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►November/December 2018 Loot!◄►November/December 2018 Loot!◄

ZukirennZukirenn5 mese/i faLoot
Wazzup boys, Kevin coming at you for a pretty on time loot this time around.
ready to get started?

alrighty, we got a pretty average size haul this time around. Lets open up our pre-order box and see whats inside

►Scale Figures◄
Well we found this LARGE young man in there!

ITEM #464229 ! A very large boy, you'll see he barely fits in my light box lol. I was a little nervous about him since he was from Hobby Max, a company I had no experience with (im sure very people on this site have had experience with them). But I had no problems with him! I've seen a few people say that they couldn't get him to sit on his stand very well, or broke his wings trying to put them in. I didn't have any problems like that with mine, but I do see where that could happen since his base is very...interesting. He is heavy, and his wigs don't snap in all the way. I pray there is no leaning with him in the future.
But I mean he's beautiful, I'm happy to have him!

That is it for the scales this month so lets dig for some Nendoroids~

I found the man of my dreams in here! ITEM #59190
after a full six years of waiting, the re-release finally came. I honestly never thought I would ever get to own my own Jack Frost nendo, despite him being my favorite SMT demon of all time. He was selling for upward of $150 before the re-release, even if I loved him I could never pay that much for a nendo. I'm so happy to have him in my arms now!

Digging further, we have ITEM #693374
Such a cute little lady! I played Onmyoji a bit, but it was too large to keep on my phone tbh. I do love the designs of them tho and I'm very happy to see an official nendoroid of this series! I pre-ordered the Abe no Seimei one as well and I can't wait to see them next to eachother

Another lovely lady ITEM #633912
I was a big fan of Hawkeye as a child and I'm very happy to see her get a nendoroid! I hope good smile keeps em coming still! I think we are all still waiting for a Scar one to come our way.

Almost done! ITEM #689329
very surprised they ever did anything for Legend of the Galatic Heroes. I know they just made the reboot, but I never thought it would get off the ground enough tbh. I always assumed it would be an oldie but a goldie until the end of days, so I was very happy when I saw him come out! I love his hair color the most, very yellow and not blond just like it was in the older anime.

Finally. My son, ITEM #627357 , came home.
TANAKA IS FINALLY HERE. I honestly wasn't sure if I would ever live to see this. Tanaka is probably one of my favorites if not my favorite anime character ever. He is my son, I want to protect him. I used to scream every time a nendoroid was released from Haikyuu that wasn't him, and good smile finally heard me. They saved the best for last, I left a candle in the window for him all these years. And I am not disappointed in the slightest.

Now that I'm done telling you about my lord and savior Tanaka, heres whats left of the AmiAmi pre-order.

Got myself an eraser for school that has a picture of my son and his friends on it. A pair of chopsticks from Touken Ranbu, based off of Hakata! and a really fun PQ2 rubber strap! With how little merch there is of the P3P Female Protagonist I felt like I just had to get this~

I didn't buy any extras that were outside of my pre-order in November since I was saving up money for christmas presents and such, so now lets move onto December.

►Christmas Gift◄
First up I'll start with the figure I got for christmas, ITEM #198389
My family knows what anime is, but honestly they don't understand figures at all. If I can't find one on Amazon chances are they will buy the wrong thing. I've had my eye on Nana's nendo for awhile since I want to start up a God Eater collection so I figured now was a good time! She is for sure an older nendoroid though, her joints are very loose and it makes her hard to pose with her heavy weapon parts. OTL

►Scale Figures◄
Just one (1) very good boy this time! ITEM #675925
My most aticipated figure of 2018! He came in 2019 technically but he is here! and he looks AMAZING next to the Joker figure! I honestly was shocked they made an Akechi figure. I figured It would be like with Adachi from Persona 4 where we would have to wait years and then they would finally make a pretty shitty one of him. But we got a very decent, very beautiful, figure of him! I'm so happy this day has come :')

Just one this month, for the first time ever. ITEM #675865
I've never been a huge fan of Futaba, but she is the poster girl of P5 it feels. Her nendo is surprisingly cute however, I like all of her faces. I'm also always curious to see how sculpters get around her jacket, very interesting to see them get creative with how you attach the arms and such.

There was also this
the more face parts set, I always love these. I don't think I have any nendos at the moment I want to use them on but I like to keep them around for when I want to take fun pictures and such of my nendos. I have two other sets and I love them!

I always say I don't like Figma's but I've had one in every loot post I've made so I guess its not really true.

There's only one figma as well, ITEM #724610
Just when I was starting to wonder if he would ever get to me! I remember the day before he was released I thought to myself "I wish they would have made P5-kuns figma in his school uniform so he matched with the P3 and P4 figmas" and then BOOM they hit me with this guy. I like him a lot better than his Joker counterpart honestly, It just seems more iconic to me to have the cute schoolboy in Persona games.

Check out these two little fellows!ITEM #740342 and ITEM #740339
I got the version with the postcard from AmiAmi, wasn't worth it tbh. The figures are fine though! I like their bases, very fun little figures of both ways to interperate the P5 protagonist.

Even tho summer is a long ways away, I'm buying short sleeve shirts.

Last thing! While shopping online, at conventions, and also in my pre-order I've added a few more Yusuke keychains to add to my itabag for him!

Here is my current progress for the bag, slowly but surely I'm getting him full

And here is where we say farwell! Lots of Persona merch this time around, hopefully I can update my itabag a bit more as well. Have a great weekend everyone!
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YusukeKitagawa (5 mese/i fa) #48223249Nice loot! I agree on Goro, I was super satisfied with him. The box was really nice as well!! :)
Also I love your Yusuke itabag ;w; btw, how do you hang up your charms? I'm looking into getting my own itabag soon, but I have a lot of charms, and I'm not sure how to put them in...

I do safety pins and tape to keep them in place! I use the buttons to hide where the safety pins are as well
5 mese/i fa
Beautiful loot you have there! thanks for sharing :)
5 mese/i fa
Nice Persona loot!
5 mese/i fa
Nice loot! I agree on Goro, I was super satisfied with him. The box was really nice as well!! :)

Also I love your Yusuke itabag ;w; btw, how do you hang up your charms? I'm looking into getting my own itabag soon, but I have a lot of charms, and I'm not sure how to put them in...
5 mese/i fa
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