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March-May have been full of gets and after combining every single order from Y!A and the ones from Suru, I thought I had enough stuff to make a loot post~!

Let’s start with the 1st package, containing all of my Y!A & Amazon orders!
Hello box!

I wonder what this big brown thing might be~~♪ (don't mind the dead scissors w)

First, Pokemon stuff hehe.

In March, Banpresto released some super cute TsumTsum like Eevees, and I couldn’t help getting the huge one! ITEM #359911

The seller used Pokétoru tape aww!



It’s SO BIG AND CUTE AAAAH!! Look at its tiny paw, so adorable♥

Then I got some sleeves (deck shield as Pokeco call them).

I had been wanting ITEM #388962 sooo bad for a while, but they would never appear on Y!A, when suddenly THEY DID! And with a buy it now option. Mine. Hahahaha. Also won some sleeve set (I collect sleeves, but one of each if enough for me, which is why I don’t mind those kind of sets at all! I buy packs for sleeves I really really want ovo). /photobomb of Eevees cards because Eevees are love♥

That’s it for Pokemon.

Now let’s fall into HQ! hell because PURINBUN dragged me there………….

Let’s start with Koedarize Suga ITEM #296617 !




I didn’t really know about those figures before, but Bunbun showed them to me and they’re so cute ; w ;;

He so tiny!! His "angry/pouting" face's eyes are a bit off? But oh well. (His smiling face is totally fine though? haha.)

And then, as if figures weren’t enough, they’re also making rubber straps.. Too. Bad.
Bunbun linked me to an auction for ITEM #247937 ITEM #247935 ITEM #247936 & ITEM #247938
It was pretty cheap, and I love 3rd years so much, and DaiSuga, so I couldn’t resist /sob



Hehehe so adorable♥

Last but not least, ITEM #217608 !




I honestly couldn't help thinking "WOW SO TANNED??!!!". His skin is way too orange in my opinion haha but still very nice~!
I’m not really into guy figures, but I don’t know, I just gave in. Now he is telling me to get Daichi.. Nooooo..

Also got some official Suga anthology off Amazon (my favourite artist is part of it so yay! :D) ITEM #414895


↑ The anthology contains different stories with various ships (all having uke!Suga) and the back cover shows you the different ships? I mean, if I knew about DaiSuga, KageSuga, and OiSuga; I sure wasn't expecting TsukkiSuga as well?? Hahaha. So many ships in the HQ!! fandom anyway haha.

That’s it for package #1!

And now —-

The 2 following pictures are pictures my friend sent me (since I get stuff sent to his address).
OH LOOK! A huge box! There must be plenty of stuff in there..!!!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://nsm08.casimages.com/img/2016/05/04//16050409201021568814200914.jpg
Lol nope. Look at how deep this box is!! And how the figures’ boxes look so tiny in there!

I was told Suru would send tiny stuff in huge boxes but I didn’t know it would be that big hahaha. It made both my friend and I laugh a lot though.

He had to repack it so it could be sent as small packet haha.
Now that's better!

So what do we have there?

First we have K-ON movie prize figures! ITEM #100813 & ITEM #100810



She is way too adorable! I had been wanting her for a little while and finally gave in.

Oh hi friend!

Since Yui alone was like only 50yen cheaper than Yui+Azusa set, I got the set instead, even though I was only interested in Yui /laughs/



To be honest I wasn't planning to keep her but... she is... so adorable.. orz"

Yui : I'd feel lonely if you sold her. See? "LON" of LONELY. /out

Then comes some Fujoshi stuff yay!

Let’s start with my favourite DaiSuga artist, Riu. ITEM #421158 ITEM #421155 ITEM #421156 ITEM #421153 & ITEM #421154

SO BIG *OOO* This is some anthology of Riu's works between 2012-2013. I LOVE IT.

I love Riu’s works so much. She draws fluffy and yet full of feels DaiSuga, which is exactly what I want (and her artstyle is so nice ; w ; ).

View spoilerHide spoilerHNNNG The way she draws them♥


Also -- mosaic effect cover ahhh

Then we have Rica! ITEM #421160 & ITEM #421600

I love love love her artstyle, so girly and shôjo like haha. The OiSuga (or SugOi as someone would say :P) is just an extra because it was cheap, and since the art is pretty and it’s not R18, I don’t really mind if it’s not my OTP.

