Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan - Ryofuko - NendoroYawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan - Ryofuko - NendoroReview

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Hi everyone, this is my second review on My figure collection website. Today I will present you rare nendoroid Ryofuko.

I know many people wish to see every detail of this nendoroid now but I should introduce her origin first.


She come from OVA animation and manga name “Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan” The summary found on Wikipedia JP describes the story of Warrior Angels striving to receive the highest rank a Warrior Angel can receive–to be called Musou Tenshi (tl: Matchless Angel). The story focuses on a rori Warrior Angel Ryofu Housen, Ryofuko-chan. She needs to present seven gems from the battle arena to her Emperor, she also needs a good track record of taken heads from other warrios, say… ten thousand of them. With the assistance of another rori Warrior Angel, Chinkyou Koudai, the Emperor just might grant her that title. (credit : anime.fansub.tv)

This nendoroid I got from local store in Thailand 2 month ago in nice condition. I got some information that you must but 4 DVD OVA before you can buy this nendoroid that why it so expensive.

We will look at package first. She come with red box and use style as another nendoroid’s box.


I think we already saw her box many time before this review then let’s open it and see inside


Front : She has lance, weird teddy (I don’t know its name) , 2 additional faces and 2 spare arms.


Back : Nothing special.


Zoom in a bit.


Open plastic tray. They give 2 stand for Ryofuko and weird teddy.


Close-up at Ryofuko’s stand. Just like another nendoroid.


Lance and weird teddy.

After saw detail of her application then let’s take her out and play a bit.

Start from standard pose. (I use stand of fake nendoroid because don’t want use real one because it look fragile.)


Front View. “Fighto!!”


Side View. “Does her moe??” >.<


Back View.

Try to use another face and her application for fun.


First with spear and normal face. “Hay, I’m ready to strike them up!!!”


With funny face. “Come in one more step we will see what I can do!!”


And the first victim. -0-
Ryofuko : “How do you dare to compare your self with me!! Take this punishment.!!!”
Kaito : Why meeeeee….


The last pictures Victory pose. >.<

For score

Sculpting 10 : I think she very cute. Well made figure and still doesn’t see any thing bad and defect.

Painting 9 : Nearly perfect just have a little stain. Well done.

Posing 8 : Have funny face and good application. If they give more arms and legs spare part it will be perfect.

Base 7 : Same as another nendoroid but look a bit fragile.

Packing 9 : Good packaging such as another in series.

Enjoyment 9 : Very enjoy when I play her but some part look a bit easy to brake such as her twin tails and tassel must be careful when play.


This review I wrote 2 month ago in Thai webbord and just translate it to English. Thank you for read my review. Hope you enjoy and get any thing useful form it.

See ya again next time.^0^

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Oh, really cute! ^^ I love her faces. :D
10 anno/i fa
Really much and helpful pics. And a nice review overall. Thanks for that!
10 anno/i fa
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
She does look cute, she just costs so much...x_x great review, I loved the pictures!
10 anno/i fa
Haha i love the faces on this one, might get it myself c:
Thanks for sharing!
10 anno/i fa
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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