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A post-build review of the Tomytec kit.

Girly Air Force F-15J-ANM Eagle from the Dengeki Bunko Light Novel lineup:
Girly Air Force.

I really haven't read any of the novels but I would certainly love too.. If only I could read japanese.. ^^; or some group translates it..

The novel itself seems quite serious. The story revolves around a male protagonist name Kei Narutani.. whilst enduring humanity's war against an entity called "Zai." The Zai had bombarded various places in the world and has sent most of the people fleeing.. One time, Kei was in an escape flotilla heading for Japan and was being attacked by the Zai. Suddenly, a bright red plane somehow saves them. The plane got hit and had crashed landed in an island. Feeling indebted, Kei wanted to recover the pilot at least. He stumbles on the crash site. Instead of a pilot, he finds a pale looking girl with pink hair..unconscious in the cockpit of the jet..

(based on Google translate of reviews.. LOL)

Pretty much what's inside the box..

A customized F-15J design by KuWa Frameout.

Topside view of the jet

Frontal Aspect.. much like the Phantom.. This Eagle features an opaque canopy. I guess the are cameras and other advanced sensors on it.

Tail Aspect.. Things to take note are the Angled Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers.
The F100 nozzles also feature 3D Thrust vectoring enhancements.

Something that I've been wondering is to why Eagle is armed with 12 AIM-9M Sidewinders instead of the usual Medium Range Missile loads.. say AIM-7 Sparrows, or the japanese AAM-4 Active Radar missiles.

The F-15 was designed as a Beyond Visual Range fighter with good close in characteristics..
or so it seems.. I think it would be a waste since the F-15's radar antenna is rather large and long ranged. Whilst this F-15 is loaded with Short Range Infra-Red Sidewinders instead..not even the advance high-off boresight capable AIM-9Xs or AAM-5s from Japan

Perhaps it's a plot specific? I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Although it seem like Conformal Fuel Tanks, attached on Eagle's fuselage seem to be more of internal weapons FAST Pack, similar to the F-15SE Silent Eagle..

One option for this kit is to actually attach sidewinder missiles popping out of the FAST Packs. I just didn't choose it though.. Seems kinda hard to do and I don't like it...Lastly, 2x610 Gallon Fuel tanks attached at the wing pylons.

Nose Section.
Eagle's "personalized" emblem can be seen just like Phantom's... Her's is like some sort of pointy thing.. maybe a dagger or a bow? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tail Section..
Just like Phantom's the Vertical stabilizers also have some sort of advanced Electronic Warfare Antennas at the top.

The Centerline Fuel Tank with 610 Gallon Capacity.
It's the same kind of tank attached on the wing pylons.

1/144 figures of Eagle in her flight & casual clothing.. Still tad too small... ^^

Some kind of Display pad thing with an illustration of Eagle holding a scale model of her F-15. Drawn by Asagi Toosaka. She's the official illustrator/character designer for the novels.

Eagle on the plastic stand & Display Pad.

The Instruction Manual with schematics of Eagle, backstory of the novel(?) and background information/specs of F15J-ANM.

Like always.. Nice Boxart.. ^^

Eagle on the Display Pad

The size of the kit compared to the box.

That's it for now.
Thanks again for reading~
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    I hope pre built military models can have detailing as nice as this one... But I don't think it possible for now. LOL

    The design of this plane is not that appeal to me though, as the slightly modified design based on a existing plane plus the design of the cockpit is so not new to me and just reminds me about those planes in the beginning of the Ace Combat III... Also personally I am not that into JDF stuff at any level.
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