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Guertena’s Art Gallery… in my room! (Ib collection +more)Guertena’s Art Gallery… in my room! (Ib collection +more)

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In this article I want to present what is quite a big part of my collection: the beautiful horror game Ib! Man, doing this article only now sure feels weird! I’ve been collecting Ib merchandise for more than 5 years now, and while I always showcased some of it through pictures, other blog entries, comments on items’ pages etc., I never found the perfect timing to publish an article covering the entire thing, but I think today is the closest to perfect that it’s gonna get!

What was that game again…?
Ib is a free PC horror game made with RPG Maker back in 2012 and was quite popular in 2013. It follows the story of a little girl named Ib (Eve) that, while visiting an art gallery, is suddenly trapped in there all alone with the paintings and statues coming to life and attacking her. Later, she meets a young man named Garry and a girl her age named Mary, each one’s life connected to a rose they’re carrying (red for Ib, blue for Garry, yellow for Mary), wounds appearing as the rose loses its petals ultimately resulting in death. They try to find an exit together, however, as we learn the truth about the gallery and characters, it’s becoming apparent this may not be possible for all of them.

Ib was one of the first pseudo-RPG/pixel-horror games of its kind (a very honorable mention at this point is obviously Yume Nikki, which was still way earlier and is the most popular game by far, which is well deserved imo). It was my introduction to the genre and helped me find so many more similar games I absolutely love (Yume Nikki, Majo no Ie, Misao, The Crooked Man, OFF…), but Ib’s plot and worldbuilding somehow fascinated and impacted me like barely another series/game did and I haven’t been able to shake it off in all these years. In terms of (official) merchandise, it got a lot more than I ever expected it would – it even had its own Onlineshop! Still it wasn’t very easy to have a big collection, as every store that sold Ib merch required a proxy (so expensive!), and its title with just two letters / mores (in Japanese) made it such a pain to search for in the aftermarket. My collection is probably complete at this point – I know of some more things I would like to have, but have never seen for sale in the aftermarket ever, and since searching is NO fun, I’ve pretty much given up on them. But that sounds so negative lol, I’m EXTREMELY content and happy with what I have!

That’s why today, I want to show it to all you guys!


Comparison pic from roughly one year ago: myfigurecollect.... Isn’t it so much cleaner and prettier now! ♡
Going shelf by shelf, starting at the top (check the pictures in my gallery for linked items!):


ITEM #137443. One of the very few doujin goods I have of Ib. I always forget to change the months lmao.


Garry’s/”Blue” shelf! Since I (sadly </3) don’t have a centerpiece for him like I do with Ib and Mary, I put the Blue Doll items with him as it matches both the plot and color scheme! That is also the reason I put him on top, bit higher than ideal for me – there’s no specific eyecatcher item I wanted to be seen immediately. The biggest Blue Doll plush is doujin made and released way before the official was even announced; otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but I still like it lots!

The 3D picture frame with all his rubber straps, badges, etc. is IKEA RIBBA, to which I added foam in the character’s respective color and ITEM #311766. Lastly, I added satin rose petals in the respective color as well!

Garry also has some items featuring all chars like the glass ITEM #311761 (because it’s blue) or postcard (because he just had the most space lol). I even have a Dakimakura of him, made by SIERRANHAYNES, that is sadly stored away for now due to lack of space.

His Chibi GK ITEM #284213 I found pre-painted in a set of all three, here’s an old loot pic of them!


Garry’s rose broke during shipping, and upon further handling Ib’s did too, but that was easy enough to fix.


Main girl! ♡ FINALLY including her GK ITEM #143334, that I owned for years and failed miserably at painting and assembling myself, masterfully done by the wonderful IMHISETERNALANGEL.


That’s why she’s on the second shelf; perfect eyelevel for me at 5’4”.

The framed fanart was given to me as gift by RENTORAH when I bought the pillow and cup & saucer you see from her, so nice!


I’m Maaaryyy~. Another breathtaking GK ITEM #142056 by IMHISETERNALANGEL.


