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October 2018 Loot: A Productive Month, New Additions.October 2018 Loot: A Productive Month, New Additions.

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After this month started off lousy and then things got crummy ended up spending most of the month working hard on getting things cleaned out and focused efforts into doing sales and because of that work was able to pick up a few things after spending what feels like all of the month doing nothing but work ended up securing the main figure for the month and then got a few more things in after budgeting things well.

The first thing added to the collection for this part of the month was ITEM #464731 she was worth getting since I'm loving the details on Altina and she's beautiful so it was worth doing the work to get this one and feels like I'll be happier seeing this one on the desk as a little reminder about what to do when things get to where plans change.

Feels odd to attach that particular thought to Altina but with the way things have been changing getting to work solved the current month's problem...okay getting to looking at Altina she's gorgeous and I love the colors and details on her figure and it makes me wish they would release some more Altina figures good thing there is another one coming out next year ITEM #549658 but she's really expensive so that means I'll have to do more work then to afford that one or I can work on sticking to my current plans to save up money for next year's Pre-orders to allow for a expensive figure like that.


Managed to get Altina from the same seller that ITEM #117206 came from so salvaged that part of this month's plans through doing work on cleaning out the collection so that's helped with keeping me fairly Sane this month staying focused on getting Altina.

Ended up getting a few things off Amazon this month and after spending what feels like a couple of months watching the figure's price drop ended up grabbing the Kotobukiya Star Wars Art FX Poe Dameron and BB-8 ITEM #499952 set along with a few Star Wars figures and the Solo Soundtrack! -Plus new Headphones since I needed those due to the wiring messing up on my old ones.


I love these Art FX 2 Packs, they are neat when they release sets like this I keep wanting Kotobukiya to release a Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Gear with R2-D2 set since that would be super cool to have.

One of my favorite Transformers arrived today, bought it back in September and it took what felt like forever to get here but Takara's Optimal Optimus ITEM #676203 arrived and he's a cool looking Triple Changer from the Beast Wars series and has been a favorite of mine for a long time.


Managed to get out at last to check for things locally the the other day and found a few things that were on my list at Target: Transformers Target Exclusive Soundwave and Black Series 6" Hoth Princess Leia ended up getting a small Ghostbusters Ecto-1 since it was a nice looking little vehicle, should have gotten the Matchbox Jurassic Park classic Jeep they had along with Dr. Grant's figure but passed on it so that will be the next thing to get since I'm tempted to start collecting miniature cars again.


Along with getting Optimal Optimus in today it was one of those days where a lot of stuff came in and usually after this I don't feel that urge to add anything else in for a while managed the limited budget pretty well this month and staying motivated to clean things out has helped to keep me on track this month.


Still need to pick up the latest comics for the series that I'm currently following so that may be the last thing to work on this month along with compiling November's to get list.

Still focused on picking up some things next month and the Bleach Excellent Model Rangiku ITEM #413 should be coming in next month since it's another figure that was picked up from overseas so another long wait for her to get in and the last additions for the month should arrive before the end of next week since managed to squeeze in ITEM #688021 and working on getting ITEM #514125 so after the month started off lousy it's still lousy but getting these in this week has made things a little better so I'm fairly content with this latest round of additions to the collection.

Couldn't resist Saber this month so that's part of the reason why she managed to find her way into this month's additions to the collection.

I need to keep working on getting things moved out of the collection, this was a nice amount spent but it fit within the limited budget for the month so all things considered getting 1 figure that cost a lot and a few other smaller things worked out well after limiting trips out things have worked out too so right now no major plans for the rest of the month and I'll spend the rest of the month working on cleaning out the Trek collection.
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Altina is indeed cute and my favorite of your loot.
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