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So recently ive stumbled upon a local seller of God Eater Figures he want gone for $45 each, they are great figures in great condition, catch is. No Box. im not that picky about boxes of figures but i do make a point to buy boxed figures if possible. in the end i bought them, feels incomplete w/o the box but $98 (including shipping of $8) seems like a fair price for the 2. what do you guys think?

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I keep all my boxes except for like, trading figures. It's come in handy for moving, and for when I sold off a huge chunk of my collection to a local store. I just put them on the top shelf of my closet or in bins.
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Ruttsu2 anno/i fa#45815531Unfortunately, that's also how many bootlegs are sold.

This is a good point.

But as long as figures are legit + in good enough shape (are you just going to display anyway? etc), you can always replace them if you find good deal on boxed down the line.

Or maybe someone crazy enough to sell just box (it happens).

I don't know anything price wise or what they're supposed to look like officially, so I can't give any more opinion.
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Tomoe neL killed my wallet
I buy figurines without their boxes too. I don't have an issue with it and haven't had an issue with it in my years of collecting. If anything, I tend to have more issues with figurines with boxes that weren't packaged carefully enough than packaged without. I think it's pretty easy enough for me to get some packing peanuts or bubble wrap and head down to the local drugstore and get a nice sizeable container to store a loose figure or two (maybe even multiple ones for the smaller figurines like nendoroid petits) for around $2-4, and bam, there - a future box.
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Man, the first thing I do is cut up the box for parts. If you take away the MIB status, the monetary value goes away and all that's left is personal enjoyment. (That philosophy helps determine if a figure's really worth buying in the first place, too.)

As long as you're sure the goods are legit, heck yeah, buy them unboxed and save yourself some moneh!
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Ruttsu2 anno/i fa#45815531Unfortunately, that's also how many bootlegs are sold.
Sad but true this is one of the reasons I hate bootlegs. They end up devaluing your collection unless you keep all this cardboard.
My solution is to cut out the authentication stickers by cutting that part of the box
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Unfortunately, that's also how many bootlegs are sold.
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Maybe it's because I'm a new collector fresh from the wallet womb, but I love all my boxes and could never think about throwing them away. I'm sure someone's shaking their head at my naivety but that's just my mindset right now. We'll cross the bridge when we get there.

Also I'm a perfectionist and a completionist so "no box" is not a possibility for me. I'll feel bothered otherwise. I already feel bothered when I miss out on shop exclusives so I'll settle much less for the box.

But if it's a really good deal and you don't care too much for their specific boxes, then why not?
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I never mind if a figure doesn't come with a box as long as the figure itself is in good condition! The box will just take more room anyways! If you have to move or ship it again for some reason there's ways to do that safely too.
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Honestly to me, boxes are just another method to keep a figure safe during shipping. I only keep very few boxes and those get flattened. I toss all nendo and figma boxes and put the parts into organizers.

Boxes take up space I could put more figures in anyway!
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Personally I never cared about whether a figure comes with a box or not.

I tend to thrift so I guess beggars can't be choosers, but I've never had a bad experience as I am exceedingly careful about who I buy from, so I really don't see the point of fussing over boxes. Don't we buy figures for.. well, the figures?
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