Commenti Dagashi Kashi Snack Grab Bag #5

  • Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Ohh yeah nice I ordered from candysan many times and most of them appeared in the anime so it was fun xD i got the whistles up for my next review ;) tho i havent seen the items you got , so i Might order from AA if below 22,-
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    It's fun to see that using real brands in manga works well maybe better than traditional ads.
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    ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
    I did buy a snack grab bag, a normal one. I'm kind of picky but I liked most of the AmiAmi selection (8 out of 12) and some were even at the level of pure joy. You might want to try a normal one next time, they do a good job picking the stuffs.
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    This is such a cute blog entry. Love how nicely everything is laid out and photographed. Makes me crave!
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    I saw those a while back and thought it was quite expensive and not worth it since I can't read japanese anyway...
    Can get the candies much cheaper at other places so I wouldn't buy this >< I don't even risk merch grab bag much less this ^^"
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