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[NSFW] What do you think of this ?[NSFW] What do you think of this ?

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This article is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18
Not sure how much of the following is true and how much not.

Apparently this was made by Takeshi Murakami and is called " My Lonesome Cowboy "

The guy supposedly worked with Lious Vuitton and also with Kid Cudi and Kanye on something.

My Lonesome Cowboy sold for 15 million dollars at Sotheby's.

Proceed at your own risk
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://www.upnito.sk/0/7bmpn3bzvyuhwunn37ajbcc39va3r3tm.jpg

There is also one more called Hiropon

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/89/42/dd/8942dd69bccfadd993cf3bb8e17213b6.jpg

View spoilerHide spoilerimgur.com/FCHoO...

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Do you think this is art ?

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^Literally my face when I opened the spoiler. I was prepared for something weird... but not that.
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I think it's art...but that doesn't mean I'd want to own it... DEF wouldn't pay to own it...LOL, but I can also say that about a LOT of the lewd figures here on MFC too...so oh well, to each their own. I'm sure someone would love to have this guy....he's kind of cute until you realize he has a damn lasso of jizz...nice touch. :D
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Ah good ol Murakami.
These are actually pretty old.
They were some of the earliest 1/1 scale scale figures.
If u wanna see something freaky, he's also done 3 meter since then. (www.youtube.com...)

To answer the question of whether they are are art or not, you've gotta look at the context.

From a figure collectors perspective:
Murakami was, in a way, how I became interested in figures.
You see while Lonesome cowboy, and Hiropon, and Miss Ko2, and others may be from Murakami's 'concept', they are actually sculpted by one of the biggest figure sculptors in the industry, BOME ENTRY #8560.
BOME was one of the first mainstream sculptors working with General Products (later Gainax) and Kaiyodo.
I first came to know BOME through Murakami and I love his work to bits and pieces.
So yes, from that perspective these are art. As any figure is art.

Looking at it from the high-art perspective, they are also unfortunately art. Because the art world will pay big bucks for anything with a nice statement.
And in the early 2000s Murakami had a hell of a statement.
He rode the wave of 'Cool-Japan', showing the western world that weird-japanese-cute-perverted-japanimation-thing that they wanted.
(While not being that much of an otaku himself tbh. He essentially used the community to propel himself into the limelight. He showed a popular face to his western buyers, while talking shit to his japanese audience.)
Because of this, and a fair number of other things, he has a very spotty reputation.
And ya he did work with Vuitton and Kanye.

Overall, the history of the Superflat movement is REALLY interesting!!
I don't remember everything quite as well anymore, but lemmie know if you wanna know anything. I love this subject.

A couple really good books to check out on the subject are 'Summon monsters? Open the Door? Heal? Or Die?' and 'Before and After Superflat'
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Art it is. But weird it is, too.
You have to ask yourself. If you think it's art, then it's art, else it's not. Someone else might think different. There is no committee that dictates if something is art or not. And the ones who do, they just want your money.
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Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
It certainly is art, the shock factor makes it even better, it will forever be engraved into people's minds.
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Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
migur (7 mese/i fa) #36545290i like the guy, is he for sale?

Many Years ago I saw him as Garage Kit somewehere for sale xD
This guy hunts me since I started Garage Kits xD
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These are hilarious. XD
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Yes, he created two of Kanye's album covers. Interestingly he's famous in the west, but he isn't exactly well-received in Japan.
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Well that's enough internet for today....
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I was assigned to do a presentation on Murakami in my first year of college so it was no shock to me lol. It's art, but I do prefer a lot of his 2D work.

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