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First of all I'll introduce her: She is Ryofuko-chan from the anime called Ryofuko chan, Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!!!

She was born from GSC to steal wallets and hopes of the international nendo collectors and for being the non-honoured rank of one of the most expensive nendos on the history.
For getting her in her release time (she is the nendo #38...and the newest nendo nowadays is the #103 so its a time between both) you should get the 4 dvds of the Ryofuko anime. Find the coupons inside each of them. Send them to GSC. But not only that. Pay 3000yens more.
This is quite a lot of money...isnt it? then NO. Because the few Ryofukos on the world made them cost a lot more of their original price. Well...I got mine from Saul, a very good friend. The sacrifice was worth it.

Now onto the figure...Ryofuko nendoroid is unbelievably cute. You cant quit the sight on these lovely eyes...which look at you with that face of "I won your heart mhuahuahuaa".

Also, the best of all are her 2 extra faces. Very expressive. The most genuine happy face and the horrorful-hateful face.
(dont you love me?? then dieeeeeee!!!)

The outfit is very detailed. She holds true to how she looks in the anime. The top of her head is adorned with her crown and that red and white cloth which makes the trademark of Ryofuko's warrior outfit. She comes with a spear and her mascot, the crazy bear (dont know its real name because I've never seen the anime).

She is very well done with both sculpting and painting. I love the hair and the outfit. Specially these two twintails of hers. They're some old-style comparing the nowadays nendo-twintails, which have joints for great movements. But they come with a red ribbon each.

Special point: They're very fragile. Like a delicate ahoge.
My favourite part of Ryofuko is her expressions ^^

Score: 7/10

*-~_POSING and BASE_~-*
She is posed very dinamicly. She is determined and detailed. The accesories make her grow, like the hair crown. The base is similar to other nendo-bases, nothing special like Melissa's WF09 base. With the difference of upping so much the small Ryofuko.
(look at the height difference and not brand new Ryofuko's breast xD)

Score: 7/10

She's packed in a nendo's typical box.
It has promo photos of her and her different expressions.
(this isn't the default face...it's the face of "I knew you were to cut the photo O^O")

Score: 8/10

Enjoyment with Ryofuko is great due to her lovely expresions (check the photos above).
I know Im a little crazy unboxing her so often...but she is not made for being as a eternal box which costed $$$$$$. She is done for showing cute photos of her. If you search Ryofuko's nendo photos in the internet...there are few. But fewer with good quality. Like she has never breath the outdoors air.
(I will eat the grass and I won't get any paint chips!!)
But I also bought for her a Di:stage clear case for protecting her of the dust more than the rest. (Di:stage = PICTURE #41575 )

Score: 10/10

Overall, she has got a 8.5. She is my 3rd favourite nendoroid but the big BUT was the GSC politics about expensive nendos.
(if you want to see Ryofuko's photoshoot...click here)
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Dowant cutie Ryofuko ;o;
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Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
agcpicturesBut if it were me and I paid that much for one, I would make sure she was my favorite Nendo and my favorite figure of all time! ;)She isnt my fav figure of all time, she is nice, original and kawaii...but she is very fragile and the way of getting her with the DVDs is the worst of the history.

I don't feel I paid much, Im feeling like I arrived just in time 1) because Saul's Ryofuko needed me...if there were another seller it will be tons different 2) now she is going for 60000 yen and increasing...so just in time before the hyper-jump of her price.
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Very nice review of a very cute Nendo!

But if it were me and I paid that much for one, I would make sure she was my favorite Nendo and my favorite figure of all time! ;)
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mememo Sale Hunter
Oh you got Ryofuko i know how long you have being looking for this nendo so congrats Singer-yuna ^_^
10 anno/i fa
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Funny I don't know word one about Nendo's but for some reason I have at least heard of the infamy of this one...Grats Yuna on acquiring her. ~_^
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Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Waii I love the angry face! :D
Great review, Yuna-chan. :3
10 anno/i fa
Shiddo 一匹狼
Very cute nendo and great outfit ^^ But her price always kept me away from her ^^

God for you, that you managed to get one ^^ (even thru some budget sacrifices xD)
10 anno/i fa
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