Can't really see on the pict but the cover is all KIRAKIRA★

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://nsm08.casimages.com/img/2016/05/05//16050508565421568814203520.jpg
Hnnng so cute ; w ;; "Next time will be Milk pan flavor?" ww poor Oikawa can't handle the cuteness haha

Aaaand that’s it for this package!

WAIT! There is another one!


I was not supposed to buy anything else but then Suru decided to get me with some nice « all for 100yen!!! » special prices on Pokemon Mate items (and I was having a very very bad day so you know, you want to spend money when you’re really down HAHA). I love Pokemon Mate because TOUKO & TOUYA aaaahh!!! They deserve more merch /cries


So let’s start with notebooks! ITEM #426545 ITEM #426546 ITEM #426542 & ITEM #426541





As I said, those set of 2 were down to 100yen. No need to tell me twice, I took 2 of each sets! (Touko/Touya/N/Cheren extra ones being for my sweet PURINBUN hehe♥)

Aren’t they super cute? Even the pages inside are full of adorbs trainers aww!

Still going with Pokemon Mate, ITEM #113585 was also having the « down to 100yen!! » price. And since I love those 2….. well I took them as well ha ha.


I had never realised they romanized Skyla's name as "Huuro" and not "Fuuro" /shock

And since I never have enough doujinshi, I got some, again.


Still from Karanoe of course (I want to believe I’ll have all her DaiSuga doujinshi one day woops) hahaha! ITEM #426660 ITEM #426675 ITEM #426668 & ITEM #424690

The A5 one is an anthology that includes several artists (even Rica!), and is of course DaiSuga only huehehe.

Also got some DaiSuga from Minowa Eriko. I already had a doujinshi half manga half fanfic from her and Satomi Shino and the artsyle/stories were nice so yay! But then when I opened it I saw crossdressed Suga. Ah. Nope. Guys in girl's uniform is not my thing haha. Well I'll deal with it since the art is pretty w.

Then, for some random reason, I got myself two Pokemon artbooks ITEM #287392 & ITEM #426643 because I’m a Pokemon fan before anything and I love lovely art haha.


So cute I can't ♥

Last but not least, some Sonico! ITEM #303153 & ITEM #314688


I'm not a huge Sonico fan but she is super cute. I randomly found out about those figures on MFC (......) and kind of fell in love with their pose and sculpting♥
Decided to get the set of 2 hehe. I will keep the Gold one in box until I know where to put her.


Guess this can be considered NSFW so yay for Spoiler!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://nsm08.casimages.com/img/2016/05/17//16051708422921568814235242.jpg
Ooooh King N~~

Anecdote : Japan never ceases to suprise me. I ordered those on Amazon JP on May 3rd, at 11pm French time, which would be May 4th, 6am in Japan right? WELL my friend received them ON THE SAME DAY, at 5pm or something. Just wow.

I also got a surprise package from my friend TDD on the same day ; w ;

Sleeves, cards, an adorable Pokemon Time Jolteon strap (HAHA If you read that Yohan pls don't feel bad about it XD), and some pen topper(?) Flareon! He had no nose so I drew him one after hahaha.

But also -- ITEM #358299


AAAAHHHHH!!! Undine Asuna mascot♥ She is so adorable ; w ;

She looks great with Kororin Friends Eevee and TsumTsum haha.

But we're not done yet!

Some side orders from Ami!

First ITEM #300235

Since unregistered SAL had been pretty slow, I wasn't expecting this package before mid-May (i.e. after at least 3 weeks), so I was pretty surprised when it arrived after only 10 days ovo


Such a "big" box for such a tiny thing haha. (guess it was for the big print to fit?)



Everything is so cute, and great quality!! (the lotion bottles are so tiny though, and I shake so much I had to use tweezers to put them where they should be w)

Another random purchase, ITEM #287774 , for the sole reason that she has lots of cute faceplates. (and that if they ever make a Suga nendo /I WANT TO BELIEVE/ I will have the perfect (`‿´) face!!)



Boy team haha.

Also waiting for ITEM #287709 from Ami but she won't be here before at least 6 more days haha.

