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Disclaimer: If you're not interested
* in Dakimakura covers
* in Loli related stuff
* NSFW content
then close the tab or window because to annoy you even further I have not activated the "uninteresting button". HA! Gotcha! \(¯¬¯)/

This post contains a certain amount of NSFW content which is almost 100% loli.

Actually, you should already know that since I wrote it in the title. So, your fault ending up here :P .

Due to the fact that I reorganized my rooms, lots of my figures are buried deep into cardboxes... That is why, you won't see any of my figure loot here. However, I do have my tapestries, dakimakura covers and posters easily accessible on top of the huge stacks... Thence, enjoy some nice room decorations. \(^o^)/

********************* Section 0 - Dakimakura covers *********************

Since August I received quite many dakimakura covers. Let us start with a little cutie...

Mushanokouji Iwai from Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge (ITEM #205477). Actually, I've never heard or seen anything about this anime, but the synopsis reads like worth a try. Anyhow, I found that pillow cover quite nice and I was lucky to find an original for a low price! Ha!

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Next comes an original doujin cover from Illiya and Kuro (no entry). It's a cover featuring both of them in a nice alluring position :)

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Following up comes a nice cover from one of my favorite artists: Bosshi (aka AskRay). It was a definitive must have and the motive looks pretty cute actually.

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Then I found a nice original Ram & Rem doujin cover which I couldn't resist to buy. I just found it one day before ordering deadline. I consider myself lucky...

Aren't they cute? Btw. notice their pillows ... Haha

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Oh and here comes another original Ram & Rem doujin cover. This one however trolled me hard. I totally didn't except to receive something like that.

Here, have a look at the product site first: www.toranoana.j... (NSFW)

Quite obivious what you see here. Typical marketing presentation.

So, what I received was...

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Their face tell you: "TROLLED! *bleh*"

Uh, right?! In the first moment I was kind of speechless. In the second instance I couldn't stop laughing about it... Kind of good, I thought, that I restrained myself from getting their Betty cover... (www.toranoana.j...) (NSFW) as well...

********************* Section 1 - Tapestries *********************

So, we continue with tapestries.

First off, another string loli for completing the string theory!
Sumi's two way tapestry (ITEM #284104). Shot it for a low price. Sometimes I love YAJ! \(^o^)b

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Another lucky shot (Y750) was this one. I just happened to have this as "recommendation" displayed. And I thought: Hey, why not! It's looking very pretty as well, no?

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Next is the one which brought me this one fun moment I've made a blog about (blog/30294&...) . I am talking about the one large Mochi tapestry which was released recently (ITEM #454651) . Mochi is another one of my favorite artists. So, naturally I bought it. It hangs proudly on the wall next to my desktop.

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********************* Section 2 - Posters *********************

Since we were talking about Mochi, continue with him. After a long time search I finally found an auction featuring the infamous Mari bath poster including the clear file which was a Toranoana exclusive for the manga (ITEM #156692). Though it was a cheapo since it has some dents. I didn't care, better than nothing is my motto!

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Also, as you can see, it's uncensored as the postcard of her recent figure is. Jackpot!

Now, head forward to some Cura bath posters. Those infamous ones you only should get via lottery. However, on YAJ are quite some auctions, cheap or expensive, depends on the seller. A full set with all posters in brand now condition comes at Y60000,- buy out price. Single posters vary from Y6000-Y12000. I shot mine for Y7000 & Y7500. Of course, I took the anal edition. If I buy perversion then I want the full flavor... (no pun intended).

First is Hachiroku (ITEM #411537) (I wonder she is named "86"?!)...

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Next is Hibiki Migita (ITEM #411540). I just love red heads. Loli-redheads are even better!

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Since we are at it, we need our master loli, Natsuha. It was summer and I found a triple set. "Three shades of Natsuha" (no entry). Ok, I admit! That title was my idea. :p

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Finally, a nice huge original doujin bath poster of Kuro and Illiya (no entry). Yes, it's summer themed and displaying two lolis enjoying their ice cream. You know, soft serve and water ice.

http://images.dark-matrix.net/asdfa33/softserve.jpg & http://images.dark-matrix.net/asdfa33/wassereis.jpg

However, clumsy as they are, the delicous ice drips a lot and lands on their (even more) delicious bodies... Who want to clean up this mess?

