January loot at the end of February!January loot at the end of February!Loot

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The week I paid for my very goddamn expensive Amiami order was the week that aud to jpy almost dropped below 1:80.

Crying tears of blood, I'm going to damn well post about what I got to get the most use out of it.

But before that, I'm still deep in Touken Ranbu hell.


I got all this from Crimson Swordfish:

In retrospect I should've stopped being a hoarder and just gotten Sayo like I intended....but I can't separate all the bros, like I did with Yagen. ( ৺ ◡৺ ) But I got the swing so he wouldn't be lonely...with himself. He's gonna keep himself company, that's better than having only his left hand I guess? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Closeups of each item
Click to see bad life choiceshideyhidey

Back of the plushes:

Everytime I see Kousetsu, in the back of my mind I can just hear "戦いが、この世から消える日はあるのでしょうか……?"(゜、。ア //throws him back to battle. Fight for me and quit whining you giant baby. You giant, attractive, baby.

Now that the small-fry is out of the way, this is the main dish.


I got:
More Touken Ranbu stuff

Closeups of each item
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All the card stuff _(:3 tbh I play YGO cards more than Vanguard, which is what these were for---but they fit YGO cards too so, winwin)

DAT SAYO. Lookit da shiney. ( 'o')
I already have Nakigitsune's on my phone so I'm...not sure where to put this lmao.

I got this (mainly) because I lost my Shirasu bocchi-kun strap a while ago and I got really depressed cuz it was sold out. Story of my life. They're tiny though, JFC.

I don't understand these, but I don't need to. ワンパーーーーーーン!!!!

I am waiting for July to come (even though it's actually winter over here at that time...)

What was that you say? This wasn't thaaaat much?

I'm bleeding money from my ass from this point on.



Are you bloody feelin mah pain? Although I'm 10000% to blame because I added half the stuff to cart to keep track of it and then didn't check it and then pressed checkout (also without) checking it and then my eyeballs exploded from my skull when I saw the invoice. Also I could've totally cancelled but being the piece of shit I am, I was totally not feeling all high-roller.


Closeups of each item
Click to see bad life choiceshideyhidey

LOOKIT THIS FAKE SWORDBOY. Man I 500% don't give how he's a scrawny noob because I totally dig it.

Kogitsunemaru - aka. stop coming home, I want Jiroutachi instead
Man his box has these awkward white marks so I'm just ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hey I know you guys might rly like him, but can you not? Not on the box at least.

I took a couple of photos of him, but from this angle it looks like he has a shit eating smile and is plotting how to steal all your money and then murder you.

Cute gumball - AKA. Kirby nendo
Man his box was so massive, SO GODDAMN MASSIVE.

But totes worth, look how cute he is with his widdle star rod and his widdle feet.

The entire nendo is magnetic too, which is awe-fucking-some. I'm just scared that if I move it too much it'll scratch his body so I'll just not move him much....

Meitou Hyakka
These are actually scale models of 'famous swords which also happen to be in Touken Ranbu' so go-figure why I bought this.

Also because it's really really nice. Each box comes with a 1/8 scale blade, 1/12 scale sword + scabbard and a sword holder + some explanation on the sword...and a piece of gum. Because that's what hardcore figure collecting is all about.

This is Izumi no Kami Kanesada _(:3 The tie on the scabbard is actually rope...

Touken Danshi Rubber Straps

Tried my luck, got a Midare. This is why I don't buy blind packs.

Touken Ranbu Rubber Straps

Did an educated guess, got exactly who I wanted. Also requires having a full box so that you can fiddle with the other blind packs and hope that no one's messed with you by putting a rock inside. Also why I don't buy blind packs.

Anyway, that's it for my January order that I received almost at the end of February.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my pain!
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amazing loot *^*
4 anno/i fa
xLaCiel4 anno/i fa#6874224I bleed from my butt too when I paid for Kogi + other stuff, aud dropped so much! Yay for bad life choices and playing touken...
ROFL ┐( ≖ヮ≖)┌ and the worst part is, we'll keep going back for that sweet sweet pain. AUD seems to be slowly slowly climbing back up but 1:100 again seems like a pipe dream from down here. //Highfives you
4 anno/i fa
Andriuska4 anno/i fa#6873832I enjoyed so much this post lmao. The way you write is the way I actually want loot posts to be written: with so much hype and of course so much anger because of some god damn high prices and some fandoms that almost steal all our money COUGH tourabu COUGH.
Awesome loot yo', and awesome pain you have there. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

LOL THANK YOU. I think being angry is just my default mood. (˘ㅂ˘ ) The scale TKRB figs are getting higher and higher oh man I'm not looking forward to Nakigitsune's price tag DAMN ROBBERY! I DON'T CARE THAT I'M DOING IT WILLINGLY BUT DAMN ROBBERY no please i love the pain
4 anno/i fa
FinalCataclsym4 anno/i fa#6873801I will be showcasing my own pain and merch in a few days, I know what it looks like for money to commit harakiri.
Sympathies my friend, if you need a support group for the trauma, you know where to find us. LOL.
4 anno/i fa
Tokiha4 anno/i fa#6873795Omg yes. They're rereleasing those wall scrolls in their normal and cleaning clothes.....orz must get 2 of husbandos and dream team.
Great loot. My amiami this Feb is going to kick my ass

Prayer circle for all those who are getting screwed through the wallet by touken ranbu. And amiami. I bet the owners of amiami are just sitting there rolling in cash like TROLOLOL THESE FOOLS.
4 anno/i fa
omegashadow954 anno/i fa#6873619Nice post! Lovin that archer!
I'm lovin' him too if y'know wat I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
4 anno/i fa
sarahjayne4 anno/i fa#6873487Awesome loot but I know how you feel, the sword boy hell is real and I'm also deep in it. I have all the nendos so far preordered, all the scales so far preordered and just to finish myself off last night I decided to preorder my dream team it wallscrolls.

Those wall scrolls aren't cheap when you're getting 6 $$$$$$$$$$$$ (hell I wouldn't even buy one...unless I had no self-control--which I don't)
4 anno/i fa
SpinkellaSapphir4 anno/i fa#6851297I'd say great loot, but that'd be an understatement. Those scale model swords look amaziiiing *_*
On the other hand, I feel you bruh. We just can't stop ourselves don't want to stop ourselves from burning munnies everywhere v w v )/

Thanks ✌(՞ਊ՞✌三✌՞ਊ՞)✌
They should call it voluntary robbery. It may be voluntary, but it's robbery!

I am also well aware that I am not making sense.
4 anno/i fa
rubyserpent_7204 anno/i fa#6851296/un-pats your butt. Sorry but saving money to get yaya, hotard and ccp~ yup. followed you on twitter. I didn't know anyone else playing touken in Australia. You're like an unicorn lol
OH I FORGOT ABOUT CCP, yes I need CCP and kurichan as well ;w;b
Hahaha there's quite a few people in Aus playing TKRB that I know of! And I may be a unicorn but that ain't a horn on my head hurrdurr ;)))) //punched
4 anno/i fa
I bleed from my butt too when I paid for Kogi + other stuff, aud dropped so much! Yay for bad life choices and playing touken...
4 anno/i fa
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