Her beautiful base is the reason she’s on third shelf, below eyelevel so I can see it better! The framed fanart is by the sculptor and was included with the GK.


Monster or miscellaneous shelf! There’s so many stationery items that I intended to actually use but I’m a lazy butt in Uni so I never did lol, but since they’re not too amazing items by themselves I’m just using them as background or risers.
Some things were paid and therefore technically given to me by LITTLEXCHAN and I did the same for her in return – we helped each other out with proxy orders at that time and rather than being so exact with the money, we took turns or evened things out another way, that was very cool.
Missing are ITEM #311471 (stored away) and ITEM #131236 (using, stored with my other tote bags) due to lack of space and since they just repeat the pattern from the mug anyway.

The little frame has all the scraps of paper that were included with the pins (ENTRY #84625). I scanned and translated them for you guys (no spoilers at all)!
TranslationClose #1 (Ib with the rose in vase): Let’s buy flowers… when decorating the house with pretty flowers, you’ll become happy… maybe. Lucky Item are roses.

#2 (Mary drawing Abyss of the Deep): Let’s paint a large picture! When painting a large picture into a large sketchbook, you get a good feeling… funny! Lucky Item is of course a sketchbook!

#3 (Ib and Mary): Let’s have fun with friends! Let’s go play at many different places, visit flower fields, collect shells at the beach together with friends… looking forward to it! Lucky Item is a house key!

4# (Ib helping the eye): Let’s help someone. If someone is in trouble, one should help. Even if it’s not a human, helping someone gives you a good feeling. Lucky Item is… eye medicine.

#5 (Ib and the small bird): Let’s treasure animals. Ants, Birds, Snakes, Bunnies… when being friends with many different animals, a good thing will happen… maybe. Lucky Item is lemon candy.

#6 (Garry and the mannequin head): Be careful not to break things. Do you sometimes break things because you’re not careful enough? If you don’t watch out… you’ll regret it later! Lucky Item is a lighter.

#7 (Ib and the ant painting): Finding what you’re looking for. If you try really hard, you can find things that were long lost. Probably. Lucky Item is a watch.

#8 (Garry with Untitled): Let’s visit an art gallery. How about a painting’s exhibition in an art gallery from time to time? You might find a piece that leaves an impression on you, or make a new acquaintance! Lucky Item is a white handkerchief.

#9 (Mary tripping over the mannequin head): Be careful not to hurt yourself. If you don’t watch out, you might trip and fall! Be careful when you run! Lucky Item is definitely a crayon!! ... now, back to playing catch!

#10 (Garry with the macarons): Let’s visit a café. Don’t you want to see a café that you’ve never been to before? It might require a little bit of courage, but maybe it will become your favorite place to go! Lucky Item are macarons!

Then there’s a total of 4 doujin artbooks; one is ITEM #276593, one has been a gift by SIERRANHAYNES and the other two I bought because they went for the in-game artstyle which I love very much! I took some pics of my favorite pages from each one (might have spoilers)!

ITEM #276593
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/180703/epo6m674.jpg

Its Ib page (+ OFF), and my favorite page (Yume Nikki)!

The one Sierra gave me
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/180703/kdyirxmi.jpg

Her page (right side), and another page I love!

ITEM #580940
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs1.directupload.net/images/180703/cq84iyxm.jpg

ITEM #580941
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs1.directupload.net/images/180703/iyay2xgr.jpg

(dunno why they flip every time I upload, they’re fine in my files…)

And that is all I have. Thank you for reading or taking a look, I hope you enjoyed this sub-collection of mine that I’m quite proud of! Especially of my (pretty much) one-of-a-kind items like the GKs, or what I got as gifts! As you saw there was even quite a number of MFC users involved which makes my collection very cool to me and fun remembering when I look at it.
I suppose this makes for a nice opportunity to thank all these lovely girls that helped with this collection in any way I described! THANK YOU!!! I love and treasure everything very much, everyday!

