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This is just a little bit late, but I wrote a review for figma Drossel (Fireball Charming), and I'd like to share it with you guys. As before, this is a cross-post from my blog.

Man, where do I begin?! As you probably know, I love Drossel, so this figure was pretty much a must-get for me. I thought I'd be satisfied enough by her Chogokin (see its review here), but, fortunately, I don't regret picking up her figma at all. They're fairly different toys, though, so maybe this can help you come to a decision if you only want to pick up one version. Anyway, Max Factory has kept me waiting long enough for Drossel, so I won't drag this on any more. Let's check her out! (The video review is right here.)

CONSTRUCTION:The first thing that I noticed straight-out-of-the-box, is that figma Drossel is made of far softer materials than her Chogokin counterpart. Figma Drossel's plastic feels much more flexible in comparison. I don't have any problems with this, because she is a much smaller figure, after all, and her detailing doesn't really suffer for it. Granted, some of the mechanical bits are less crisp than the Chogokin, but I'll let pictures speak for themselves. The paint applications are pretty sharp, too!

My only real gripe with the figure is that her head sculpt looks a bit... lumpy. (Well, I'd call it her hair, but that's not really what it is.) The lines just aren't really straight, even though they really should be. Aside from that, the head seams are a bit wide between the joints, too. Her chin shape is also slightly more round than the Chogokin's, but I think that was just a stylistic choice. For the most part, though, you won't notice it unless you looked for it.

Not surprisingly, figma Drossel is a good bit more articulate than Chogokin Drossel, because she doesn't utilise any ratchet joints, which force the joints to lock in predetermined positions. What did surprise me, however, is that figma Drossel is actually more dynamic than other figma as well! Normal figma typically only utilise one point of articulation for every joint (except for the shoulders and hips), taking advantage of clever geometry to maximise its range of motion. But figma Drossel is a bit different...

This figure makes use of double joints everywhere (except for her neck). As a pleasant side effect, this also makes her more flexible than her predecessor (figma Drossel from the original Fireball series), which adhered to the traditional figma design. All of her joints are incredibly smooth, but they don't feel weak at all. This, again, makes her easier to pose than her Chogokin counterpart, which has tighter joints to support additional weight. In general, figma Drossel can pull off the usual stuff very well! The use of figma's swivels in her knees, however, gives them an extra bit of rotation that allow for some surprisingly organic poses that I never would've expected from a figure of a robot. Say, what's that bag for?

ACCESSORIES:Okay, that was a pretty obvious segue. The bag, as far as I know, comes standard with most figma sets to hold accessories. It's a nice gesture! Figma Drossel also comes with a figma stand, which some really solid and mobile joints for loads of display possibilities. Three sets of hands are standard:

She comes in the box with open palms, which you saw in the pictures above. The other pairs of hands, if you can't make them out, are closed fists, gripping fists, and peace-sign hands. This isn't nearly as many as her Chogokin's six extra pairs, but it's probably about as much as you really need. She also has some wheel spurs that, as you've seen earlier, let her stand up on her own without a problem. Fortunately, figma Drossel's main accessories don't really overlap with her Chogokin's, except for this:

I still don't know what this is called, but it looks nice, at least. The painted detail is crisp all around. Nothing on this headpiece really moves, except for the thrusters on the back, which can wiggle up and down a little. It's nowhere near the degree to which the Chogokin's headpiece's thrusters can swivel, though. The biggest difference, however, is that figma Drossel's headgear comes in five pieces. It's not terribly fiddly to put together, but make sure to be careful with the glasses, which is rather thin.

The first set of extras unique to figma Drossel is the astrology set, which includes some more fancy headgear and a staff. Both pieces are very nicely painted; the headdress, in particular, has some sharp details painted on all over, especially the texture. The staff has some of the same texture on the ring at the end, and the lenses have a nice brown wash over them. The feathers on the back of the headdress can all individually articulate, but the ball joints may be a little bit tight, so don't force anything if they don't budge.

Figma Drossel's last accessory is her cape, which is, arguably, the coolest extra in the set. Thread count of the fabric isn't too high, but the texture is all right, and it's flexible enough to flap in a light breeze. A plastic link keeps the cape from falling off of her shoulders. The front edges actually have some wire glued along it, so you can sort of bend the cape into a dynamic shape, rather than just having it hang down her shoulders. Oh yeah, there's Reginald, too. He doesn't do much, but he's kind of cute.

CONCLUSION:Figma Drossel is definitely a very fine rendition of the 19th Lord of Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain, so long as you're not bothered by the sculpt of her "hair." That's the only thing I can fault this figure for. I would say this is a nice alternative to the Chogokin, but there's definitely incentive to get both, since they each have accessories unique to their own releases and they serve different purposes: the Chogokin excels as a display piece, whereas the figma makes for a brilliant desk toy. If you don't want to shell out for the Chogokin, though, then the figma is definitely the way to go. With its lower price point and more play-oriented design, I can definitely see this figure appeal more to more casual fans that don't care much for ratchet joints and die-cast (well, a little, anyway).

If you want to pick up figma Drossel, you can find her on AmiAmi. Unfortunately, her price has gone up since her pre-order (I paid ¥3560 before shipping), but the current price (¥4320) is still a little bit better better than what sellers are asking for eBay, which is around $70. HLJ and Hobby Search are both sold out. I don't think you have to rush yourself to pick her up right now, though, because her bike is coming out in October, and Max Factory may put out a re-release in the next few months, like what they're doing with Fate/Zero Saber and her bike. In any case, if you want to play it safe, you may as well pick her up now, while she's still available at a reasonable price.

I hope this review has been enjoyable, interesting, and/or helpful to you! It turned out to be quite a lot longer than I expected, but I guess I just had a lot to say about this figure. Thank you very much for reading, and I'll see you guys later!
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thefusense7 anno/i fa#2921095is it possible to take her extremeties and head off like on other figmas?
I have to switch the torso of her cause its damaged, before I break anything I would like to know

Yes, absolutely. She uses the same joints that other figma use.
7 anno/i fa
is it possible to take her extremeties and head off like on other figmas?

I have to switch the torso of her cause its damaged, before I break anything I would like to know
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Yeah, she's totally capable of standing on her own. I don't know why the other person said she couldn't. You can put her in a good variety of standing poses, too, because of how much articulation she has in her waist and hips.

Fychan10 anno/i fa#1026958Oh, so she can stand on her own with the wheels on? I read another review that said otherwise.
She not standing on her own is pratically the only thing holding me back on getting her... Her design grew on me so much, I might have to hunt her (even though she's so expensive ;_;)

Thanks for the review!
10 anno/i fa
Oh, so she can stand on her own with the wheels on? I read another review that said otherwise.
She not standing on her own is pratically the only thing holding me back on getting her... Her design grew on me so much, I might have to hunt her (even though she's so expensive ;_;)

Thanks for the review!
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Oh, I wrote a review for her a while back, but never got around to taking pictures. I'll post it sometime! Thanks for this one, by the way. She's so cool. :D
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