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This isn't availabl for purchase anymore, the store closed its door forever!

Do you want to play with lolis in the water? Here is one willing to do so!

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To end this section some nice posters I got from my Y1,- doujin surprise auction. I didn't know what I bid on, but for 1 Yen, there was no risk. (OK, the local shipping did cost a bid more, haha).

Pretty harmless, though.

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********************* Section 3 - Doujins and Mangas *********************

Continuing with the Y1 auction....

I've got two issues of a loli magazin

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A Mayoi doujin

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For some samples of their contents refer to this link. I don't want to deal with alerts just because some prude people feel the need to send in alerts. ( www.dropbox.com... )

And a girls (with boobs) dress up visual book. Samples are included directly. It's pretty harmless.

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So, since I was on a Mochi trip, I got from his Circle (Circle RIN) a Xenogears set. Still, the first volumes are missing and I might need a trip to Japan to get them. Can't find them online anywhere -.-
But, better having these than nothing. And yes, I know volume 8 is out, but I plan to get this to a later date.

The ones with entries are ITEM #453038 , ITEM #453037 , ITEM #404275

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And I got another one of his mangas, Onibana Muzan (ITEM #441039).

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********************* Section 4 - Misc items *********************

We're approaching the end of the blog.

One nice item was the scarf towel featuring Kirin (ITEM #481556). I thought the motive was nice and also I was curious what a "scarf towel" is.. Now my curiosity is satisfied.

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Also, I did receive the limited edition of Yomawari - Night alone (including htoL (which I already had)). That game is pretty neat and it was actually the first one ever which made me really jump... Not even Doom3 surprised me that much! Damn it, that one moment was so extreme surprising. Good job, man! Of course, I preordered a rose in the twilight already. If you're fan of this studio, get their stuff!

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********************* Section 5 - Figures *********************
As stated in the beginning, they are buried and since it's a long time that they arrived, you've seen them all already. Thus, here's list of links to them.

Edward Scissorhands (ITEM #381685)
Imako (ITEM #198895)
Zelda Nendo (ITEM #396903)
Beelzebub (ITEM #349076)
Venera (ITEM #287973)

********************* Closing words *********************

Well, that's it. I think I raised the loli quota on MFC by quite a lot, no? You can stop now, or continue reading my private life rant.

My personal financial binds might hopefully resolve a little this month. That is, if I still receive my vacation money despite having quit my company. They told me they'd pay out, however, in previous companies that was never the case. So, I don't have high hopes here. Currently, I am deep red in the minus due to the fraud (which is still at the lawyer).. And due to that I needed to get another car with no money in my pockets.. Though, I have one and I am happily driving around with it. It's no more of a danger to be on the street.
The bank raised their interests as well... It's so "great" being deep down in the reds. In a way I was lucky that my bank raised my negative amount on their own for "having a good balance over the past years". Gosh, what a coincidence!! At least, if I receive my last salary including the vacation money, I am black again. (IF.... <- that word we all hate the most.)
Though, I was planning to suspend my hobby compeletly, but now 2017 a lot of figures I have sets of are coming out. Thus, I just pulled my choker and went for one figure each month. (I know, if you look at my preorder page, I made a couple of exceptions here and there).
In the meantime I also received my building permission for my house - took almost a year and a lot of nerves and money! I lost like €8500,- just for interests so far and I will lose like the same amount until the house is erected (which is hopefully end of summer). I am just paying interests for having the loan and not using it. Therefore, I am not even paying back anything at all! Anyhow, I hope to be able to move in late autumn, and stop paying for my flat.
Good thing is my new employee. I am getting more money per month and I am only at home during the weekends between Jan and Mar and all days in-between are handled as business travel. Some nice extra money incoming. Good to pay for additional costs and the already made pre-orders. I hope to quote Hannibal (A-Team) at the end of summer ("I love it when a plan comes together")... A long way ahead, but I've come so far... I will reach my goals for sure - I couldn't care less about sacrifices.

Nevertheless, this is really the end now. If you've read my "venting out", thank you.

Don't know when the next post is incoming - my time will be limited starting next month, but I'll see what comes up.

