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Heya lovely MFC members! (✿´꒳`)ノ°

It's been a while since my last Loot post. It took some time for stuff to get here this time.
Especially the Racing Miku, which was held captive at DPD headquarters for a while, but
enough of that. For anyone interested in that the story check Miku's paragraph. ^^

This time there is only really the Racing Miku from August - and the Manga. All other figures
and merch is older already. Many August things were delayed - what a surprise - so
the September Loot will probably be amazing, lol.

Well, let's start with the figures, like always. :3



First the lady I've been waiting for the most! Amakuni's Racing Miku. ITEM #549644
For anyone who doesn't care for a little story, I put Shipping hell in Spoiler tags. View spoilerHide spoilerSo, NY sent her out like 1 or 2 days after her release, and she got to
Europe after 3 or 4 days. Then I waited like 2 weeks for something to happen, because
usually when it gets to their Logistic Partner it takes maybe 1-3 days until you get your
tracking code and the package moves again. Not this time, lol. I opened a ticket on NY and
asked them what was going on with freaking DPD - of course much nicer then this xD - and I
got a response as soon as they opened up the next day. And on the following day I finally
got a tracking code. 2 days after that Miku finally shipped out. And arrived after 3 days I think.
You see NY can be quick and useful as well. xD

I was surprised when I saw how huge the Shipping box was! I think it was the biggest I ever
got, only beat by Stars Bless You Sakura. (・□・;) And when I opened it there was so much
paper!! And the figure box was wrapped in 4 layers of bubblewrap! Usually there is only one
layer of bubblewrap which doesn't even cover all sides of the box, so this was a nice surprise actually.
The first figure box I got from NY that doesn't have any blemishes, lol. That paper ocean
in that box puts even AmiAmi to shame! xD But it was needlessly big. Half the box size with
half the paper would have done the same job. But whatever, I guess.

Onto the figure itself, it is super cute and beautiful! I think it beats GSC's version for me.
But I'll make the final judgement when that one comes to me - which will be quite soon thanks to
EMS shipping my only choice on AmiAmi, lol. Maybe I'll keep both, though I planned on selling one of them,
buuuut who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



I just HAD to put her somewhere, because she is so lovely and cute. She's one of my fave figures now. ❤
Guess the better Racing Miku 2017 has already been chosen. xD I wanted to put her with the 1/8 figures on the bottom shelf first,
but she looked so huge next to them, so I put her in between all my Alter Idol Scales.
I think she fits well enough. They are all beautiful and cute. (๑♡⌓♡๑)
(Sorry for the crappy pic. >_<)
View spoilerHide spoiler[img]Picture will follow soon![/img]

The next cutie I got is Chika's Birthday figure! Chika ITEM #551710 and Kanan ITEM #551713
are the only ones I preordered, because they are the best in this set, and I'm not even the
biggest Chika fan. But this figure is the best out of the 9. She is so adorable and pretty.
I thought the costume would look boring, but Chika has quite a bit of red in there, because of
her skirt and also on the top part, and the yellow bow at the back. She is just perfect and not
boring at all. <3 The only other one I really want is You, because she is best girl. ( ˘ ³˘)♥



Who would have thought I'd go for yet another Idol-like series? Me. I thought it.
Omg, why did I ever lay eyes on Bandori?? xD Well, thank god there are only prize figures
being released, and the first one I got is Minato Yukina ITEM #672883
For a prize figure she is really great, with a few tiny complaints.



Some more pictures in the Spoiler. Something like a mini review.
View spoilerHide spoilerShe has amazing details for a prize.
Her outfit looks super awesome, just like the hairpiece and her face.







The issues I have with mine:
The color of her earring bled onto her left cheek and as her hair is in the way I don't know
how to even try to clean that. But it can't be seen from the front, so it's not that bad.
Still would love to clean it up somehow.


The feathers on her hairdress have some damage. Don't know how that is called.
Paint chip maybe? Not sure. And it has some black dots in the white parts
(can be seen in a picture above).


