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AmiAmi Pre-Owned Grab Box for Girls (M)AmiAmi Pre-Owned Grab Box for Girls (M)

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I bought another grab box from AmiAmi and this time it was the M size.

The first item in my box besides the AmiAmi postcard is this ITEM #485568 from Idolish7. I don't know anything about Idolish7 but I'm keeping this since I love bags and it would be useful.

Next in my box are ITEM #133646 a Naruto ichiban kuji shitajiki & notebook, ITEM #375158 Osomatsu-san Ichimatsu parka pouch and ITEM #467285 Hatsukoi Monster drawstring bag.

I also got this shikishi from Code Geass. I couldn't find this item in the database.

The second layer has ITEM #453041 D.Gray-Man Hallow Allen Walker notepad, ITEM #460792 coin purse from B-Project, ITEM #403971 Osomatsu-san Choromatsu magnet and ITEM #381739 Osomatsu-san Matsuno acrylic keychain.

The next layer has ITEM #427701 King of Prism sticker, ITEM #416560 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Sukari plate badge, ITEM #293444 Touken Ranbu Online Doudanuki keychain, ITEM #426709 Gintama Kamui cord holder and ITEM #441591 Osomatsu-san Todomatsu keychain.

I also got ITEM #452047 Osomatsu-san Jyushimatsu strap, ITEM #289493 Levi Tamashii Buddies and ITEM #264317 Eren figure.

Also in my box are a Nyanko-sensei sketchbook, ITEM #219323 Yowamushi Pedal Naruko strap, ITEM #365188 Chibi Moon Compact, ITEM #470398 Idolish7 strap, ITEM #488294 Undertaker strap, ITEM #446088 Ensemble Stars plush and ITEM #399585 Haikyuu!! Ushijima color colle.

The items that I like in my box are the tote bag, plush, Undertaker strap, Ushijima color colle and the Chibi Moon Compact. Thanks for reading.
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Not too bad of a box.
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