bayuro4 anno/i fa#6640550x

Thanks! Also if you plan on getting her you definitely should, she's really cute in person. c: naftie4 anno/i fa#6656976x

Thank you so much! i was a little worried about the photos not being good since the lighting in my room is bad. But yes! Collecting nendoroids is great, they're so cute. Kirby too was my favorite to finally open :3 abi4 anno/i fa#6657587x
4 anno/i fa
Thank you! and i totally agree, Halloween Miku looks even better in person! ^-^ pinefairy4 anno/i fa#6638273x

Haha yes he did! He's an official member of the Uchiha clan ^.^ and thank you! I appreciate the comment.akarin4 anno/i fa#6638276x

Thank you!omegashadow954 anno/i fa#6638416x
4 anno/i fa
Amazing loot, great pictures! I love to collect nendos, so I enjoyed this article very much. The one I liked most here is Kirby *-*
4 anno/i fa
awesome loot! super jealous of the halloween miku - such a great nendo *w*
4 anno/i fa
Despite being a Figma collector, I'm also enjoy looking those Nendoroids, especially from my fave animes.
4 anno/i fa
Wonderful Loot! Love the nendoroids. Miku and Kirby are so cute.
4 anno/i fa
Koujaku joined the Uchiha clan? XD Really great loot! Love the haikyuu!! nendoroids >v<
4 anno/i fa
So many Nendoroids! ♥ _ ♥ This is such a great loot! The Halloween Miku is so adorable. She looks even better in person than in the official images.
4 anno/i fa