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Came home today to see the huge package my Digimon Angewomon and Angemon G.E.M figures came in on my chair so of course I was really excited! Took a few pictures of them in the box for Twitter and got a reply asking why Angemon was holding a headless Takeru. In my excitement to see Angewomon, who was the figure I wanted most between the two, I completely missed the headless child sitting on Angemon's shoulder.....

Here's the sparkly image I took and posted to Twitter. How the hell did I miss the decapitated body!?

Here are the two pictures I sent to J-Figure. I asked for a replacement if it was possible. I also paid for EMS shipping so I should be covered if they can't replace him.

Update: Added new pics since they asked for him out of the box.

R.I.P Takeru.
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Ugh that sucks. Would be cheaper to just glue it carefully.
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Miau4 anno/i fa#6987888I'm SO SORRY but i also start to laugh a bunch with the photo oh my god
i hope you get a replacement
(also, i love your nails!!)

I started laughing so hard I scared the cat on my lap. I think it's just the fact that she totally skipped over the decapitated little body, like talk about selective vision lol. I've done stuff like that before too though, so I totally understand. XD
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I'm SO SORRY but i also start to laugh a bunch with the photo oh my god

i hope you get a replacement
(also, i love your nails!!)
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If you do not get a replacement this looks like a very easy fix with some super glue!
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Let us hope you get a replacement.
If not id suggest glueing it with a strong glue. I use oxy glue (but that was for polystone not sure if it is needed to be so heavy for pvc) but i guess for pvc a less er strong one is ok too ;) and transparant ofcourse plus some skintype paint.

But best is a replacement.. Cause you will always see a crack no matter what :(
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Sorry to see and heard that, hope J-Figure will replace your Angemon carrying a headless child, they should replace it for sure, you pay your money for that gorgeous figure since he is a limited and exclusive figure.
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I shouldn't be laughing since you received a broken figure but the first picture was hilarious :'D I hope you get a replacement or at least some form of reimbursement.
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Tjilp4 anno/i fa#6961150Lmao, that pic made my evening. So majestic. So headless xD It fits because Angemon is an angel...
Really sucks tho that it happened, especially for that price D: really do hope they want to/can send a replacement!
I'm sure it was the highlight of the day for the Twitter user who pointed out his missing head too xD I won't be too sad if I can't get a replacement, since he was an impulse buy after ordering Angewomon, but it would be nice!
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Worstluck4 anno/i fa#6961193If the box looks fine and there is no serious damage in the major part of the figure one may neglect damages in the minor part. That happened to me too, after receiving my Labrys I was too relieved that the box came undamaged and the figure looks great. I started to take pictures without noticing anything, until when I unboxed it days after I found some parts in the box then I finally noticed one of the two pegs on the head came off. Luckily nothing was broken I just put it back there. The box is surprisingly in 100% perfect condition, yet he's broken. I would let it go and not even worry about it if Takeru was removable like Angewomon's Hikari (she's a separate figure, not attached) but since the whole purpose of the figure and pose is having him on Angemon's shoulder it really ruins it. I could also glue him, which I'll do if I can't get a replacement, but if I end up with 0 reimbursement I'm going to be pretty pissed.
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Akira4 anno/i fa#6961266Rest in pieces. Literally.
Too bad about Takeru, hope you get a positive answer from the store 0: Also lmao the first pic.
Edit: I just remembered, but in a review from the other Takeru figure, the user also had their Takeru's neck snap and mentioned that the neck was pretty delicate. So maybe is a common problem with Takeru in general?
I went and found that review and it's what happened to mine just without trying to move it at all. His neck joint was really hard to move when I started messing with the head so it's no surprise theirs broke with such a fragile neck. I wish Megahouse had put more thought into how they would reinforce his tiny neck >_<
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