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Well hello there MFC!
Today I’m going to do a short review of Heart Humter Miku by Max Factory.

This is a stunning figure which I loved instantly.

So first let’s have a quick look at the box.


The box of this figure is really cute. I love the pink shades and the heart shaped cut out at the front.
The box offers a fantastic view of the figure inside.
Miku travelled across the world safe and sound. So the packaging must be a little sturdy.

Anyway, your not here for the box and I am not that good at describing the box haha.

So let’s move onto Miku.


So there she is. She’s stunning isn’t she!
She’s pretty tall, she fits in with my other 1/7 scale figures quite nicely.


One thing I love about this figure is the outfit. We get a mix of cute and creepy (my favourite). The colours match nicely with Mikus vibrant hair.
The pearlescent paint on the dress really makes this figure stand out.
The quirky design of the outfit gives Miku a slightly sexier look, however she still stays classy (because I recon Miku is a classy lady).
The little heart she stands on looks great. I love the tiny wings and the sculpt to show Miku is resting upon it.


The back of this figure looks fantastic. The details are just as stunning as the front.
The curves of Mikus body and the pose look great. Miku has a cute devilish tail and a pair of pretty nice wings. These can be seen nicely from the back.


The face sculpt on this figure is super pretty. The eyes are so big and bright. I love how cute Miku is as she looks to the side.
The hair looks lovely too, she has such a cute hairstyle and the figure definitely does her justice.

Well thank you for reading my review of Hatsune Miku by Max Factory. I am not a professional and these are just things I liked. I hope you enjoyed this little blog and I hope you like this cutie.
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I can't get over how gorgeous she is! Thanks for making a review on her!
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This Miku figure imo is one of the figures that stand out among the countless Mikus

Nice review
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I have to say, I'm not much of a Miku fan, mostly because of market saturation but honestly, this one by Max Factory is darling. Great sculpt, pose and use of color! I also like the fact that her twin tails are more conservative and don't flail all over the place like most of her other figures.

I just may have to put her on my wish list.

Thanks for sharing!

just a note, you might want to link her in your review ITEM #464629
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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