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What day do you like the most for reviews?What day do you like the most for reviews?

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What day does everyone perfer for reviews?

  • 10%Monday
  • 2%Tuesday
  • 8%Wednesday
  • 4%Thursday
  • 37%Friday
  • 24%Saturday
  • 16%Sunday
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Commenti interessanti
It doesn't matter what day it is, I'll just read or go through a blog regardless.

Plus I would advise showing pictures of the actuall blog instead of writing a paragraph of words, I won't read a review that long regardless of what day it is. Pictures with small aditions of text under it is the way I like a review the most, since I have a very short attention span.
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I check out all the blog posts that appear every day. I think it doesn't really matter what day it is because reviews almost always make it to featured blog posts. If they don't, it's usually for some other reason, like the review is something not very relevant to the community, or is only a video post, or doesn't include many pictures, etc.
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All day, everyday
1 anno/i fa
I'm in the same boat. I check everyday, there's no specific day.
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Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
The day of the week does not affect my viewership. Anytime that I have a moment to myself, I usually find myself checking MFC as well as the newest blogs posted that day. I don't necessarily read every single review posted here, but if one in particular happens to catch my eye, I'll click on it!
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I don't think it really makes a difference which day it is. I guess a lot of people have more time to view stuff on the weekend.
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