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January 2019: 9 Years on MFC, Plans Changing again.January 2019: 9 Years on MFC, Plans Changing again.

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As this year starts I have been here on MFC for 9 years and I think I'm the last of the users from that time period still active on this site.

Part of the reason I'm still here is that MFC is very useful due to it's database and it's still useful for finding figures that I'm after.

Things have been changing over the course of this past week to where my plans for the month have been impacted a bit and will have to stay focused on what's Ordered and What's on the Wish List for this part of the year due to my Brother dealing with a Divorce and that caused some stress here so if things go according to plan will still acquire what I'm after and then it's time to work on doing less each month after this and start saving up.

Ended up selling one of the bigger Gi Joe items [The Cobra Terror Drome Playset] in my collection the other day and after that item moved out of here a bit of space has been freed up and now I may start focusing on clearing more things out over the next month since it's getting to where I need to go back to work doing that.

This month's current focus is on getting things marked off the Wish List, only 9 items on that list at this point and it's easy enough to get most of those items this month and next month so I'm somewhat content to be focused on those figures and avoid looking at anything new for a while.

ITEM #440653
ITEM #604006

Are coming into the collection this month and after more things are packed away off the main black bookshelves I can display these and the other figures that are on this month's To Get List.

ITEM #641041 and ITEM #580973 will be some of the first figures picked up next week.

Still debating on getting ITEM #576708 since my plans to get Tamamo changed so It would be nice to get this one marked off the list.

Also planning to get a Transformers Omega Supreme figure into the collection from another Collector that's on this site so if anything this month is already planned out and I can get what I'm after.

Between wanting new Transformers and Power Rangers I don't feel like hunting for a lot of scaled figures at this time since I still don't have a lot of space to display things.

Focusing on this Hobby is what's going to keep me Sane this year, with things going on in other parts of my Family the hobby is a necessary thing to have so making sure I can continue to collect is one of my Top Priorities for this year.

Good thing I only have a few figures on Pre-Order this year and those come out in a few months so that's easy to manage so I'm happy about that.

Currently only 3 items on Pre-Order for 2019:
ITEM #567237
ITEM #396881
ITEM #787974

Looking forward to getting more Fate figures into the collection after more figures get marked off the Wish List not sure what Anime related Items I will be collecting other than picking up some Model Kits here and there over the next few months but I may end up picking up some scaled figures on sale after the figures on the wish list are acquired.

Spending time this month working on changing the displays around and starting to move some figures out of the glass display cases so they can be seen better and it feels better now to have a few of the scaled figures out on display instead of crowding up the display cases.


Going to have some of my favorites displayed on the main shelf for a while, they have been in the display case for a while and I want to see them better so this display works out great.
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Im still here and actively collecting (8 years of MFC, several years collecting before MFC) but I have scaled down the amount of figures that I buy due to various reasons:

1) I had a bunch of figures stacked on top of each other in a big mountain of figure boxes in a storage room in my house due to lack of display space but I had a water leak that caused the storage room to spread water all over the floor of that room and on some of the walls, in the process some of my figure boxes got soaked and warped (the ones in the bottom that got wet) and some of my posters from Japan were ruined from water stains (those posters are no longer for sale too :( ). When I was moving the figure boxes from the big pile where I had them all stacked on top of each other I noticed that some of the figures that I had stacked vertically like ITEM #568 got damaged from vertical stacking partly because of the weight of other figure boxes on top of it + the heat in Florida (even though I always had a ceiling fan running in that room and A/C in the house) some of the hair on Sakura's head broke off because it rubbed up against the blister package (not enough space between the front of the blister package and her face), I also discovered a few other figures that had paint defects on them that I didnt notice before because I had never really opened the figure boxes since I had them stored.

2) After the whole incident with the water leak and the damage I decided to take all the figures that I had not on display to a climate controlled storage facility for better protection until I move into a new house, I packed them up in Extra Large Home Depot moving boxes and took them to a Climate Controlled Public Storage unit that I rent for around $95 a month

3) After that experience of a large part of my collection getting damaged due to a water leak it made me feel that adding too many things to my collection without being able to enjoy them due to lack of display space was kind of a waste of money because alot of things got damaged (mostly posters and 2-3 figures) that I never got to even enjoy displaying before they got damaged.

4) Alot of changes have been happening at work over the last few years and I will be switching jobs soon because the company I work for has been constantly trying to cut costs and reduce employee incentives each year they cut a little bit more and demand more from employees so I havent been happy working there for a long time but recently they started getting so strict that many people have left even people I started with at this job 6 years ago.
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wow 9 year, let's have a look. damn, i'm here 9 years....
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Whew 9 years? Made me check my own time and I've been here for 7 years... That's something.
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I didn't realise you were here so long... I have you beat, but I'm definitely not anywhere near as well known, at least in the present time. And it's true, a lot of the really memorable and active VIBs from back in the day haven't logged in a long while, but there are some who have. (Actually a little more than I expected...)
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CaptainZ (2 mese/i fa) #48149505I just got the Banpresto Musashi and for the price she's great, so much better than what phat is doing (fuck phat).
TBH the collection is the only thing keeping me sane too, makes me laugh whenever people tell me "why do you buy plastic women" or "don't you have enough sex dolls". 2018 was one horrible year for me as well.

I like Musashi a lot, love her character design and outfit so she's one I want to get as many figures of that I can but that crazy priced Phat figure is something I'll try to get when it's on sale.

I know that the best thing one can always say if people laugh at you for collecting these figures is "Hey, at least it's not drugs right?" 2019 is starting off rough but with the changes that are coming I can make sure the hobby continues while making sure I enjoy it and can appreciate what I have more this year.
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I just got the Banpresto Musashi and for the price she's great, so much better than what phat is doing (fuck phat).
TBH the collection is the only thing keeping me sane too, makes me laugh whenever people tell me "why do you buy plastic women" or "don't you have enough sex dolls". 2018 was one horrible year for me as well.
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