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Hello MFC! I’m finally back here with a loot blog after a loooong time. My last loot blog was literally 3 years ago! I was on a long hiatus from this hobby and I only returned here about 2 months(?) back and got back into figure collecting. My July haul is pretty hefty compared to what I usually get per month, so I decided to share it with you all! Keep in mind that this is a loot post so it will be a picture-heavy blog. Additional photos will be hidden under a spoilers section. Keep in mind that this blog post consists of one (1) NSFW image. Let’s get into it!


We’re greeted by the usual mount of paper and thank you card.


July’s card features a summer themed Amico and Lilco.


Bye bye paper, hello new pile of loot!


Let’s start off with the small items.
This one is a bit of a random purchase — a Yuri on Ice x Sanrio characters acrylic stand (ITEM #598030). It was in the pre-owned section for only around ¥400 sealed, so I thought why the heck not!


It’s so cute!


I also grabbed this adorable Yuuri x Yuri rubber strap (ITEM #536189) off the sale section for ¥350.



And that’s about it for the tiny goodies — on to the main event: FIGURES!

Starting off we have this long awaited Cu-poche Friends Alice (ITEM #430675). I’ve always liked Alice in Wonderland stuff and she was WAY too adorable, so I bit the bullet and got her even though she was a bit expensive including the add-on set. She’s also my first Cu-poche (and probably the only one ever).



The faceplates + twin tails Cu-poche Extra set (ITEM #604664) for added cuteness!


(I fiddled with this set a little bit and even filmed an unboxing video of it. Not sure when I’ll edit and upload it though.)


This Alice Cu-poche is too adorable! She’s really playable and well worth the money I spent on her. She’s also more similar to a doll rather than a figure which I really love!


This Yuri Plisetsky Casual Version Nendoroid (ITEM #604424) was kind of a last-minute add on as I only completed the series nearing the end of July and then realized that he was to be released in the same month. I decided to make him part of my July loot fearing that he’d be sold out quickly! It also makes sense that he’s my first Yuri on Ice Nendoroid as he’s my favorite character in the show :D


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Little Yurio in his blister packaging.
I actually dig this new style of packaging despite some of the complaints. It’s more compact and nicer-looking overall.


Little Yurio with all his parts and accessories. Which is not a lot at all. This just makes you realize how expensive Nendoroids have become... ;-;
Sakura Miku figure not included! lol


And here we have little Yurio texting his parents *cough* Viktor and Yuuri *cough* because he’s lonely and hoping that they’ll come join him soon :-(



Next up we have the finally released Nendoroid D.Va: Classic Skin Edition (ITEM #650052)! I don’t play the game but D.Va has always been my favorite Overwatch. She’s so quirky and cute and I love her character design!


Probably the biggest drawback of this Nendo is the lack of a full-sized MEKA. I mean, they could’ve easily included one in a separate DX version at a much higher price... they probably just wanted to make it affordable for everyone but I personally WOULD splurge on the DX version.

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D.Va in her blister packaging.


This time GSC packaged her additional parts in separate piece of blister attached on the back of the main blister. I’ve heard some complaints about ITEM #613791 in which her additional parts were only being packaged in plastic wrap hidden behind the main blister, so I’m really glad they changed it to a more secure method of packaging this time around!


D.Va with all her parts and accessories. She comes with a fair amount of stuff.


And here we have D.Va posed with her tiny (lol) MEKA! Some people have been complaining about her elbow joints and I do agree that they’re a little loose and flimsy, but they don’t really bother me too much. Overall, I love how well executed she is as a Nendoroid, especially her proportions in Nendoroid size. She’s already one of my favorites!



Next up we have this beauty, the 1/5th scale Super Sonico Package version by Orchid Seed (ITEM #198372)! I’ve always eyed this figure a lot and I especially like this Berry version of it. So when she popped up on AmiAmi’s pre-owned section for only about ¥9500 in A/B condition, I knew I had to get her!


The box is HUGE. Seriously. I’ve never gotten a figure this gigantic before. Just look at her next to my 1/10th scale Sakura Miku. She’s a giant.


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Here’s Sonico in her blister.


