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Back again for some loot from the holiday season! The only unfortunate thing about the holidays is the fact that it holds my orders hostage in customs. My November order was stuck in limbo for about a month with no updates to the tracking. I totally deserve it for sticking with SAL during the holiday season. My big December order ended up being too heavy to SAL so I had to go with EMS, but Golden Week and New Years delayed it's arrival too.

No out of box photos this time around. I'm planing on doing a 2 year collection update/ room pictures so I'm saving my display for that when I get around to it.

But enough of that, let's move to the loot!

First things first...

November Orders
~ Birthday Gifts ~

ITEM #236110 and ITEM #287773 were gifts from my sister that I definitely wasn't expecting! Mario goes great with his brother ITEM #166948 (who my sister gave me in 2015 for my birthday) and all of their accessories combine to make a cute display! Kirby is a lot of fun to play with. His magnetic pieces give him so much pose-ability and, this might be weird to say, I love the smooth rubber-ish texture that's used on his body. He looks perfect displayed with my other Nintendoroids.

~ Monthly AmiAmi Order ~

Konosuba was one of my favorite anime of 2016 so ITEM #415013 was a welcome addition to my collection. I love her included party trick spell and the variety of faceplates are very true to her character. ITEM #396883 was added to the growing sword boy collection. I wish he had a bit more of a pink tone to his hair like in the promo pictures, but that doesn't stop his cuteness! The metallic gold and white of his outfit really make him stand out. Finally, ITEM #331724 is here! I'm a huge Pokemon fan, so I couldn't pass this guy up. Kotobukiya did a fantastic job recreating the art in 3D. Aside from a black dot on his elbow, everything is well painted (especially Pikachu). Both Red and the base ended up being a lot bigger than I was expecting! Guess I have to put in an order for ITEM #415011 now.

So that's it for November. Moving on...

December Orders
~ GoodSmile Online Shop ~

ITEM #396857 was probably my most anticipated figure for December. Her colors and faces work really well with the Nendoroid size. I already did a more in-depth look at her when she first arrived so if you're interested in that, you can find that here: imgur.com/a/Jva.... And because I ordered her directly from the online shop I also received the bonus poster of her with Sora. (I do have a shot of the poster in the link as well.)


ITEM #455180 arrived a bit later from GSC. I would have ordered from AmiAmi like I usually do, but I wasn't sure what I would do with the included light novel. His box is a bit smaller (my own peeve) to fit the amount of accessories he includes. I would have liked at least one more face to match Shiro's accessory amount, but we're probably lucky that we even got a release of him.

~ Mandarake ~

Another Mikazuki package! This was actually two separate orders, but I didn't see the point in separating this since one of the orders only had the mini shikishi. I don't believe any of these are in the database, but this order basically consists of a few cute doujin, the mini shikishi, a smaller prize figure, and a towel. I was expecting the towel to be about the size of the box...


...but I was wrong. It's actually pretty large (about 27 inches tall or so). It's made of a microfiber sort of material, but it doesn't feel quite soft enough to clean electronics. Its feel pretty cheap, but the printing on it is really well done! I'll probably try to get the center wrinkle out and continue using it as more of a wall scroll.

~ Christmas ~


A small mish-mosh of gifts from Christmas! On the left is an unofficial, but extremely well-made crest set from Digimon that my sister got me. It's really gorgeous and once I have enough space I'd love to have it on display on some kind of Digimon shelf. Next is ITEM #287755 who I actually ended up selling earlier this year, but my sister's boyfriend was nice enough to gift me with! I haven't played Majora's Mask, but this Nendoroid comes with a lot of great Zelda themed accessories. The bunny hood is my favorite, and will probably made its way onto one of my sword boys...

Finally we have ITEM #293639 and ITEM #293638 who also came from my sister. These were in blind boxes and I was pretty excited to get some of my favorite mons from the original season of Digimon! Right now they're both hanging out with my other Digimon figures, although they're poorly attached to their bases, so it makes me a bit nervous. And not pictured, my sister also bot me a Build-a-Bear Charmander with a Great Ball hoodie. He's really cute and soft, I just have to make it out to the store to get him filled. He also came with a coupon and gift card, so I'll have to pick up another outfit as well.

~ Monthly AmiAmi Order ~

This order ended up being way larger than I was expecting, which made it pretty fun to open! Starting on the far left and far right are two clear files of Jiji from the Hanamaru anime. I don't think these are in the database, but the cover is a flap that pulls up to reveal the original lineart of the scene (which I think looks better than the animated version). Moving on from the left is ITEM #143956 and ITEM #148500. I mostly wanted the cat accessory parts, but I couldn't pass up having some of the extra long nendo bases. If I end up with an army of Jiji nendos, then all of the accessory parts will probably be used there.

Right next to that is the rerelease of the Touken Ranbu Mochi Mochi Mascots. I really only plan on keeping ITEM #328101 because he's my favorite, so I'll most likely be selling the others. (The rest of the set is linked in my loot picture.) They're all super cute and soft! I'll probably display them all together for a bit, and then make my decision to sell the ones I don't want. Next is ITEM #507340 since I loved Yuri on Ice and I want to start wearing my hair up a bit more. After that is ITEM #463554 for the Touken Ranbu nendo collection. I don't know if it's just me, but I found this case to be a lot more difficult to open than ITEM #416901. Although it could have just been from sitting in the cold for a bit.

Finally, is ITEM #331503. I totally impulsed this to go with ITEM #287698, but since then I've made the decision to really only collect the scales of my favorite sword boys, so I'm going to go ahead and sell him. His quality looks absolutely fantastic, and I know if I open him up I'll want to keep him. He definitely deserves a great home, so hopefully I can find one for him.

All right, that's about it for November and December. I don't plan on having too much for January or February, which is a nice break. Until my next blog, have a great rest of your week!
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FakePsychotropic3 anno/i fa#17329591Have you posted a pick of your display shelf before? You've gotten a lot of neat stuff and I'd be really interested in seeing it, since I need some inspiration for my own. I haven't really posted any full collection pictures just yet. But parts of my display are in PICTURE #1609342 and PICTURE #1623994. I don't have an detolfs or anything since I'm still living with my parents, so I try to work with what I've got. I'm planning to get my room cleaned up in the next week and do a blog post on my whole collection/ displays or the end of my 2nd year of collecting.
3 anno/i fa
Have you posted a pick of your display shelf before? You've gotten a lot of neat stuff and I'd be really interested in seeing it, since I need some inspiration for my own.
3 anno/i fa
snufkin3 anno/i fa#17313604Interesting post! But for the future, maybe you could cut the text into parts instead of huge blocks? Those are a bit difficult to read. Thank you!Thanks! Just made a few more breaks in the paragraphs. Hopefully that's better. :)
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Interesting post! But for the future, maybe you could cut the text into parts instead of huge blocks? Those are a bit difficult to read. Thank you!
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