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I started watching Dagashi Kashi when it first came out and although I'm not too impressed by the anime I am intrigued by some of the foods you see in the show. AmiAmi has a series of snack grab bags and I decided to get one of the Dagashi Kashi themed ones. Here's all the items I got in mine:


I mainly got the bag to try the actual snacks since my knowledge of Japanese snacks is pretty limited to Pocky, Ramune soda, and those cute little chocolate and biscuit mushrooms I forget the name of. Getting the first four manga volumes was a plus, even though I can't read them.

The first snack was Fue Ramune, or whistle candy. They were actually really fun to whistle with before eating but I was more into the taste than the actual whistling. They were sweet, but not overly so. I thought they were going to be as hard as Lifesavers or something but they were actually softer. These ended up being my favorite candy out of the whole bag. I also got a weird little sea monster toy. Cute!

Next up were the Mini Cola candies. I thought they were going to be something you pour in a drink and get a cola taste but luckily they were actual candies. These do taste exactly like cola so I thought they were alright.

I was really excited about the next item, the cocoa cigarettes. In my mind I thought they were going to taste like these white cigarette candies I had before. They did taste chocolatey but there was a really weird after taste to them that made me toss them. I wasn't a fan.

The Unchoko candy in this bag was so adorable. I got a lion and a little dolphin looking thing. I thought these would be my favorite in the box for sure. Unfortunately I took one bite and the inside filling to these made me wanna spit them out.I thought it was chocolate at first but I bit one open and it was white so I don't know what it was supposed to be. I was hoping they would taste like Spree or something but nope.

I won't lie. I was scared to try the next item. Just looking at the bag made me think the candy was gonna be some gummy cola and berry hybrid. Yuck. Luckily I was wrong and it ended up being my second favorite! The candy is called "Shijou saichou! Chou himo Q" and was soda and cola flavored, according to the packing list. I didn't like that it was one long strand of candy but it was really good! I definitely didn't have as much fun as Hotaru eating this.

The final item was really fun to make. It was a Nerunerunerune soda flavored candy kit. I've never had a Kracie cooking or candy kit before so getting this made me pretty happy.
Taste wise this definitely tastes really bad for you and I couldn't have more than half a spoonful, but a kid would definitely have a field day with this.

That's all for my thoughts on this grab bag. I'll feed the leftovers to my sister and see what she thinks. I might buy another one with different candies since I only really liked three of the ones in this bag ~ Would you buy one of these just to try the candies?
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Ohh yeah nice I ordered from candysan many times and most of them appeared in the anime so it was fun xD i got the whistles up for my next review ;) tho i havent seen the items you got , so i Might order from AA if below 22,-
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It's fun to see that using real brands in manga works well maybe better than traditional ads.
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
I did buy a snack grab bag, a normal one. I'm kind of picky but I liked most of the AmiAmi selection (8 out of 12) and some were even at the level of pure joy. You might want to try a normal one next time, they do a good job picking the stuffs.
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This is such a cute blog entry. Love how nicely everything is laid out and photographed. Makes me crave!
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I saw those a while back and thought it was quite expensive and not worth it since I can't read japanese anyway...
Can get the candies much cheaper at other places so I wouldn't buy this >< I don't even risk merch grab bag much less this ^^"
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