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yurirainbowzyurirainbowz25 giorno/i faAsk MFC
Are there any collectors here that didn't attend university but still make a comfortable living and can afford the figures you want?

If you don't mind sharing, what's your career/job/etc?

Those who did attend higher education feel free to share too
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Higher education does not automatically guarantee a higher income. Just saying.
25 giorno/i fa
I'll try to keep it short: I dropped out of high school when I was 17 and then kicked out of my parents house shortly afterward (rightfully so). I lived out of a van, got arrested, got out, moved in with my dad, moved into a shitty apartment in the shittiest part of town, got a minimum wage job counting parts in the stock room at a computer company, moved up through assembly and then the final builds department, into computer testing, into IT dept., and now work as the senior sys admin for an IT firm.
25 giorno/i fa
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I'm working in a production company that makes customized signs and apparel, luckily landed from a friend from a previous job. I went to college for 2 years, dropped because of family problems and I wanted to focus on working full time to afford my own place. Moved out of home state and got into this hobby half a year ago and my income now is pretty decent imo, since I'm living with my fiance now but I still like to save as much money as I can while entertaining myself.
I might want to go back to pursue a proper career just to have a more fulfilling life in the near future
22 giorno/i fa
I'm in my fourth year of university but I earned a wild scholarship that has covered most of my tuition for the past four years and what my parents had saved up covers the rest. That, combined with living an hour away from school for the sweet sweet cheap room rental and buying groceries exclusively from the 50% off rack, means I am living quite comfortably off summer job savings and can afford a figure every now and then. Also figures are basically the only non-necessity I ever buy so pretty much all my free money goes towards them
23 giorno/i fa
I attended higher education and university and found that I did manage to find employment at the level of my higher education, but at the university level jobs are rare and require atleast 5 years experience. I still have to see if that degree will ever be of use...T_T

That said, I had to search for quite a while before someone was willing to take a chance on a freshly schooled university graduate (no PhD's option since my university only gave them to foreigners, due to the fact they where funded by their homeland, which was quite a harsh pill to swallow and is still a source of annoyance. The few dutchman that did got one, where all already employed by a company with ties to the university, which was only a handfull) but now that I've experience I managed to quickly get a new job last time, to the point, that I was but a day without salary. [Though I still got rejected by 90% of the applications, on pure basis that their was a big enough pool of people with more experience.]

The salary at the moment remains close to starter-salary, which was a conscience decision, to help aid my chances in the oversatured market. But it royal enough, to ensure that I can keep significantly saving up money to live a guilt-free live and yet indulge in my hobbies.

As for my job, I work as an chemical analyst in a lab.
23 giorno/i fa
I can afford it working in the summers as a lifeguard but I plan to study programming and maybe cybersecurity and I hope that's enough to keep doing what I love x)
24 giorno/i fa
I'm a college dropout (studied multimedia design) and after working a series of lower-paying jobs and then getting some work through a temp agency, I got lucky and landed my current job. I mainly do customer service and some administrative work. It's nothing glamorous, but it's comfortable and earns me a decent salary. Not exactly what I imagined for my life, but it's allowed me to move forward in my life - and my hobby. ;3
24 giorno/i fa
I'm in my third year at university. I'm not working at the moment since I'm studying abroad for a semester, but I've held various part-time jobs ever since I turned 16 and will return to my current job when I come home. I can afford things right now with money I've saved from my job, and because my parents cover most of my bills. Every now and then I get a little extra from things I'm able to resell online.

I'm working towards a BFA in Illustration, so I'll be damned if I can even afford the rent after I graduate.
24 giorno/i fa
carbonate (24 giorno/i fa) #31229325I am a shut-in; but, this hobby and its costs are catching up to me. Living off old reserve funds... Looking for jobs; but, continually procrastinating and missing good chances to leave home like I've done yesterday (good job opening at right city disappeared).
Any work is unpleasant and that is the truth - I simply didn't feel any growth or interest so far in unskilled jobs I held so far. It really makes your life an endless roundabout.

I feel you. You should check out Welcome to the NHK. Its one of my favorites
24 giorno/i fa
I'm a University grad, making $65k ish/yr, Has house & car mortgage (insurance too), has some financial support from my parents (mostly with down payment). Still able to buy a 3~5 figs per-month.

Same situation from my friend but highschool grad, $48k ish/yr, house mortgage, financial support from parents, still able to afford this hobby.

If you have a full-time job, you can surly spare some money on this hobby. Its about how you spend your extra money. Some people spend it on cloths, i spend it on figs.
24 giorno/i fa
i used to have a very part time job at a low key italian restaurant, and that really gave me the ability to buy figures since my parents bought all my needs, so any makeup or figures i wanted i could just buy (:

things are a little different now, since i had to quit that job for various reasons. for a small business type job, though, you don't even have to have a high school diploma/ged most of the time!
24 giorno/i fa
I study and save up money. Whatever I use it on, mainly goes to figures/ entertainment or friends. I also have a managed fund and work part-time at a restaurant.
24 giorno/i fa
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