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❈ Warning, post is long && image heavy
❈ Includes nsfw under spoilers

So many posts! Mostly because I suddenly have a lot of time because of the whole weather shenanigans. Luckily it passed without too much of a worry && everyone I love is safe so I'm in a good mood do do another review/unboxing/blogging lol. I feel weird calling it a review 'cause it's more of a showcase of sorts? Idk man...(Again, please excuse my grainy phone pictures and bad lighting;;;)

PEACH Maid Figure Series
Miss Tabby

▲If only I could be a cat!


Though I am more of a dog person, who was I to resist the charm of a cute maid with a bunch'a playful kittens♡ The prototype did scare me a bit though, considering she looked like she might snap off her ankle! But again, I po'ed since I was determined to get her and those silly cats.

Onto the unboxing! (`・ω・´)
▲Simplistic as usual from native.

Though native was only the distributor for this particular figure, they come out with some pretty cute boxes! My favorite would have to be the Alice box since I'm a sucker for that sweets aesthetic.

▲Pre-Order Bonus: BLADE Illustrated Postcard .

It's nice having a print of the original illustration to go with the figure. If I were to compare the two, I would say that they had made a good interpretation. Although I wish they kept a bit of that cute rounded-face charm the illustration had.

▲So many cats! I also only wish the base would have been nicer..


▲You can faintly notice the pearlescent sparkle on her headdress!

▲Uwaa.;;; Bit of a sneak peak over there..

▲Close up of the support rod from behind.

So the promo pictures, even wonfes, didn't display her with the support rod. I was surprising seeing one, but didn't really mind 'cause I was actually hoping for one anyways. Though she can stand perfectly fine like in the promo pictures, I'd rather not risk it tbh.

Close ups

▲All the frills and ribbons are what gives a maid uniform its cuteness!

Nowadays to be honest, figures are getting more expensive and getting less shading. I feel as though the ruffles could have benefited from some shadows, similar to the bow, but hey minor details. Speaking of the ruffles there were some white paint overlapping onto the dress itself, but it blended in well enough to give the illusion of a ruffle-hemmed skirt.

▲Notice the sparkle? And look at those cute cat motif thigh highs and cute panties!

There's actually this faint pearlescent sparkle all over the figure itself! Unfortunately I couldn't catch it with my camera phone, but I thought the sparkle was a nice touch~ Fancy panties is also always a plus in my book. It's a small detail that makes it more realistic && cute.

▲Cats galore! No way she's going to be cleaning anytime soon...;;

Oh no....;;; (((゚Д゚)))!!
Before (left) && After (right)!

I probably handled it too roughly while removing the skirt..;; Argghhh...But it's okay! At times like these you can use a simple white eraser to take off the paint transfer! Be careful not to rub too hard though!

❈ Includes nsfw under spoilers
Cast off

▲Ahh!! Those pesky cats at it again!

▲Only the top is gone, not the sleeves?! Err...I guess...

I like that her boobs were sculpted more naturally than pushed up together. Small handfuls of perky goodness~ My only problem is that from a straight on angle the cat parachuting with the panties look a bit odd..

▲As close up as I will go for this review lol.


Interested in getting her?
⇒ Peach Maid Figure Series - Tabby-san (Progress, Native)

Mmm, and I guess that's all for now really. I hope you enjoyed this article♬ Personally, I love seeing close up/unboxings and such so it's fun getting around to doing it myself! Hopefully I can get around to making the lighting better for my pictures too tho lol.

Bye byyeee!


See you next time! ♡♡♡
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oic2 anno/i fa#31475249I'm late to this, but thank you for the article and video review! I'm going to order her ASAP / this week! ^~^

My pleasure!! I'm glad you enjoyed both of them! Hopefully it was useful in making your decision~
2 anno/i fa
oic °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
I'm late to this, but thank you for the article and video review! I'm going to order her ASAP / this week! ^~^
2 anno/i fa
bomhat2 anno/i fa#25969905i really like the matte paint on her. also what the hell this review is so fancy good job on that
Same! The gradient of her pigtails and the small sparkle coat are my favorite part.
&& thank you so much! I make these in hopes of them being enjoyable♬
2 anno/i fa
bomhat because I'm batman
i really like the matte paint on her. also what the hell this review is so fancy good job on that
2 anno/i fa
rubyserpent_7202 anno/i fa#25845082Nice review! I really like her cats they're adorable

Thank you!!
&& yes, those mischievous cats really give more character to the figure hehe~
2 anno/i fa
Nice review! I really like her cats they're adorable
2 anno/i fa
Heldrik2 anno/i fa#25815872That was a good review to read: fun writing and not too image-heavy.
I really like that the character's face, especially the eyes, kinda reminds me of Shauna.

Ah, thank you that's good to hear! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ And if you're talking about the pokemon character I can see the resemblance~
2 anno/i fa
That was a good review to read: fun writing and not too image-heavy.

I really like that the character's face, especially the eyes, kinda reminds me of Shauna.
2 anno/i fa
Criscokid2 anno/i fa#25813749Excellent review! A very enjoyable read.
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it♬
2 anno/i fa
Excellent review! A very enjoyable read.
2 anno/i fa
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