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Giving Life to Old Stickers 2: Electric BoogalooGiving Life to Old Stickers 2: Electric Boogaloo

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A miniature follow up to my previous "Giving Life to Old Stickers" post and tangentially related to my "Sewing an Itabag" post.

So I've been a little dissatisfied with my sticker situation on my itabag, since there's no real clear good way to use them. I currently have them converted to magnets, but still there wasn't a good way to use it in an itabag display.

What to do, what to do.

Lately I've been on an enamel pin kick, and probably gonna have to get intervention soon due to my addiction to them, haha.
How many pins is too many? I have more on other bags too.

How are enamel pins and stickers related, you wonder? Answer: jewelry pin backings.

I bought a set of these years ago, never really used them. Suddenly I got inspired. What if I just turn my stickers into pins! Genius!

This is gonna be good.

So I stuck a magnet onto the pin backing...

Then put my sticker turned magnet onto the magnet + pin backing

And voila! I now have a sticker I can still use as a magnet AND have a brand new display option for it in an itabag! No longer will I have to stare at my itabag and wish I can have my sticker in it! Viva la itabag!

You can of course just glue the sticker (on a stiffer backing) straight onto the pin backing, but I like to keep my options open myself so I think my magnet solution keeps me happy. I wouldn't recommend this to putting it on something without protection. Itabags are so great because they protect your merch within, but if you try to use this method to just stick it plain on a bag, I don't think it would be very sturdy unfortunately.

Thanks for reading!
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This is a nice idea! Thanks for sharing!
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I love this idea!

I think before putting them on a bag or wearing them I'd coat the stickers in resin myself, just for an extra layer of protection.
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