Hope you’re having a nice day, and thanks for having been here :)

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BlueLobster (7 mese/i fa) #38809187snip
Thank YOU for your kind words! They mean a lot. ;; I never thought my silly love for this game that only got a temporarily hype many years ago would still actually get someone to look it up after all this time! Comments like these make me the happiest ;; I'm so glad you enjoyed it that much!
Hahaha I agree on the Blue Doll issue xD It's a mix of pure practicality (I just noticed that I had much more and much larger stuff of the monsters than of Garry lol (coincidentally he's also the only one out of the three I don't have framed fanart or specific items like the cushion of... poor boy)), fitting colors, and a cruel joke lmao.
I'm happy you seem to be a long-term fan/supporter of ImHisEternalAngel, God knows she deserves every single one and many more!! Thanks for your comment <3
7 mese/i fa
Thank you for sharing your collection! The shadow boxes and rose petals really make the individual character shelves stand out. I couldn't help but snicker at Garry sharing his shelf with the blue dolls, but color and story-wise its very much linked to him so even if I feel a little bad I think its very fitting. The Mary GK looks great and the detail of her stepping on the blue petals brings about so much feels. Actually its thanks to ImHisEternalAngel's post of your Ib commission that I even found out about this game. I was so intrigued by all the little details and the surreal elements that I had to play the game to find out more. So a big thank you to you both for introducing me to such a wonderful and enchanting game!
7 mese/i fa
Jaou (7 mese/i fa) #38668069snip
Thank you so much <3 I hope you'll enjoy playing again and that you can snatch some of the merch in the near future! I'm glad my article inspired you to! \^-^/
7 mese/i fa
I remember the first time hearing about this game and of course playing it like it was yesterday! I love it so much and hope to get some nice merch of it as well :) I think I will go play it once more now
Really nice collection thank you for showing
7 mese/i fa
Snape (7 mese/i fa) #38612872snip
Aww thanks! I'm glad it did!
WindsorSeven (7 mese/i fa) #38615764snip
Lmao! Well, Ao Oni did get two anime even and weren't those... something. Still no real HQ/artsy figures and at least Ib has those ColorColle, I guess that's the most we can ever ask for lol, but yes, fingers crossed!
7 mese/i fa
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Memyandi (7 mese/i fa) #38600506
I've admired your profile for ages! ;;;; I agree, I think Yume Nikki and Ib had the biggest chances out of so many amazing games of their kind to be picked up by a larger company and have Nendoroids / pre-painted scale figures made of them, and it's so saddening to see that even them didn't make it ><"

LOL, oh God /quickly makes sure everything is up to snuff. Thank you! I really thought Gokuto Jihen was going to get something, as it got quite a bit of merch and a manga series (which I think everything does honestly, so no big surprise there). Sigh, I guess figures only come when an anime does. So...that's something to keep looking forward to yeah?
7 mese/i fa
love this! i was just thinking about ib for the first time in a while a few days ago. what a great game. your collection made me smile :)
7 mese/i fa
whatdoyouwish (7 mese/i fa) #38598640snip
Haha aw thanks, that's so sweet!
I thank the Lord everyday for these GKs. It's a mircale I even got them, but commissioning and working with ImHisEternalAngel was such a joyful experience as well!
WindsorSeven (7 mese/i fa) #38599648snip
I've admired your profile for ages! ;;;; I agree, I think Yume Nikki and Ib had the biggest chances out of so many amazing games of their kind to be picked up by a larger company and have Nendoroids / pre-painted scale figures made of them, and it's so saddening to see that even them didn't make it ><"
7 mese/i fa
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I really really really wish more of these types of games would get merch, figures, etc. I haven't played Ib, but I have played all of Mogeko's games, Gokuto Jihen, Alicemare, and a handful more. Like you, I try to buy what I can (mainly doujinshi lol...) but ugh if we could just get some figures or something that would make my life 2304x easier. C'mon, who doesn't want a Wadanohara xhttps://pa1.narvii.com/6204/4c2b923d3fa60ebf8fd16055080cb87bacdb559d_hq.gif nendoroid?
7 mese/i fa
I admit I'm SOOOO envious of your incredible garage kits! Ib is my favorite RPGmaker game so I really admire your collection~
7 mese/i fa
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