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hi!! this is my first blog, and i figured id start with a more interesting criteria- loot! feel free to give some constructive criticism on how to make these more interesting.

proxies & shops: treasurejapan (proxy, recommended) fromjapan (proxy, shipping is generally more expensive imo)

jpn shops: suruga-ya, otamart, and i used goodsrepublic for the smaller mochi mochi mascot of ene.

a notice: this will mainly contain pictures, and using my abysmal phone's flash to get a decent quality photo.


overall photo of the loot :>


to start off, this came with the large kuroha (kuro konoha) mochi mochi mascot, a really bright towel of the mekakushi boys!


some really cute prize pins of mainly konoha/kuroha which also came in the package of the plush. smaller pin kuroha is from a friend, so im unsure if its official. regardless, it is one of my favorites!


two expressions of konoha keychains, with my gross hand to show the size of them. uvu

konoha/ene (konoene) is definitely one of my favorite pairings in this series!
honestly, despite these being trading figures (and one of the only figurine set in the mekakucity actors/kagerou project merch) i quite like the unique style of chibi and how detailed the eyes are! i dont have a decent photo of the rest of the group, but i got them all from a kind seller on here for a good price compared to actual shops.

this ene trading figure is so adorable and nicely painted! no flaws i can clearly see. its also nice that the box came with a case to keep her in, even though whenever i look over at ene the first thought that comes to my mind is "free her" lmao.

another hand picture to demonstrate how actually big the last prize is! it cost me a pretty penny, but i love him so much and he's soft, so i consider it a good thing, haha.


well, that's all folks! have a lovely day/night, depending on your timezone. hope you enjoyed! ♥

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flashdancerene3 anno/i fa#21602083oh gosh, im so sorry;; i got the ene plush from goodsrepublic, though? if you're talking about the figure, yeah,,
i hope you find her soon! good luck.

I found another one, thanks for wishing me luck ;-;!
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oh gosh, im so sorry;; i got the ene plush from goodsrepublic, though? if you're talking about the figure, yeah,,

i hope you find her soon! good luck.
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S-so you're the one who grabbed away the Ene Plush from Suruga-Ya ;w;
Well... nice loot!
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definitely gonna hang it up, id hate for it to lose its color by washing / using it;; im glad you like it as much as i do!
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thank you so much for the comment! id sell my soul to get something other than small figurines of the characters;; im sure mekakucity reload will give us some more recognition and hopefully give us some sort of bigger figures,,

the konoha keychains are absolutely adorable - i rly hope i can get a headphone actor or ene keychain of her soon.

have a great day - it always makes me elated to see a kagepro fan<33
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I was so surprised to see Kag on the front page!! Yay for all the Kono/Kuro stuff (I've been wondering just how big that Kuroha plush is)
If only we could get some prepainted figures of this series... even if they aren't scale, I'd take what I could get that wasn't trading figs or GKs haha. Maybe when Mekakucity Reload comes out?? (If they ever decide to tell us when it's being released ahh)
Anyways, nice post! It's nice to see a fellow KagePro fan here. Those Konoha keychains <3
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Asagoe Mad Magician ✨
Whoah, super big plush thing. I really like that towel, are you gonna hang it up? I dunno if I could bring myself to use something that pretty.
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flashdancerene3 anno/i fa#21083242is it working now? i used the image hosting site on the edit tab! pls tell me it is ;;

Everything looks good to me
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is it working now? i used the image hosting site on the edit tab! pls tell me it is ;;
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frick ;; it worked for me,,
ill fix that! my apologies.
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