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What was your best yahoo auctions win?What was your best yahoo auctions win?

Hi everyone!

As most of you already know, yahoo auctions Japan is a great place to find anime goods as well as figures for a really good price. ^^ Recently I've seen so many good deals go for great prices, so I was wondering what where the best yahoo auction wins in regards to anime figures/goods that people on MFC have won? For me personally, I recently won the ichiban kuji figure of my best love live girl Hanayo Koizumi ITEM #350211 (I've been looking for her for ages and she usually retails for around 4k yen!) bundled with ichiban kuji last prize of Yui Hirasawa from K-On ITEM #231470 together for 1200¥! It's my first time buying from yahoo auctions so it may not be the most amazing win in the history of the universe, but for me it was pretty significant :)

You know that crazy happy feeling inside when you win an auction?


So what where your best anime figures/goods win from Yahoo auctions Japan? I would love to know ~ Thanks for reading! ☆ ~('▽^人)

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How often do you shop on yahoo auctions?

  • 18%Regularly
  • 20%Sometimes
  • 22%Never
  • 12%Rarely
  • 7%When I'm not broke
  • 2%When I get a new husbando/waifu
  • 7%When I have money to burn
  • 8%I live in Europe :(
  • 1%When I used to live in Japan...
  • 1%Plenty in the past, no more now
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I have a few. Sometimes the win is more the satisfaction of finding something really old really quickly for a reasonable price.

I decided I wanted to make a couple of customs, and needed pieces from old stuff last year. I looked on line last year and stumbled on the pieces very quickly and so much cheaper on YJ than ebay.
2004 Archer by Spring ITEM #12485 - 620 yen (almost list price - an ebay seller wanted $50 USD)
2007 Rin Tohsaka Trading figure ITEM #2110 - 800 yen (again, almost list price - generally ebay sellers want $30 or $40 USD or more plus shipping)
RAH Rin Tohsaka ITEM #259712 - 13,000 yen, sealed. The savings justified spending closer to MSRP on RAH Shirou
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I think my best win so far was getting both ITEM #166890 and ITEM #396853 new as a set for 10,000 jpy. I was really surprised I was the only one who bid on it, so I guess I was pretty lucky even though I thought I was getting scammed or something lol.
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My best win by far was this item: ITEM #193001

Got him as one of my first figures and YJA scores... Granted he's cheap already as is but I won him new and unopened for 11 yen! (Not incl. shipping) He'll probably be my best score in my collection from now till forever haha XD
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Congrats on your win! :D I've won a lot of cool figures and merch from SMJ (Part of YJA) but the one auction I remember the most is the Gantz loot I got, I got all the Taito prize figures, 5 in all of Kei Kishimoto & Reika along with the Freeing EX Gantz cycle and the Reika Figma! All in new condition, I was dumbstruck when I won! Thanks to my proxy this all cost me including postage and fee's just over £100! A good day!
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I've gotten lucky getting a lot of stuff off Y!A that isn't available here (mostly straps and clear files) but my best deal I ever got on there was ITEM #198563 brand new, sealed in box. I ended up paying $95 for it shipped. Not a super great deal, but for a figure that sells for $220 on eBay I was pretty happy.
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Yavimaya (눈_눈)
ITEM #28038 for 1800 yen, it was my most wanted fig for years and I usually saw her for 10-20k. starting price was 1500 but luckily I won the auction. the fig has no box but it was packed really well, I never thought I would actually own this Gwen ;v;
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RAH Saber Zero (normal armor)
RAH Saber Alter
RAH Saber Zero Suit (Limited edition)
RAH Saber Lily

All brand new (the whole set) for 75000 yen (total around 80k+ yen including shipping and other fees)

For some reason, I'm the only one who bid for that item so I would say lucky. The Suit and Lily in brand new condition already cost around 70000 to 80000 yen while the other two is around 40000 yen when you buy it in retail at the time of bid.
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I bid for a rare exclusive Volks figure on Yahoo auctions before. Was kind of crazy as the figure went up to $450. I used a proxy so the guy in Japan kept texting me over LINE about if he should bid higher or not... Eventually I won and it was quite exciting :) Made my week.

I generally don't do Yahoo auctions unless I can't find it anywhere else since I have to use a proxy and proxies make things more pricey. Most things I can find on Mandarake or other sites.
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gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
ITEM #94349 Very rare and took quite a while to find a real (not counterfeit) one.
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I think my two best Yahoo auction wins were ITEM #200959 that I got for 3.6k yen brand new perfect condition in the box (I see him go used and damaged for 8k on Manda) and ITEM #326325 who was VERY elusive and hard to find but in the end I managed to get him for under retail, both of which I wrote articles about.

BLOG #28677 and BLOG #29448 respectively if you want to read more!
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