See ya and thanks for reading!
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Prettybarf3 anno/i fa#17061642Really nice haul reminds me of my desire to starting hording lewd things for the hell of it
Thanks! You can never be wrong with that intention! Go for it! \(°o°)b
3 anno/i fa
Really nice haul reminds me of my desire to starting hording lewd things for the hell of it
3 anno/i fa
darkfader3 anno/i fa#16977835I ordered Marie dakimakura yesterday from Surugaya.
Ah, one thing less I need to save money for XD... At least a fellow comrade has it. I do just own a very very poor quality bootleg. (Was thought to be temporary, but still - I have it since a couple of years already.. (couldn't find the original anywhere - and now it's gone again XD))

darkfader3 anno/i fa#16977835And some 50 loli doujinshi with it (for discount , hehe). (and no, not the 1st order there of this month xD)
They also had the H-Collection book but more expensive than directly from wani-shop (but there it'd be shipping of 800 if total is below 3000).
I wish I knew about wani-shop before... missed a lot of nice daki's :/

I knew about that shop, but I missed it nevertheless O: ... Those Chie Dakis/Sets... I can't believe I missed it twice. Once the regular edition, then the limited sale with extras... Sometimes, I am so stupid ;-;

darkfader3 anno/i fa#16977835How do you pay Yahoo auction? Don't you need a Japanese creditcard? (mine isn't accepted and I can't apply for a V-preca I think)
Well, write me a PM and I'll give you some insights ;)
3 anno/i fa
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
I ordered Marie dakimakura yesterday from Surugaya. And some 50 loli doujinshi with it (for discount , hehe). (and no, not the 1st order there of this month xD)
They also had the H-Collection book but more expensive than directly from wani-shop (but there it'd be shipping of 800 if total is below 3000).
I wish I knew about wani-shop before... missed a lot of nice daki's :/

How do you pay Yahoo auction? Don't you need a Japanese creditcard? (mine isn't accepted and I can't apply for a V-preca I think)
3 anno/i fa
dymitr3 anno/i fa#16887131Glorious Loot. GJ ;3!
MySmile3 anno/i fa#16891714Nice haul. You have good taste. :)
Thanks you two :)

Terrence3 anno/i fa#16887705Wonderful loot, thanks for the super loli post :P Circle RIN and Mochi has amazing loli artwork, some of the best I've seen. I would never have the courage to collect any of this loot, aha, so you're like a messiah. How much did this all cost? o.o
Just stand your man and dig in XD
Costs, hmmm.. spread across for months... Yahoo auction stuff was around €260,- , the pillow covers between ¥10k and ¥15k each (incl. shipping and fees).. Plus custom fees and the figures. I better not think about it XD.
3 anno/i fa
Nice haul. You have good taste. :)
3 anno/i fa
Terrence Collects scales exclusively
Wonderful loot, thanks for the super loli post :P Circle RIN and Mochi has amazing loli artwork, some of the best I've seen. I would never have the courage to collect any of this loot, aha, so you're like a messiah. How much did this all cost? o.o
3 anno/i fa
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
To reply to your question:

Too much for me (personally) tho my boundary is a bit of a thin line and hard to explain... But basically i dont like cum or sextoys and like super lewd implies, suggestiveness and nudity overall is fine :)

So i dont like owning pic 3 the bosshi cover eventho i like its art , uncensored rem ram (tho i dont like them anyways xD i prefer beatrix and the mc girl :) , ITEM #284104 too young plus cum is just uncomfy for me to openly show at least.. Im ok with loli H tbh but yeah im not too keen on openly saying or showing it and im not a guy so never really like the cum thing (and rape is a no no), tho some may think it cause i own tae but shes displayed in a non lewd way

Same for ITEM #411537


This is not my cup of tea either. The doujins to me somehow are more ok to have, i dunno why xD so i guess i wont eleborate on that cause it makes no sense lol

And i definitly agree, thats also why i love lolis so much, theyre often so cutesy and nicely drawn.. <3 (and not like rl children lol) i just love looking at that and perhaps the innocence they got over them? But the same applies for those with big boobs

I really want that dark elf tapestry badly tho :/ maybe it is there when we go to japan again :)
3 anno/i fa
Glorious Loot. GJ ;3!
3 anno/i fa
ney3 anno/i fa#16884898I've checked a second time and i was wrong. So here the full story : The Anthology is the only to contain the part8 of the story, the last part wasn't released alone… So it explains the recent price drop of other part (around ¥100 actually).
Ah ok, so we were both correct in one way or another ;)
3 anno/i fa