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August 2017 LootAugust 2017 Loot

agentmozellagentmozell10 mese/i faLoot
Hello again! I'm happy to bring back my August loot post! I wish I could've added this to my July/Japan one, but hey, some things weren't released or shipped until later in the month so I had to wait.

My month was good! I think these next few months are just gonna keep getting better ♥ I will say that I miss Japan greatly, I miss being relaxed and not having to worry about work...especially since work is not the greatest thing in the world. I can only hope I can find a new and better work environment.

In any case, I hope you guys had a better month! ♥

Now, onto the loot!

I hope MFC doesn't glitch this blog




♦ Kotobukiya Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Scale ( ITEM #463457 )

I was so happy when this was announced! Pretty much and instant preorder for me. ♥ Especially with ITEM #463456 from TOM! Sadly Ed got delayed until October, I was pretty disappointed in that since he was a TOM project. But at least Roy came in safe and sound! Earlier than expected too. I think TOM had his ETA for September. So seeing this when I got home from Japan was a real treat!

He's absolutely gorgeous. ♥ Definably worth the wait. ♥



♦ MegaHouse D. Grey Man Hallow Lavi Scale ( ITEM #518142 )

MegaHouse seems to be doing a lot of exclusives lately. I wish they'd stop because I can't afford to keep paying right away for their figures. But I knew that Lavi was a must have so I carefully saved up to make him my very first order from Big in Japan!

I love him to death! I do have a mild complaint about the base, especially IF the Kanda and Allen figures ever happen his base would be the odd one out of the trio. So I do wish the base was a little more. I also wish that he was actually holding the hammer! Since he doesn't hold it the handle likes to slip out from under his hand when I go to move him the slightest. Its a tad annoying.

If you don't understand what I mean here's a photo.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/agentmozell1503938526.jpeg

Another thing that really bothers me about Lavi is the gap on his scarf.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/agentmozell1503938502.jpeg

It doesn't seem to be an isolated issue too. A lot of comments have been pointing it out, which is really disappointing for a figure of his price. ;; I thought at first it was supposed to come off, since the GEM line is know for interchangeable parts, but since there weren't any directions or extra parts I was left a little baffled. Thankfully its not too noticeable when you display him since its in the back, but its still a bit sad. ;;



♦ GoodSmile Company Orange Rouge Yuri on Ice!! Yuuri Katsuki Nendoroid ( ITEM #512116 )

First off! Thank you to Yokikana for ordering him! I mentioned this in my May Loot blog but Yoki offered to host a "split" with the Munechika Awakened Co-De. In that split I asked if I could add on Yuri Katsuki and they had no issue with it! I was a bit sad when Yuri was delayed until August, but I was also confused since I couldn't see people talk about the apparent defect GSC had. If anyone knows can you tell me?

I think he's absolutely adorable! I did notice that his waist part doesn't really move too well, unlike other nendoroids I've played with his almost seems glued on? It's a bit weird.

I honestly couldn't wait to pair him with Victor...

Speaking of...


♦ GoodSmile Company Orange Rouge Yuri on Ice!! Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid ( ITEM #512118 )

HI VICTOR! What better way to start off the Hobby Search section of my post than to show off Yuri's husband Victor?

I will admit that when I first started watching the series Victor was not my favorite. I really didn't care for him since to me he seemed like your typical popular guy who does whatever he wants...while being comic relief. Unlike Yuri K (who was my favorite) he didn't seem to have many redeeming points for me. As the series went on I came to love Victor, as well as most of the other characters and I knew that if Yuri ever got a nendoroid I would only buy him if Victor got one too.

And what do you know?

Now I can display them in happy paradise with their furry son makkachin ♥


Now to wait for their cat son to come out and I may have to steal Elise's base to display all three. Unless GSC does the impossible and announces other characters like Otabek and Phichit. = 3=



♦ GoodSmile Company Fire Emblem IF Kamui ♀ Nendoroid ( ITEM #464601 )

...or Corrin. Whichever name you prefer. I personally prefer Kamui, it just sounds better for me. ♥

I honestly had mixed feeling when she (and her figma) was announced. One part of me was super happy that Fire Emblem was getting more stuff, but another part of me was disappointed they picked the female version. I don't know why but for both Awakening and Fates I played as the male avatars, so I do have a personal preference to the male version. I was also a tad salty that my self reasoning for never making a Robin nendoroid or figma because of the customization option flew out the dang window! I really hope that they do consider Chrom and Robin in the future!

Now that I got my venting out of the way...I picked the pose that had me super sketchy about preordering at first. I don't know why the dragon just didn't strike me as something to do for the nendoroid. I think it would've looked cooler for the figma. Even now after posing her like that I feel that it would look better as a figma. Though I do like this pose more in person than advertised.

Also, I didn't realize that this nendoroid was a part of their "Super Posable" line! I was surprised when I didn't see any arm joints and I got my answer after looking at her closer. I have a few from this line, namely Marth, Sheeda, Bakugo, and Deku. All of those felt super awkward to move their joints but Kamui's were surpsingly smooth and easy! Gives me hope for the future of this line. ♥ I also hope they make more FE nendoroids and figmas in the future. ♥


♦ GoodSmile Company Nendoroid More Suits - Secret Version - ( ITEM #562342 )

I wasn't gonna mention this but I figured, "eh, why the heck not?"

I also got the Nendoroid More Suits all for the secret one. I wasn't sure what to expect and I have to say that I do like this a lot. ♥ Especially paired with Noiz ( ITEM #235621 ).