Out of the box and mounted on her stand. What a beauty!
I actually broke off one of her tiny shoelaces when mounting her on. My heart aches just thinking about it. Thank god I managed to glue it back on just fine.



Some more photos because this figure definitely deserves them.



She’s a cast-off figure, she here’s Sonico without her bra-top. *peeks*


She’s a gorgeous figure and definitely stands out in my collection right now! The ¥9500 spent on her was well worth it :D


Last but by means no least, the pièce de résistance of this loot: The 1/8th scale Ultimate Madoka by Aniplex (ITEM #490595) which I got from AmiAmi’s special sale. The box is obviously HUGE as well and slightly damaged ;; Even the tape couldn’t hold it together because it’s just so thick and heavy.



Let’s get to unboxing her!
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The goddess trapped in her blister. She’s very well protected with tons of plastic and foam pieces.


Her wings were packaged in a separate blister on the back, along with more plastic.


And here she is out of her plastic hell and mounted on her base. Look at the goddess in all her glory!



One thing I really want to mention though, is her size. She’s HUGE and looks closer to 1/7 to me. I don’t know. It’s probably just her dress that makes her appear large overall. She’s also a very, very solid figure.

I am utterly mesmerized.


Look at that face! I love the glossy touch they added to her eyes.


Her base is gorgeous and its size is just right. That galaxy paintwork on her dress looks crazy good.


Finally, some comparison shots.
With ITEM #166616


With ITEM #156684


With ITEM #360476 (this one is listed as 1/7 but is closer to a 1/6th scale)


Honestly, this masterpiece isn’t even considered to be part of the “anime figure” category anymore — it’s a sculpture. An intricate work of art. Not to mention, with this level of detail, I’d consider its price point of ¥16,000 to be on the lower side. The quality of the figure is top-notch and comparable to Alter’s quality, yet has a much more reasonable price tag. Stronger is easily one of my favorite companies for scale figures right now.


And there you have it, my July AmiAmi loot! There wasn’t much commentary as I’m not the best at writing and reviewing, but I did the best I could. I hope you enjoyed reading! See you again in my next loot blog.


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Great loot post with lovely photos and figures :D
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moonstarfc2 anno/i fa#38418344Great loot, I also ordered Ultimate Madoka from AmiAmi's special sale and I can't wait to get her.Jess-chan2 anno/i fa#38419369Very nice loot!!ChocolateSpider2 anno/i fa#38424792This is a very cute loot. Congrats on getting that Sonico. I'm still waiting for my D.Va Nendoroid from BigInJap. Hopefully my queen of Mountain Dew and Doritos will be here soon. <3Stacycmc2 anno/i fa#38428663Love that little Alice figure, those are so dang cute! Grats on all your awesome loots, and thanks for sharing with us!! :D
Thank you all! :D
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victorviper2 anno/i fa#38417259Berry Sonico is one of my favorite figures. The color of her swimsuit is really distinctive, and she's huge!
Nice loot!
BlueRaven2 anno/i fa#38428771Very awesome loot! Nice score on the Berry version of Super Sonico, she really is a such a "super" gorgeous figure. :)
Thank you! She’s beautiful and she really does stand out a great deal in my collection right now. I’m really glad I got her!
2 anno/i fa
Very awesome loot! Nice score on the Berry version of Super Sonico, she really is a such a "super" gorgeous figure. :)
2 anno/i fa
Love that little Alice figure, those are so dang cute! Grats on all your awesome loots, and thanks for sharing with us!! :D
2 anno/i fa
This is a very cute loot. Congrats on getting that Sonico. I'm still waiting for my D.Va Nendoroid from BigInJap. Hopefully my queen of Mountain Dew and Doritos will be here soon. <3
2 anno/i fa
Very nice loot!!
2 anno/i fa
Great loot, I also ordered Ultimate Madoka from AmiAmi's special sale and I can't wait to get her.
2 anno/i fa
Berry Sonico is one of my favorite figures. The color of her swimsuit is really distinctive, and she's huge!

Nice loot!
2 anno/i fa
solluxcaptor2 anno/i fa#38408224Nice loot! Madoka is really beautiful
Thank you, she’s magnificent!
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