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A Quantum Leap Forward In Your Japanese Import Experience

The Denkigai dungeonThe Denkigai dungeon

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Hello there,

On december 28 I visited Denkigai Matsuri. For those who do not know what that is: it is a convention where eroge developers and shops sell game related merchandise.
Because of its nature, it is only for visitors who are 18 years or older.

I was held this time in Tokyo at the Belle Salle near Takadanobaba station (try to say that 10 times fast).

To get an idea what to expect there I bought a guide book beforehand:

It contained some nice R18 illustrations, so it was good to have anyway.

Here are some NSFW artwork examples:
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Libido Soft:

And Nana Wind:

Finding the location was relatively easy (also due to the fact that I did some reconnaissance work) and the convention itself was held in the basement of the complex; for this occasion it could be in a way seen as some sort of dungeon, tucked away from the rest of the world.

It was not too big (for Japanese standards anyways) and because of that it was reasonably crowded:


I had no real expectations, so I went for the booths with the nicest artwork. The first of those was Alcot:

Their booth wasn’t too crowded, so I took a good look there. From them I bought an acrylic figure stand that looked nice and didn’t take up much space:

Then there was the booth of Saga Planets. I really liked the moe artwork from them, so I decided to get something there as well:

This booth however was much more popular, so after receiving a form on which you could indicate what you wanted to buy, I moved to the end of the queue, which was relatively long:

It moved relatively quickly though:

When it was my turn, I bought 2 acrylic figure stands from the game Kiniro Loveriche (yep, two more). It’s modest, but it was enough for me:

After that, I walked around a bit to gaze at all the goodies at the venue.
Some booths were quite creative in their appearance:

Most had larger items for sale, like dakimakuras or blankets (like this booth from whirlpool):

Those were nice and all, but I had to think about whether I would have space for it (or use). I didn’t think I would, so I didn’t buy any of those.
Some were really nice to look at though, which made wish I had more room at home…

When I see the name of that developer, I somehow picture their logo as being a urinal or something like that:

Picatto Anime was selling illustrations on canvas, framed or unframed:

Some other booths; on the right was someone carrying a big merchandise list from Clip Craft, but I wasn’t really fond of the artwork on their merchandise:

They did have some big pop-up standees though:

After a while I had seen all there was to be seen, so I left the site and headed back to the station.

Denkigai is one of the smaller events. It is for quite a niche market and if you didn’t know about it you would not even notice where it was held. There was quite a crowd though, so there is a market for it and the goods there are of good quality, so if you fit into the demographic you could certainly succeed there and be happy.
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Never heard of this event before, so thanks for this blog! :D I've recommended the event to a couple of friends of mine who are eroge fans. They woud love it there. :) For me, it's too specific into the eroge niche to enjoy I think.
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Alicesoft's Evenicle 2 was on the cover of that guide.

I was really hoping to get some of Alicesoft's merch, but nothing really appeared on Y! Auctions. They did say that it may appear later on their online store though.

In any case, it looked like you had a good time.
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WanderingWastrel (2 mese/i fa) #48118660Were those pop-up standees available for sale, or were they just there as advertisement/decoration?
They were only for decoration.
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Were those pop-up standees available for sale, or were they just there as advertisement/decoration?
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Ohh i think i would splurge there xD i love ero stuff.. did they perhaps have anything of tabe koji or gyaru? Thats even better hehe :D

Looks really awesome and the first acrylic you bought would be the fav of mine (never been into moe stuff much guess thats why ) looks really pretty, especially that dress/kimono!

And it looks dark and dungeon like indeed xD good to know, will write this event down for my list when i go to japan thanks for the blog
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A Quantum Leap Forward In Your Japanese Import Experience

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