At first I tried to figure out who to pair this with. For some reason leaving the body in the box bothers me so I had to think of who had a spare head (boy that sounds weird) and I realized that Noiz did! Since I hadn't changed his pose in a long time I almost forgot! He looks great. ♥ I will say that I personally had a tiny bit of an issue getting the stand in the hole in the back. I'm not sure if that's a thing with these? But I had an issue.

Also fun fact, if you want to use Yamanbagiri ( ITEM #451827 ) with a suits, you're out of luck. For some reason his cape just doesn't line up with the peg hole. It was mildly annoying but I guess you can't complain too much.



♦Sega Love Live Sunshine!! You Watanabe -Aozora Jumping Heart- ( ITEM #553869 )

Here's a confession, while I'm a huge Love Live fan, I mostly love μ! When Aquors came out I actually ignored it for a long time because a lot of the girls just looked like clones or love children of μ. While in Japan I noticed that Aquors was EVERYWHERE and so while I was there I decided to play a little. I still don't like a lot of the girls but You stood out to me. Perhaps its because she's similar to Kotori and I absolutely love Kotori?

In any case, I saw this figure in a crane game, the crane game was 200 yen per try. She was cute and decent quality, so I tried twice. I decided against any more since I figured I could easily find this figure in stores. I didn't find her before I left but I found her on AmiAmi for fairly cheap! I think about 1300 yen? Shipping wasn't too bad either. She's just as cute as I remember seeing in Japan. ♥ Hopefully this gets me to play more of the Aquors side. haha...



♦ MegaHouse Code Geass Suzaku Kururugi Scale ( ITEM #72240 )

AnimeBLVD had initially estimated his release in July but I guess their shipment was really delayed since they didn't arrive until almost the end of August. Which happens! They're super nice when you send inquiries so I wasn't too concerned about my order not arriving. That and I had ordered from them before so I didn't see it as a big deal.

Now, I have another confession to make. I never truly finished Code Geass.

I saw season one and then saw the very last episode of the series. That was it, and it was when the episodes were airing on TV. So its literally been that long. Truly though. Suzaku was the only character I really liked from my memory. I should sit down and watch it again to see what I think of it now and days.

This figure is definably amazing! I don't understand the price point of this set. Lelouch was crazy expensive too (and I ended up deciding not to keep him!) and I don't really understand it. I mean, MegaHouse is good, I do like all the figures I own from them, but I don't understand why they chose the prices they did.

Ah well. I can't say I'm disappointing with Suzakau though! This figure looks GORGEOUS. The detail on him is amazing and my photos don't do this justice.

The back of the figure is amazing too. ♥

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/agentmozell1503940210.jpeg

So pretty ♥



ITEM #584441 , ITEM #584402 , ITEM #584490 , ITEM #584438 , ITEM #584440

I definably plan to get more of these when I get a chance. I mostly got these because I didn't get some of the rubber ones I wanted and I actually LOST my Robin and Lon'qu. I'm still upset about it too! And the rubber keychains are just CRAZY pricey now and days and I just can't see myself spending that much on a rubber keychain. So when I saw these acrylic ones for preorder I was super happy and ordered the top five I wanted at first! ♥ They are super pretty. ♥ I wish I got some while I was in Japan but, that was my error. Oh well.

And that's about it! I think September and October are going to be combined and be my first video loot post. I'm not sure yet since I'm still thinking about it. But I think a video will be coming up soon! Just to try something new.

Until the next time! I hope you guys have a wonderful month and good vibes to all! ♥
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citanes Pantsu Authority
Great loot! Thanks for sharing!
10 mese/i fa
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Chuchi (10 mese/i fa) #25848082Love reading your loot entries keep up the good work! The Yuri and Viktor nendos are so cute sobs


Thank youuuu! omg this is so sweet and made my day!

They are adorable! I really hope I can add more characters in the future. ; v; I also hope GSC makes Yuri's matching skate outfit for Victor. ♥
10 mese/i fa
Love reading your loot entries keep up the good work! The Yuri and Viktor nendos are so cute sobs
10 mese/i fa
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
ptitange23 (10 mese/i fa) #25822875Wow !!! Very nice !! :D

Thank you! ♥

moonstarfc (10 mese/i fa) #25827355Nice loot, you got some great figures!

Thanks! I felt August was a good collecting month in general. Especially if you add it to my Japan loot haha

OujiRainu (10 mese/i fa) #25828524So jelly of the Roy and Lavi,they look so kool!

They look WAY better in person! I really should find a better place to take photos. My kitchen is currently the best place even if there are a lot of shadows over the faces. ;;

Solarstormflare (10 mese/i fa) #25840489Ah yes, I love your Lavi! I got one too, but mine broke unfortunately. :P I figured out that to make him hold the handle properly you just need to not put it into the hammer all the way and voila! He looks like he's holding it. Love all your stuff!

Oh no! I saw your blog and hopefully people can help you out. :< Now I know to take him "apart" over my bed when I get ready to move out. I think I'll keep the hammer as it is right now since, where I have him anyway, it looks like he's holding it for an attack. ♥
10 mese/i fa
Ah yes, I love your Lavi! I got one too, but mine broke unfortunately. :P I figured out that to make him hold the handle properly you just need to not put it into the hammer all the way and voila! He looks like he's holding it. Love all your stuff!
10 mese/i fa
So jelly of the Roy and Lavi,they look so kool!
10 mese/i fa
Nice loot, you got some great figures!
10 mese/i fa
Wow !!! Very nice !! :D
10 mese/i fa
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