Lastly, some sleeves again from a trade I received in between package 2 and 3 haha. Those are all so gorgeous! (The Ho-Oh one aaah♥) ITEM #428427 ITEM #399639 ITEM #399644 ITEM #399642 ITEM #399640 ITEM #399647 ITEM #376322 ITEM #350677


I like to put my sleeves in Character Sleeves because they are proctected AND looks so nice with those silver lines♥

AAAAANNNNDDD that's it! I'm sorry for the long photo heavy post.
Thank you for reading (◡‿◡✿)
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Nice loot
4 anno/i fa
applepi5 @yorozuyawinchan
yay for those suga loots!!!!!!!!!!! :D

*sorry i get excited over suga also oisuga is my ultimate ship :p*
4 anno/i fa
Looks like buying Umaru nendoroid paid off now that Suga nendo is announced. Great loot post by the way, that's a lot of books.
4 anno/i fa
kusurio4 anno/i fa#10310794I got a feeling you like daisuga... just a gut tho

Only a liiiiiitle bit haha :P
4 anno/i fa
I got a feeling you like daisuga... just a gut tho
4 anno/i fa
solluxcaptor4 anno/i fa#10276003Such lovely loot and your writing style is really pleasant to read! The photos are so nice too :D

fuwacchi4 anno/i fa#10277518waaa they are so cute!!!!!

MugenTenshinFRD4 anno/i fa#10277647Cute loot!

NerdyBirdyx4 anno/i fa#10281966You got a lot of nice loot! :D The mini Suga figure is soooo cute >_<

SeshiriaOtaku94 anno/i fa#10290728So cuteeee loot *^* even the pictures are so adorable ´3`

Thank you all so much! ; w ;

Roboko4 anno/i fa#10276994you got some lovely things! i also love your strawberry bedding (.. is it bedding?) haha ^^

It is! When I saw it I couldn't help getting it because of how cute it was! (it also smells like strawberries ovo)

Titan_Scientist4 anno/i fa#10277792Nice loot and, yes, join Haikyuu Hell. :D The Suga DXF is so cute, and he looks great beside Daichi.

Hahaha once you get into HQ!! hell you can't get out nooo!
I know!! Someone here posted pictures of the two of them next to each other and they look so good hnng♥

lightningmaid4 anno/i fa#10278831Nice variation of items you got there! I was looking for sleeves for my Pokémon cards, you've purchased a lot of awesome ones. ^^

There are so many different Pokémon sleeves, and most of them are truly beautiful. I hope you manage to find some nice sleeves for your cards too! :3

purinbun4 anno/i fa#10291092http://i.imgur.com/arw5GMX.gif
just add hq!! between Hotel and Hell
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/dea8f69fa61be462dc867bdddc646859/tumblr_mx92rpJyog1qdajm7o9_r1_250.gif

Hnnngnn the loot post is HERE
I already commented a lot on it but the colours, the fluffyness, the strawberries, the big amount of Daisuga and Pokemate ... just SUGOI /out
my tablet first deleted the text after gifs and then it died while I was retyping, I think the Oblivious-of-hq!! Heaven is trying to get me

View spoilerHide spoilerFunny thing, You got me into HQ!! nearly at the same time we got Sata-- I mean Lilou. THAT'S WHY. SHE DEFINITELY IS SATAN BECAUSE I FELL INTO HELL AHHH.
I'm glad you liked it dear♥ HAHAHA FOREVER SUGOI, WATER AND PLANTS. YUS. /out
Bad tablet how could you ashdfoljed
4 anno/i fa
just add hq!! between Hotel and Hell
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/dea8f69fa61be462dc867bdddc646859/tumblr_mx92rpJyog1qdajm7o9_r1_250.gif

Hnnngnn the loot post is HERE
I already commented a lot on it but the colours, the fluffyness, the strawberries, the big amount of Daisuga and Pokemate ... just SUGOI /out
my tablet first deleted the text after gifs and then it died while I was retyping, I think the Oblivious-of-hq!! Heaven is trying to get me
4 anno/i fa
So cuteeee loot *^* even the pictures are so adorable ´3`
4 anno/i fa
You got a lot of nice loot! :D The mini Suga figure is soooo cute >_<
4 anno/i fa
lightningmaid 不思議な
Nice variation of items you got there! I was looking for sleeves for my Pokémon cards, you've purchased a lot of awesome ones. ^^
4 anno/i fa
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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