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Hello again!

And welcome to my third blog- and second loot post ever. Since i don't get big packages a lot, i will combine september and october in this post. I just want to say, that so many of your posts made me envious, laugh or just happy, so i hope that this community will stay as awesome as ever throughout the coming years <3

At the end of september was my birthday, so you will see some things here, that i got as a present from friends or family. Furthermore i received a lot of gaming related things in september and october. So I'll include them here to, partialy because i really like everything and partialy because i just want to share them with you.
If you like you can tell me about your favourite game or your favourite releases in the last month, i would love to read about this topic (and maybe about some figures from games you really look forward to. Or love the most in your collection. Sheesh, so much stuff to talk about:') )

I also have to make a disclaimer. The collages i use for the picuters are inspired (or rather stolen, sorry ;_;) from my best friend, who's also here in this community. It's the lovely BROKEN-TOYBOX. She's okay with it though, i, of course, asked her before publishing this post.

But now, without further ado, here is the actual loot post:

The first things are actually my birthday presents i talked about earlier. Don't worry i'll only talk about them briefly.
My parents were really generous this year and got me a new phone. My old one gave up almost 2 years after i bought it (its always the case with my phones, they completly die after 3 years max).
The SNES was a present from my grandmother, she actually gave me money and said "buy someting, that makes you really happy" and well, this is my childhood console and i'm very happy with the purchase :)
The other games, i bought for myself as presents, except for Pokémon, which i got from my boyfriend <3


Last but not least, i bought a cover for my new mobile phone. I just love this design and the colors.


Now to the most important part. The figures. This month i finally completed my first set of figures.
Its the Vocaloid Tony Taka "Set". I will include some pics further down, because the package with Kagamine Len has yet to arrive at the time I'm writing this post.

The first big package i got was from amiami. Its maybe the biggest one i ever got from them. It contained 3 nendoroids and one scale figure. Since one of the figures is a cast off one, I'll put the pictures in spoilers.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2017/10/18/1848852.jpeg

The first nendoroid was a Pre Owned Akemi Homura Kimono Nendoroid (ITEM #464660). She was in perfect condition and i'm really looking forward to the rest of the girls now.


The second nendoroid was Emilia from RE:Zero. I really didn't like the anime that much, but i thought that Emilia was a great character. Wish she would've gotten more screentime.


The last Nendoroid was Mako from Kill la Kill, who is still in her package, because i'm waiting for Ryoku to arive. I don't want to put her up all by herself. That would be so sad, i think.


Last but not least: The scale figure. Since she's NSFW, I'll put her in "spoilers". So be warned of some nudity below :)

View spoilerHide spoiler
Shoubi Yae (ITEM #164569) is actually my first Hentai figure from Tony Taka. I love his designs so much, that I decided to start collecting his figurines. Since almost all of them are cast off figures and a little bit older, i started to buy them if i see them on amiami at a fair price.
Since it's Shocktober, I wanted to include the picture of her head, which seems to fly in mid air. Really spooky, well, a little bit at least.


The second big package arrvied a few minutes ago. So here's a picture.
It came from archonia, which has a huge end of year 2017 sale going on, so i decided to finally buy the Tony Taka Kagamine Len and my first Kantai figure. I don't play the game, but my best friend started a few days ago and shes addicted. So i maybe will start with the game later this evening.



The Sonico figure is actually one for my boyfriend. He's a huge Sonico Fan, so i decided to order one for him.

The figure of Hokuhou Seiki (ITEM #342766) is, as i mentioned, my first Kantai figure. I don't plan to buy a lot of them, because they're just so many and it doesn't seem to stop, also i don't need another franchise to through my money at :D she's one of my cutest and best looking prize figure. Very well painted and sculptured.


Now for the figure i looked forward to the most. The Tony Taka Illustration Kagamine Len (ITEM #149558). Finally a set completed. It only took me about 6 months :D He's so gorgeous. Painted and sculpted to perfection and i so adore his face. The keyboard is a nice addition. It would've been awesome if it could be taken off the figure, but i don't mind that much.


Now some pictures from the whole "Set": they're all so gorgeous and fun to look at with the dynamic poses.

Sorry for the weird light. My room is not a perfect place to take pictures, and at night it gets even worse.


That's all for todays loot post. I hope you enjoyed it and have a great remaining day/night/morning, wherever you may live <3

Being the dumb and forgetable person i am, i forgot my most precious new nendoroid: Snow Miku 2013(ITEM #107714).
She was a gift from my best friend i mentioned at the beginning of this blog entry.
Snow Miku comes in the most heavy box i ever had for a nendoroid. Shes so adorable with her little umbrella and bunny. Her hoody makes her 10 times more cute. Every time i look at her i feel happy inside. I think, now that i finally got her, shes my favourite Snow Miku along with the 2017 version.

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Very great collection for the last few months. What was your thoughts after owning SNES Mini
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Nice loot. Nier is such an incredible game so I'm sure you'll love it.
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Thank you for the loot post, it was fun to read :>

Love the Vocaloid figures here <3 I'm not a big fan of Tony Taka's works, but his Len figure is one of the best ones out there and it looks great ' u '
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