And the base came with some scratches. But they are hidden when the figure is put onto it.
Looks like the scratches originated from the figure being put on and taken off the base,
but Mandarake said it was unopened, so... I don't know.
And it's not bad either, so again, whatever.


All in all she is a great figure. Very big too. She is around the height of a 1/7 Scale.
Rin is a 1/8 for comparison.


Snow Miku 2016 Nendo was a spontaneous purchase from AmiAmi's preowned section.
Saw her for a bit more then 5k, which is cheap for her, so I snagged her! Snow Bell Miku is still my fave,
but this Snow Owl is super cute and fun as well! The only Snow Miku I still really want/need is
the Twinkle Snow version (2017), but that one is hard to find for a reasonable price. ╥﹏╥


Another more or less spontaneous figure I got is Myethos' Queen of Hearts. I had been looking
for her for some time now and thanks to a good friend on here I got her for a very good price
from Solaris Japan! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how cheap she was. xD
So, she wasn't planned, but how could I have let her go?? She is beautiful~ (≧∀≦)



After seeing how adorable Luffy's Grandista figure is, I just had to get him! ♡
Never wanted to get into any One Piece figure collectiong, but these are cheap and still look
awesome, so why not. Maybe the rest will look dumb, so I won't be getting more. Though I
really wish for an Ace to go with him. Zoro and Sanji are also on my Wishlist already.
Btw, if Sanji doesn't have an alternate heart-eyes head, then what's the point?? Lol. And Zoro
needs a sleepy face. xD And hopefully there will be a line for the ladies as well. Need a Nami and
Vivi at least. Nami with some dollar sign eyes on her alternate head please. xD



Away from figures and on to other merch, even though there isn't much at all.
I needed some fans, so I went for the cheapest and cutest I liked, lol. Some Love Live! ones.
I also wanted to get Riko, but she was unavailable! Boo! >.< The Yokai Watch one was just
funny (and cheap), so I got it, lol. And the folding one is from Bungou to Alchemist I believe?? Not sure.
I just wanted a new one to put in my bag, so I chose a pretty one that doesn't scream
"ANIME!!!" to everyone around. 。゚(TヮT)゚。



Last, but not least, some Manga again.
View spoilerHide spoilerI guess by now everyone can tell, that I'm a lover of Yaoi/BL. (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

With that we reached the end once again.
I hope I'll be able to get the September Loot post out quicker. I'll pray that nothing gets stuck
anywhere (Customs or delivery companies >.>) for too long. There will be figures, books and also
videogames in that one. Videogame heaven this last few months of 2018, at least for me. (☆▽☆)

See you in the next blog, whatever that may be! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ
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tomocchi Superneko
OujiRainu2 anno/i fa#40787495Great haul!
I'm in love with the queen of hearts, the base is very Alice inspired and the figure it self is very elegant~
The racing miku is very pretty and I like the pose!

Thanks! :)
Yeah, she is a great figure and I'm super happy to have her. Wish I would own Alice too. She is super cute as well. <3 White Rabbit should come out in October, but I think she'll be delayed.
2 anno/i fa
Great haul!

I'm in love with the queen of hearts, the base is very Alice inspired and the figure it self is very elegant~

The racing miku is very pretty and I like the pose!
2 anno/i fa
tomocchi Superneko
insanecha2 anno/i fa#40682068The Queen of Hearts looks so good! Nice haul!
She does, yes. Can't wait to see how the White Rabbit turns out! :D
And thank you. :)
2 anno/i fa
The Queen of Hearts looks so good! Nice haul!
2 anno/i fa
tomocchi Superneko
Aloren2 anno/i fa#40663571Great loot! Oh my goodness, that racing Miku is huge! Hope to get her in the future as I like this one’s pose more than the one by GSC.
Thanks! :3 And yes, she is huge. If she would stand upright she'd probably be a 1/6 Scale. Well, I'm already in love with this one. I don't think GSC one can beat her. xD
2 anno/i fa
yakushining your Highness
Great loot! Oh my goodness, that racing Miku is huge! Hope to get her in the future as I like this one’s pose more than the one by GSC.
2 anno/i fa