Illyasviel von Einzbern - 1/8 - Priya Racing ReviewIllyasviel von Einzbern - 1/8 - Priya Racing ReviewReview

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My Illya racing figure just arrived and I though I'd share my thoughts because of how happy I am with her.

I won't give all the details of her because you can find most them on her item page, but the main thing to know is this figure is based of a the itasha of a real Porsche in Japan, like the Saber racing figure.
It actually kind of hurts me how cute she is.


I have a couple of Illya's figures and everyone seems to do her hair colouring a little differently, but Stronger seems to have done a pretty good job, aside from a couple of seam lines.

Ruby (her wand/umbrella) is also really well sculpted and painted.
The design on her boots is also indented and flawlessly painted.


Just look at the face, far too cute, unfortunately we can see some small defects here. A small scratch on ruby where gold paint is showing (It's on the thing tying the umbrella) and her white ...top? Maybe it's meant to make her... yeah anyway it's bleeding at the bottom a little. Same with some of her bikini straps.

her skirt is really well detailed and I really like the belt's little details. She also has a "tattoo" on her inner thigh (because thighs) advertising her show.

Here's a shot of the "Porsche" emblem. They changed it a little so they don't get sued. Cool fact that "Ferrari" logo in the center is the same design they used for Racing Saber.

She also has the logo on the back of her jacket.
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So yeah this is her butt. There's tiny mark there which is a bummer.

Here it is again. By the way her skirt ins't attached to her and slides a little. Though its a solid piece of plastic, if you wanted to take it off it's not going back on.

Here's her base...yep.
No connecting base for the Kaleid crew :(

And here we have Saber and Illya next to each other. btw Illya is 1/8 and Saber is 1/7. Maybe its just me but they look very similar, idk. honestly it's better this way, they look so cute together.

So anyway thanks for reading, even if you were just looking at the pictures xD
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sooooo lovely! I need to pick her up eventually too.
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I forgot she was out already. She's really cute indeed! Stronger is doing a great job in this Racing series. I hope the rest of the characters come out as good as Saber and Illya. Thanks for the pics and nice review!
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Kinda happy about the base not connecting since I only want Kuro.
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She's REALLY glossy but other than that what I expect from a good Illya figure. Lovable and adorable
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