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Was there a MFC site update or something?. Or is just me?

I'm on laptop and most of the empty space on the sides is gone now and this site is much more pleasant to use and read.

Please keep it like this.
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Thank you for the update.
My profile will require a bit of reformating but it's always good to have more space.
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I have noticed on mobile that the calibration has been sorted out now with this update :)
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the new notification kinda ..... zZz now I have to click in every single in my notification tab to view the comments or pictures.
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I've noticed this, for me it's a negative because I have to zoom out on websites where everything takes up too much space and MFC was one of the few sites before where I could view it at full resolution... It's not a big deal though.
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Finally a change that I don't hate! Really good that the POTD section has been enlarged!
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i like this change but i do wish there was some changelog sometimes
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W00t! Now I feel less guilty since my collection shrunk by a few pages :P
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Kaneel on Ice
Yeah the main body of the site is finally back to the old dimensions.

I know people might have been gotten used to the slimmer main body, but man, that change screwed over so many blog entries, where you carefully resized and placed pictures and text, into oblivion without a notice what so ever back then.

At least one thing is back for good, but of course without giving anyone heads up at all, so some things don't change after all ... ._. .
Now fix those damn bugs we have been fighting against for months
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What's this? A change for the better????

THUD (collapses from sheer and utter shock)
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Lilie2 anno/i fa#39363918Yeah. I like this change :-D. Also isn't there more room for text per row now as well?.Yup, spot on. One other thing would that would make this update even better, is something to fill up the white space below your profile picture.
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