LOOT: Animate and Kinokuniya Bangkok PLUS latest collection!LOOT: Animate and Kinokuniya Bangkok PLUS latest collection!Loot

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I just came back from Bangkok and went on an anime shopping spree with my friend! We were just in time for right before the end of the Yuri on Ice Animate cafe event, so we were able to get drinks and the keychains/coasters; plus, we happened to come across by chance a mini con we did not know about. :D if any of you guys need a guide on where to shop for anime items (all authentic btw) in Bangkok, I'll be happy to make one!

For now, here is the loot~


First off, the manga I bought to add to my collection. They were out of Love Stage vol. 2 though, so I had to order that online. XP There were others I wanted, but merch was much more important. I'm in Bangkok about 2-3 times per year anyway, so there's no regret leaving them there. >u<

As for the merch, here is the overview~



Gachapons! I drew in the SnK and CCS Lot. I am the goddess of gachapons, as my friend refers to me, because I got 3 Mikasas (my most fave chara aside from Levi; I gave the other one to my mom already), 2 Jeans (another fave), and one Krista. I did not get Eren, who I don't like. Plus, for the CCS Gachapon, the token man ACTUALLY OPENED THE CONTAINER FOR US TO CHOOSE INSTEAD OF WASTING OUR TOKENS AND MONEY TRYING TO GET THE ONE WE WANTED. Yep, I am ths gachapon goddess. =u=


The YoI merch my friend got me from Japan! She is actually living back in my home country (I have been living overseas for 11 years already) and we arranged a meeting to meet in Bangkok and go around together. She got these for me as a gift. I am so happy. And she is so incredibly lucky with random draws like these, she actually got Viktor in the keychains draw at Animate Cafe. T^T so jealous.


And here is my Animate cafe haul! My friend was actually the one who gave me Yurio lol. I have horrid luck. I drew Songkran Yurio and Christophe coasters twice XP she gave me Yurio because I wanted to pair him with Otabek- in exchange, she got all the Songkran Pichits I drew. >u<


The other merch I got, just random stuff from different fandoms I am in. I bought all these on a whim T^T I don't regret it now but. I spent way too much and botched my budget. XD by the way, if anyone can tell me which items the You acrylic stand, nyanko-sensei keychain and plush keychain, and the You paddle fans are in this website and link me to them so I can put them in my list, it would be greatly appreciated~


And now, on to the figures! All of these were on a whim except for Sakura. They were not on my list. XD but Maru was so cute I couldn't resist her. And Maki was at the con for so cheap! Homura too, though she is second hand. I got really lucky with these figures, they were all really cheap so they were hard to resist xD


CLAMP stuff, because they are still my goddesses. Mostly CCS tho, since this was apparently a nostalgia haul lol. They're the 20th anniversary things they released, including the Clow Cards and artbook and memorial box. The All About CLAMP book was bought on a whim LEL.


Ahhh, Artbooks. I never planned to collect artbooks- but they called to me. Especially the Love Live ones. I regret nothing. I have nothing left in my bank account but I HAVE NO REGRETS AT ALL.


And lastly, the Pash illustration magazine I got~ I much prefer the one my friend got though. But I got a hugeass poster with this which is nice >u<


And this is my full collection! Not as magnificent as some of the others' here, but I am just starting out and I think it isn't bad at all. XP I have some things coming in the mail though so I'll be sure to haul those too.

Anyways, that's it for my haul~ quite substantial and I went crazy, but everything was so tempting! There are a few more I wanted to get, but sadly the funds were dried out. Ah well, maybe in a few months' time again~

And once again, if you guys need a Bangkok anime shopping guide, I'd be happy to give it! Bangkok is like a second home to me lol. XP

EDIT: OMG I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE RANDOMIZED KEYCHAINS I BOUGHT OF HETALIA. I bought everything they had remaining- they only had this box of four pieces. Sadly I did not get Romano T^T but I got Netherlands and Austria though, and they are my top 2, so all is good. I STILL WISH I HAD ROMANO THOUGH. If you have these keychains and want to trade me Romano for either Poland or Spain OR sell him to me, drop me a PM. I am desperate for him T^T

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Hakumu3 anno/i fa#21300289Shaoran Princess is too cute)))
Please, make more photos of Natsume"s book.

Isn't he?? ❤️❤️❤️

And sure! I'll make a separate blog post one of these days. :D
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Belmani3 anno/i fa#21284471I really like your clamp collection :3

Thanks! :D they are my goddesses. Looking to collect more of their stuff actually. >u<
3 anno/i fa
Gabmag103 anno/i fa#21279606Awesome loot! I was there last year and spent a lot of money as well :D

The biggest lie I ever told to myself : "yep, im so totally going to stay within budget, I dont need a lot of merch anyway" XDDD
3 anno/i fa
Shaoran Princess is too cute)))

Please, make more photos of Natsume"s book.
3 anno/i fa
I really like your clamp collection :3
3 anno/i fa
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Awesome loot! I was there last year and spent a lot of money as well :D
3 anno/i fa
ChocolateSpider3 anno/i fa#21269741That's a very nice loot you got there. Especially that Hanamaru figure. It is such a cute little prize figure. x3

She is so precious! When I saw her on the display I couldn't resist. Yoshiko, who I actually like more than Maru, was there for sale too, but sadly I didn't grab her because she didn't capture my attention as much as Maru did. >o< She is definitely so cute~
3 anno/i fa
rubyserpent_7203 anno/i fa#21269698Awesome loot! I especially like those CCS cafe keychains (ahh the Yukito/Toya ones ;;;;)
Thanks for sharing :)

And thanks for your kind words! I know, Touya/Yukito was one of my first OTPs. Even as a kid, I saw their unmistakeable love for each other XP
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Ciciely3 anno/i fa#21266120uuuuwaaah..so lucky. I really love all the YOI merch. I hope to travel one day too!

I'm sure you will get to! :D
3 anno/i fa
kin3 anno/i fa#21265750Looks like a great amount of loot! And I know all about those pesky artbooks, you think you'll just buy one from your favourite series but end up buying more and more...

Oh god, I know right?! I didn't even think of buying one, but the friend I was with was an enabler. XDDDD She collects a lot of artbooks too and she kinda got me into it- we happened to venture into the Japanese section at Kinokuniya (which I never really explored before) and she led me into the wonderful world of artbooks. I can't go back out now. XP
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